Hold My Sombrero… Watch This! New Morale Patches, RED T-Shirts and EZ Decoders

by August 23, 2013 08/23/13

We’ve got a slew of new items launching today in the ITS Store! Our Hold My Sombrero Morale Patch, RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) T-Shirts and EZ Decoder (2-Packs) are new to our line-up.

ITS Hold My Sombrero Morale Patch

Borrowing a classic quote from our Inaugural ITS Tactical Muster, our “Hold My Sombrero… Watch This!” Morale Patch is perfect for those times when you know things are about to get serious. What started as an inside joke, was just too good for us not to turn into a patch.

Hold My Sombrero 01

Available in either full color or subdued, each Hold My Sombrero Morale Patch measures 3″ tall x 3.5″ wide and features hook Velcro on the back to stick them wherever you’d like. You can also easily remove the velcro backing with a seam ripper to sew these on.

EZ Decoder (2-Pack)

EZ Decoders are designed to open multi-wheeled combination locks, either by deciphering the actual combination, or bypassing it completely.

EZ Decoder

The photos illustrate the popular Master Lock 175 and how by simply inserting the EZ Decoder into the gap to the left of the third wheel, (from the left) depressing the shackle while pushing down on the decoder, the lock can be easily bypassed.

EZ Decoder

Produced from thin steel in the USA, this 2-pack of EZ Decoders feature a hole integrated into each for attachment to a keychain or wherever you’d like.

ITS RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) Logo T-Shirt

The tradition of wearing RED on Fridays is one that appears to have possibly started in Canada in 2007 and adopted by the United States thereafter. Whatever the origin, we wanted to put our own spin on it and create an ITS T-Shirt that you could wear on Fridays to Remember Everyone Deployed.

ITS RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) T-Shirt

We’re very big supporters of the Military here at ITS and remembering all those deployed in defense of our nation couldn’t be more important to us.

Each RED T-Shirt is printed in the US on a Red Port & Co. Blank featuring a white ITS Logo on the front chest and a sterile back.

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Actually, being one to fully appreciate the 'Jackass' (yeah, Johnny Knoxville) version of 'Hold my Hat and watch this', I can envision a whole product array out of this. You know, "Hold my Shemagh and Watch This', Hold my Keffyeh and Watch This', 'Hold my Rifle and Watch This', etc., (Hey, I was 3rd Marines, and have seen MOST of these statements made, right before Top busted someone to digging tank traps with a toothbrush).


I can't get over how rad the colors are on that full color version! I want to see more patches like this!

MikePetrucci moderator

I can't get over how rad the colors are on that full color version! I want to see more patches like this!

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