Venom Industries Launches Sans Mirage Camouflage Uniforms

by June 3, 2010 06/3/10

We received a press release yesterday from Dana over at Bulldog Tactical Equipment letting us know that the Venom Industries Website is now live.

Venom Industries is a sister site to Bulldog Tactical and was created to open another avenue of sales to not only the Military, Government and Law Enforcement, but civilians as well.

While there’s an excellent product line up already on the Venom Website, absent are their Mirage Camouflage uniforms for civilian sale, which according to Dana,  are “still a possibility for the future.” While we at ITS understand their reasoning behind keeping uniforms restricted to select individuals, we know many were looking forward to their availability through Venom.

As we’ve previously mentioned, they have been releasing Mirage Camouflage fabric to vendors such as OC Tactical, and also carry select items in Mirage on the Venom site.

We’ll keep you posted with further developments on Mirage, which will again be included in our upcoming Camo Comparison and seemed to dominate Multicam in the environment of our last comparison.

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