Hog Hunting with DRT Ammo and Devastating Terminal Ballistics

by October 14, 2013 10/14/13

I recently had a unique opportunity to head to Spike Box Ranch in Benjamin, TX for a hands-on look at what makes DRT Ammo so effective. I’m joined here by Nathan Dudney of DRT to explain why a single 55 grain 5.56 shot at 200 yards took down this 175 lb. hog. The 200 yard shot was taken with an M&P15 equipped with a Night Optics USA D-750 Night Vision 4x Scope.

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Ammunition is one of those things that’s very hard to effectively review and this was a tremendous opportunity to truly see what DRT’s ammo is capable of. Shooting live tissue and analyzing the results after the fact, as we did here, gives  you a fantastic look at just what a bullet is doing within the body cavity. After all, that’s what I’m truly concerned about when it comes to terminal ballistics and the effectiveness of a round.

Stay tuned for more videos from the DRT Hog Hunt this week on ITS Tactical!

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Rambo Norris
Rambo Norris

Nice shot. Just putting a bullet in those nasty things is all I care about.

Kill Em All!!

Rambo Norris
Rambo Norris

While I think their pistol ammo is awesome, how would this size bullet moving that fast do any differently than a 55gr BTHP or Ballistic tip?

I've brought down hogs that big with the above mentioned rounds and neither had exit holes.


My question  would directed toward less then perfect shot placement scenario(as far as I'm concerned, your "low" shot is still in an ideal location -no meat damage, cept maybe a rib or so), ie moving pig, quartering towards or away from shooter....say shoulder or neck impact. My concerns are of shot particle/residue(not jacket material) toxicity in "meat" zones.


I hope DRT has upped their quality control... 3 years ago when I tried their ammo it was about a 50% chance it wouldn't go "bang" at all, and the ammunition either turned to powder in the chamber or blasted clear through multiple targets (water filled milk jugs in this case). Either way, it didn't work as advertised. But things may have changed.


@DanielS if i recall correctly that was because of bad primers they were using durin a shortage they had to source primers from russia that sucked. They have since corrected the problem and will replace your ammo with the new stuff if you still have it

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