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Why We’re Rethinking the Second Amendment Here at ITS

By Bryan Black


We’re finally starting to see the light at ITS after reading a very well thought out perspective on firearm ownership and usage from Senator Diane Feinstein. The points she makes are very compelling and have led us to change our views and consider turning in our guns.

We understand that this isn’t going to be easy for our audience to understand, so rather than get into a long drawn out discussion on the matter, we’d like to encourage you to read this article before commenting.

After reading the article, then let us know if you’re never ever going to give them up.

Edit: Just in case you’re reading this after the first, APRIL FOOL’S!

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  • panch0villa


  • Hans Gruber

    Nice try ITS.

  • Tracy Biker-Granny Roberts

    Seriously…it IS April 1st…

  • Jo Fitzgerald

    That presents a perspective on the issue that I rarely consider.

  • Jason Singleton

    It’s about time you’ve seen the light and decided to join the rest of American and our hatred for guns.

  • Kevin Johnson

    Its about time you fellas start listening to this brilliant and educated woman (as well sexxxy)! As a service to you, I will gladly relieve you of all unwanted “assault weapon death machines” an lock them away! (In one of my gun safes).

  • Joshua Vasquez

    APRIL FOOLS! Love it!!!!

  • Rob Friesen

    April fools

  • Jonathan Jiles

    Too over the top. A good April Fools joke has to be believable.

  • Thomas Terry II

    I concur indubitably, what are we savages. Join me for some brandy and checkers to celebrate old chap and we’ll wash our hands of such trivial concepts.

  • Joe Dew

    Mind blown! I have never though of it that way… Kudos for being leaders of change for the 2nd Amendment!

  • Daniel Colgan

    Seriously, kids………

  • Jason Causarukus

    Never gonna give em up…… 😉

  • Robbie CaptMilkbone Baxter


  • Matt Smith

    That link in the article though got a good laugh out of me

  • Alan Bouteiller

    haha! ^^

  • Nate Liebherr

    Hahahaha well played.

  • John Hurth


  • Gene Talbert

    I now hate you …..lol

  • Taylor Strange

    ahhh you got me..

  • Konrad Kano

    Oh wow…… I thought I was about to get really upset. Damn You!!

  • Brandon James Henderson

    Well played

  • Jeremy McBride

    @its tactical:
    You’ll be on the news as pro liberal agenda in the next 24 hours

  • Tim Dickey

    That’s not cool. Some things are not to be poked fun at; GOD, guns, trucks and Mama.

  • Thomas Shin

    … Har har har.

  • Brian Geiswite

    April fools

  • Adam Burritt

    Knew it was a fake, but rick-rolling? Ouch guys, ouch.

  • Larry Gray

    That will be the day

  • MedicSteve

    I can’t unhear that.  Thanks, Bryan,  for planting that song in my head

  • Rick Wellmaker

    Good one!

  • John Davis

    You almost had me, until you said Dianne Feinstein, points and very compelling. That reminded me that it is her day, April fools day

  • Gregg Clary

    Never gonna let them down.

  • Jay

    1st thought: Rethinking the 2nd, must be wanting to get all legalities and tariffs off all guns….
    2nd thought: ….wtf?
    3rd thought: :face palm: Today’s that day, isn’t it?

    Thanks guys, had a good laugh!

  • Craig White

    Nice :p

  • Steven Mari Barton

    Ha ha, April fools.

  • Nash Godinez

    I hate April fools.

  • Ivanka7

    Oh that song! You guys should be shot! Oh wait…Frankenfeinstein might take that seriously…nevermind.

  • Russ Lucia

    i almost had a heart attack until i remembered it was april fools,,,, woooo

  • bullitt4686

    Man…I always thought he made a bad name for the rest of us Gingers!  Now to get that sound out of my head!  Ugh!

  • JFshooter

    Well… You convinced ME!

  • Jeff Stout

    That’s it, I’m done! I’m voting democrat next election. Finally, some common sense thinking.

  • Brad Logan

    Now watch this get misquoted and used for propaganda in her next control push

  • Lance Vejvoda

    I like the stickers on the mag well. If I want to order those would it be the ITS logo sticker pack on your site?

  • ColtonHatch

    SO worth getting Rick Rolled

  • Rene Moreno

    Ha ha Ha!

  • redraven88

    Never gonna give them up, I’m just gonna mow you down, you can never have my guns; I’ll hurt you.

  • Jerome Cook

    God that was just plain sickening no need to pull nasty jokes like that LOL

  • Chrispotter123

    Really makes a compelling argument…

  • Rosco Parabellum


  • Jay Shepard

    As soon as I saw the heading I laughed til I snorted! Good one!!

  • Scotty21

    Ahhhh for a split second I thought I was done with you guys… agreeing with “Senator” Feinstein… well played guys. Well played. 🙂

  • Steanson Parks Jr


  • Ryan Parry

    All these flavors and you salty

  • Evan Hunt

    Ohh you ; P

  • David Jepson

    When I saw that, I almost decided to unfollow you…. Glad it was a prank! Long live the 2A!

  • Nick Setting

    That photo is strangely coincidental to another photo posted somewhere else. If someone didn’t know any better they’d think that ITS saw the photo and decided to replicate it with a few slight changes to suit their own needs.

  • Alex Rogerson


  • J Wayne Dobkin

    ITS literally rick rolled us all.
    And I of course watched the whole video while I was there. Lol

  • Edgar Santolla

    sigh* april fools should be illegal.

  • JG

    You bastards

  • Daniel Scotto

    lol/rick-rolled by ITS!

  • nDjinn

    Can’t believe I clicked on the link. Good One!

  • Lance Vejvoda


  • Guest

    Love a good rickroll and well done on the song title and lyrics tying into the joke.

  • Brian Wallace

    Your a little late…almost hit unfollow.

  • I think its time for a country music remake of that music video with Instructor Zero and the team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE2otwN9c0s

  • Jizmo IzGE

    Whew! U dawgz got me! April Foolers, dammit!

  • have to admit you got me 🙂

  • EricLowe

    Noooooo!!!! Rick-rolled!

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