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ITS Tactical Infidel T-Shirts are Brand New and In Stock!!

By The ITS Crew

Our Facebook fans got a small preview of our newest T-shirt design the other day and we were blown away by the amount of people that wanted one!

We’re stoked to offer our version of an Infidel design, sure to let people know how you feel in American or Arabic.

The design features heavily distressed Infidel text with ITS Logo and “Kafir” written in Arabic. Left sleeve with American Flag and “Prevail” text. Rear design with ITS Logo and ITS Tactical Text.

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  • Whoa that’s rad brosef! Rad indeed.

  • Whoa those came out awesome!

  • Blade Stalker

    Outstanding! My ITS collection grows!

  • Failure Drill

    I dig the Zoolander pose dude!!

    • LOL “There’s more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking.”

    • Dear God, Man. You’ve unleashed the monster!

  • Very, very Sweet!

  • randypb

    “Is that pose Blue Steel?”

    • LOL That’s what I was trying to think of! Couldn’t remember the name of that! 🙂

  • Mike

    My new favorite Infidel design. I must have one.

  • Casey

    Please tell me these will be a regular stocking item!

  • Generic Nobody

    Wow. Et tu, ITS? I’m disappointed. Am I the only former military guy on the planet that is totally tired of the played out “Infidel” thing? I mean, I’ve been working in the Middle East for years now, in and out of uniform, and I’m surrounded by all skin colors and religions. I’ve learned that everybody is really basically the same deep down, even if you’re drawing down on them with a M4A1. Stupid doesn’t have a race/religion. It’s just our team versus their team. The whole “Infidel” cool guy thing is for confused middle class white bread that want the gung ho equiv of a football jersey. It’s one thing to be for the busting a cap in the forehead of UBL (awesome) and taking down AlQ (also awesome), but the whole “Infidel” thing is way too racist / xenophobic for my liking. I love the articles here, guys. I guess I should just ignore the “philosophy,” huh?


      100% agree with the comment, tolerance my friends.

  • I don’t think we are all the same deep down (we are good, they are evil) and wearing this shirt will proudly show it!
    Islam isn’t a race by the way, its a idea that anyone not agreeing with gets their heads chopped off. Never mind beating woman, having sex slaves, genital mutilation, stoning, and living thousands of years in the past which is totally incompatible with current civilizations.
    We need kid sizes also because they are training their kids to kill us while our kids are sitting around watching Sponge Bob.
    All my personal opinions of course.

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