2014 ITS Tactical Muster and Skill-Set Development Excursion

by April 18, 2014 04/18/14
Muster 2014

Today we’re extremely stoked to announce that registration for the 2014 ITS Muster is now open! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what’s going on for this year and we’re finally available to provide some specifics.

Identical to our previous Musters, this event is only available to our members, which are our Plank Owners, Crew Leaders and Life Members. Attendance is limited again this year and as a reminder, we’ve changed a few things recently and attending a Muster is now a requirement for becoming a Life Member during our next open enrollment period.

If you’re interested in becoming a Crew Leader at ITS, the only membership option we currently offer that qualifies you to attend Muster, click here.

For those relatively new around here, the Muster was developed as a way for us to get our hands dirty with the skills we cover and advocate here on ITS. It’s a break from the typical online classroom and a move to a physical one. We have some awesome events lined up this year, which include Navigation (Day and Night), Tracking, Signaling, Shelter Building, Surveillance/Observation Posts, Ropes Course/Confidence Course, Water Purification, Fire Building, Foot Care, Survival Kit Usage/Technique, Wilderness First Aid, Escape from Illegal Restraint, Physical Security/Vulnerability Assessments and much more!

We’ve also got a fantastic lineup of instructors returning, including John Hurth of TYR Group, Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics and Matt Fiddler of SerePick. Our good friend Brian Green of Brian’s Backpacking Blog will be here this year as an instructor to share his knowledge as well. We of course have some other surprises up our sleeves for curriculum and staff that you’ll just have to be there to find out about!

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All of this takes place while spending time in the outdoors, enjoying great food and camaraderie. This year our venue has changed and we’re excited to present attendees with the option of still enjoying the stars from a tent, or crashing as a squad in a bunkhouse (don’t worry, we have separate accommodations for females.) Bryan has even mentioned that he updated his famous Dutch Oven Cobbler recipe this year and will be doing a demo on Dutch Oven Cooking.

The last two years have been an absolute blast and we’re truly excited about what we have planned for this year. For those interested in what last year looked like, check out this recap of the 2013 Muster. We hope to see you out there!

Click Here for 2014 Muster Information and Registration

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