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Introducing the Official ITS Morale Patch Archive

By The ITS Crew


At the request of collectors, below you’ll find the most current look at all the morale patches we’ve produced at ITS. This archive is comprehensive, dating back to 2009 and will be kept up to date with a revised date at the bottom of the page.

Hovering over a patch below will display a link to take you to that product in the store if it’s a design we’re still producing. This will also live in the ITS Store as a reference document as well.

ITS Morale Patch Archive

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  • Robbie CaptMilkbone Baxter

    Are ya’ll doing a Carry the Load patch this year?

  • Jason Scott

    Neeeeeeeding a Cobra Commander and a murdered out patch.

    • Patrick Roehrman


    • Jason Scott

      Ive got those, but not the bonus CC.

    • ITS Tactical

      Jason, send in the card and we’ll make it happen. 🙂

    • Jason Scott

      You guys rock.

  • Jason Crist

    Sumbody say Patches???

  • Will Peck

    I thought this repository already existed – in Eric’s house.

  • mudfysh

    Honey badger patch is still my favorite of all time. Any chance of a re-release?

  • xJMV

    I need the “That’s What She Said” patch! Would be useful for occasion where she`s the boss… 😀

  • Eric Blackstone

    Hmmm. Black and tan logo?

  • Frankemmy Elema

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