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March - April "What's in Your Bag" Contest - Win an ITS Tactical Gift Certificate!

contest bag EDC carry preparedness

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#41 theboatdriver



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Posted 10 March 2013 - 09:31 AM


this is what's in my bag:

Posted Image-Macbook
-Macbook charger
-Iphone usb cable
-usb cable for camera
-memory stick
-external battery for Iphone
-small cheap notebook
-online banking thing
-S&W tactical pen
-cheap pens
-fake moleskine
-electrical tape
-Bic lighter
-super glue (in plastic bag for safety)
-Esee izula knife
-Ledlenser P7 flashlight with spare batteries
-random plastic bag
-watertight bag for iPhone (i’m around water all day)
-universal keys for dumpsters
-paper tissues
-spork (not in picture)
-Nalgene water bottle
-Sony hx9v camera
-5.11 rush delivery messenger bag
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#42 RElapse



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Posted 19 March 2013 - 11:33 AM

Posted Image

The concept for this bug out bag is 72 hours by itself, but i've constructed a modular system, in that with the addition of one other bag it is a complete 1 week kit, and so on, this provides me with a lot a lot flexibility. With each kit strategically adding to the next, and support caches in hidden location. but still a lot of work to go and tweaking.

note* this B.O.B weighs in at 46 pounds

5.11 Rush 24 Backpack (modified with additional molle pouches and camel back with bio filter)
Wool blanket
Glock 17 /w 5 clips and 100 rounds
Gransfors bruks Small forest axe
250 ft para cord
Collapsable pick/shovel
Repellers belt
flint and steel
fire lens
misc fasteners
maps and field guide
collapsable water canteen
duct tape
bear mace
emergency blankets x3
shemagh x2
field bandage
medical tape
tensor bandage
pain killers and antibiotics
wound dressings
medical sling
face masks
sewing/ suture kit
first aid reference book
emergency crank radio
hygiene kit (soap,cloth, toothbrush/paste
emergen-c packets
dehydration tablets
life straw
1kg bean mix
tin pot pan set
6 dehydrated food packets
3 packets of 3600 calorie emergency food ration (each packet is 48 hours worth of calories)

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Posted Image

#43 kesagata



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Posted 22 March 2013 - 01:44 PM



3 PEN DRIVES 1 2GB & 2 16GB

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#44 kesagata



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Posted 22 March 2013 - 02:10 PM



3 PEN DRIVES 1 2GB & 2 16GB
LG SEMI-INTELLIGENT CELLULAR PHONEAttached File  DSC00861.JPG   128.49KB   7 downloads

#45 875fps



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Posted 26 March 2013 - 03:07 PM

Well, I don't think it's too much of overkill and here's why:

1. Two or three knives. Most are carrying a folding knife, a fixed blade, and a multitool. The folding knife is used for quick tasks when you want something that is handy and quick to access, most are probably carrying this in their pocket. The fixed blade is most likely inside or attached to the pack so it's not quite as quick to access, but you'll want it for heavier tasks where the folder is not sufficient. The multitool is nice to have because it has the screw drivers, pliers, and other tools that would be too heavy to carry separately, but not too heavy when combined into one item.

2. Handgun. The handgun is not duplicated elsewhere in the kit, so I wouldn't consider it redundant and certainly not overkill. No other tool is a very good substitute when you need a gun.

3. Two or more lighters and a firelighting pack. Lighters don't weigh much and will be well worth the minimal weight. The old saying "two is one, one is none" is applicable here. I don't want to have to start a fire using a bow drill during an emergency. That said my preference is not two lighters, but two separate fire starting methods. I carry a lighter and a ferrocium rod.

4. Multiple torches (flashlights for those of us on this side of the pond). Again, "two is one, one is none." My preference is one flashlight (Surefire Fury) and one headlamp. That way I have redundancy without duplication and they are useful for different purposes.

Is doubling up overkill? Maybe in some circumstances it is. In an emergency or survival situation I'd rather start with a little more than I need and drop items if for some reason I need to cut weight for long distance travel. Of course there are other opinions and your mileage may vary.


Not to mention that there may be more than one person with you. If you have your wife and kids, for example, and you have to split up, you'll want extra gear to give to them.
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#46 DABishop



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Posted 27 March 2013 - 10:50 AM

I work mostly from my truck. I wanted a pack that I could put the stuff I would likely always want and/or need into, and sitll have room to throw a jacket, sweater, or additional gear I may need from my truck, without having to grab different bags. I just went to this bag a few months ago from a slightly smaller Tactical Tailor pack I had used for years. The size is just right now.

Pack - Amron Kelty MAP 3500 - Ocean Grey.

Outside mesh pockets:

1. Nalgene bottle w/ carabiner to keep attached to pack. Took dropping it and having it roll under truck 20-30 times to figure that out.

2. Zojirushi travel mug for morning coffee fix. Keeps it hot all day. I dont' drink it until noon some days.

3. CAT tourniquet behind case for Zojirushi.

4. Gerber Multi tool

5. Leica monocular

Outermost pocket:

1. Sealine waterproof bag containing the following:

3 flashdrives

IPad camera connection kit

Small LED light

2. Balacava

3. Creds

4. Elastic band

5. Surefire ear pro

Middle pocket:

1. Lowe case containing Verizon Mifi and Panasonic ear buds

2. old iPhone 4 used in car for music

3. iPhone 5 charger

4. iPad charger

5. Moleskine

6. Handcuffs

7. Fabric handcuffs - Very convenient, for carrying around, keep some in my pocket too.

8. Surefire 6P

9. Lip Balm

10. Whistle

11. Benchmade folding knife

12. Extra radio battery

13. Extra Glock 17 magazine.

14. 2 mini rolls of black gaffers tape

15. Maratac AA flashlight from County Comm w/ red diffuser

16. Mini screw driver with several heads stored in handle

17. Extra handcuff key

18. Lock Pick (tension bar broke the other day)

19. Space Pen

20. Sharpie Pen

21. Titanium Spork

Large Pocket:

1. Sealine 5L bag rolled up and stored at the bottom, just in case I need to throw radios or anything else in there.

2. Two (2) Motorola radios w/ hand mic

3. Writing Pad

4. Swarovski 8.5x42 EL Binoculars

5. Waterproof Plano case ($5 on amazon) containing:

Two Olympus digital recorders

One small digital recorder

Two mic's for recording phone calls

Storacell w/ 6 AAA batteries

Several SD cards and Micro and Mini SD adapters

6. Glock 17 w/ Surefire X300 in Comptac CTAC. Holster and light also used for G19 I carry.

7. Northface Roo "fanny pack" (never used as fanny pack, I have thrown diapers and wipes and slung it though), containing the following:

Plastic Plano case w/ batteries, Aleve, Tylenol, extra truck and handcuff keys, foam ear pro and some extra red wrist bands I use to attach tourniquets to my vests.

8. Pocket vaccination record

9. Emergency blanket

10. Lifeproof case for iPhone 5 w/ earphone jack extender.

11. Lighter

12. Mini roll of gaffers tape

13. Two cyalume light sticks

14. Mora Companion HD w/ small light my fire ferro attached

15. SWAT-T Tourniquet

16. Black Diamond AAA Headlamp. Great for trash pulls

17. Storacell for CR123's

18. Hand warmer

19. Large marker

20. Oakley prescription glasses for night driving.

21. iPad w/ Smart Cover

22. Apple bluetooth keyboard in Incase Oragami.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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#47 music86man



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Posted 31 March 2013 - 10:56 PM

My Bag 5.11 MOAB 10
- set of quick cuffs, my two knives (one usually in my pocket and the other in the bag) SOG SlimJim and Spyderco Tenacious with zip-tie mod, Badge (purposefully upside down), wallet, Remora Holster, contact solution, CPR mask with latex gloves, CAT tourniquet, 4SEVENS preon 2, KelTEc PF9, two Magazines, Nalgene, Spare batteries AAA and CR123 (CR123 pictured cuz they stay in there for when im on duty), Gerber small MT, sun glasses, Keys, Snack (not always an apple but always Paleo), Ear buds for music and hands free, IPhone 4s, Medical tape.

not a whole lot of stuff but i like to keep alot of free space since it never fails ill throw a rain jacket or a book or something in there too. usually have a pen or two clipped to the outside.

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#48 Racegun Adam

Racegun Adam


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Posted 08 April 2013 - 10:28 AM

Well, first of all, all of my gear serves multi purpose roles, the pack I am about to show you is my grab and go pack that affords me 3 days in my local environment. I also use this same pack for SAR work and it is packaged in such a way to not stand out in a crowd and be useful in a SAR environment.

Let's start out with the user side....

Posted Image

First I use an Osprey Talon 22 pack, two shoulder pouches, one is occupied by a Kershaw folder, the other I use for utility, It's currently home to a Sidewinder Compact, the waist pouches contain a Brunton compass and a Gerber EOD tool. The shoulder points have various things, pace beads, chapstick holder, lens wipe (I always wear safety glasses when in the woods) and a Fox 40 whistle. The side pouches carry 1L Sig bottles, and the pack is hydration compatible, I have several bladders that all fit in there.


Posted Image

I added a pouch inside the bag to carry small things, flagging tape, cyalume sticks, water purification tabs, a purifying straw, bug juice, fire tinder (cotton gauze and vasoline), magnesium and strikers, zip ties, silver coins, some US cash [both coin and paper currency], that kinda thing. I zip tied this pouch in, it's formally a pencil pouch.


Posted Image

The utility group. Bivy and a mylar blanket, 2 field stripped MREs, microfiber camp towel, small boo-boo / med bag (which is supplemented with the blow out bag on my tactical belt) and a utility box containing a sewing kit, fishing kit, duct tape, super glue, that kind of small stuff. I also include two razor blades wrapped in masking tape, 100 ft of paracord.


Posted Image

The electronics and mapping group. Map of local area, a SPOT, and 2 GPSes. In an SAR enviroment, I turn both on. Both are powered by lithium batteries, and I carry a spare set of batteries. All are rotated annually.


Posted Image

The Top pouch, contains TP, a bandanna, a cheap poncho, a Eat'n Tool, and a Petzl headlamp. (also on the lithium battery diet)

I supplement this with a US Grunt Gear belt, 9mm M&P, AR mags, and mags/blow out bag/utility along with spare clothes and shoes in a separate shove-it bag (I sometimes get dirty at work, so they are also my spare clothes, and always appropriate (and clean!) for the ambient weather.)

Being modular allows me to suit my gear for the task at hand, and be as open/closed up about my current status (The Grunt Gear belt can go in the backpack with the clothing bag if you stuff it.) I know it's not perfect, but nothing in there can hurt. This kit also supplements the things I already have in my pockets, which is a flashlight, pen knife, etc.
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#49 kirkwood007



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Posted 08 April 2013 - 10:53 AM

This doesn't include my pocket carry items which include my knife, wallet, keys, main sunglasses and wallet. Can't carry my xd to work either so it's not on my person or in my bag, sadly.

Posted Image
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#50 kirkwood007



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Posted 08 April 2013 - 11:00 AM

Forgot to mention that I really need a water bottle and simple first aid kit in this bag. Can't edit my post, I'm guessing because I am pretty new and have a total of 2 posts now.

#51 Foxbatt



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Posted 08 April 2013 - 11:52 AM

Attached File  20130408_113123.jpg   171.69KB   32 downloads

my normal daily carry bag
  • Maxpedition versipack
  • couple of knives
  • 2 pens
  • field notbook
  • knife sharpener
  • nail clippers
  • chem light
  • streamlight flashlight
  • bandana
  • strap cutter
  • streamlight weapon light
  • 2 mags+daily carry weapon (weapon not pictured)
  • water bottle (not pictured as that it was still on a table being drank from)
  • glasses cleaner
  • para cord
  • a spork
  • set of handcuffs
  • couple condoms (better safe than sorry
  • and some water additive to make it taste better
other bag that goes with me most places
Attached File  20130408_112300.jpg   170.15KB   37 downloads
  • 5.11 rush 24
  • 3 bandanas
  • monacle
  • paracord braclet
  • travel shaver
  • pocket notebook
  • hand sanatizer
  • 2 chemlights
  • set of gaming dice (rockin the paper and dice gaming)
  • mojo medical shears
  • kabar hobo tool
  • knife sharpener
  • set of heavy leather workgloves
  • set of camelback tactical gloves
  • benchmade punch dagger
  • extra paracord
  • prybar
  • swissarmy knife
  • tender
  • magnesium sparker
  • water bottle (that wasnt in previous picture)
  • sharpie
  • couple handcuff keys
  • headlamp
  • headache and gut pills
  • extra belt
some of these items are swapped in and out for other items depending on time of year, where i'm going, and who i'm going to be with.

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 Good…Bad….Ugly….Im the guy with the spoon Posted Image

#52 bigfoot



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Posted 08 April 2013 - 01:23 PM

Posted Image

Here is what's in my bag. Alternate between a Goruck GR1 and a Camelbak HAWG...

Admin Items:
NSN "Memoranda" notebook
Rite in the Rain notepad
Pilot G2 0.38mm pen
Pentel P205B mechanical pencil
Pentel Clic eraser & spare 2B lead
Lumocolor pen

Navigation Items:
UTM plotting tool
Garmin eTrex Vista HCX GPS
Silva compass

Icom R6 receiver
Comet HT-55 antenna
Various chargers, cables, memory cards, flash drives in Aloksak bag
Spare CR123A and AA lithium batteries

Medical / Hygiene:
CPR pocket mask
Modified AMK Ultralight FAK
Hand sanitizer
Sunscreen, hand wipes, baby wipes, insect wipes, lip balm in Aloksak bag
SureFire EP3 earplugs
Sunglasses soft pouch
Nail clippers
Tweezer set

Victorinox Swisstool Spirit w/TAD pouch
Windmill lighter
Bic Mini lighter
HDS Clicky flashlight
Pocket OC spray
Wetfire tinder
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#53 DEXIX_five-oh



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Posted 08 April 2013 - 04:13 PM

Posted Image

The Bag is an Eagle E&E Bag.

In the front zip down is :
Surefire Earpro EP3 Sonic Defenders
Green Pilot G2 Pen
SOE Gear Triple Pistol Mag pouch containing:
-Wilson 47D 10 rd Mag
-Surefire L4 Lumamax and Pentel Cushi Mechanical Pencil
-2x Tampons
SOE Gear 6x6 Med Pouch containing :
-2x UST Wetfire Tinder packets
-4x Aquapur Tablets
-2x prophylactic
-2x Dayquil sinus meds
-Bic Lighter
-Business Checks
-Personal Checks
-Carbon Copy receipt book
-Bottle Excedrin
-USB Phone Charger Cord with Car and Wall adapters
-Ear Phones
-Small Vice Grips
-Red flashlight Filter

In the left side pocket :
-Pair leather driving/shooting gloves
-Spare TAD Gear Merino wool Braincase Beanie
-Hatch Nomex/Kevlar Balaclava

in the right side pocket:
-Quickclot sponge
-Unabridged KJV Bible
-Brunton Compass
-Survival Flashcards

in the main pocket:
-TAD Gear Merino wool scarf
-Bladetech Bobby McGee Nano IWB Holster
-Wilson 47D 10rd Magazine in Safariland CD45 Belt clip
-ESEE4 Fixed Blade
-Inova 24/7 Headlamp/Personal Area Light/Emergancy strobe
-2AA Maglight
-Moleskine notebook
-Envelope of Bumper Stickers
-Kimber 1911

in the "Map Pocket" on the rear:
-purple Safariland Flaxcuffs
-Some spare tertiary Keys, with Spanner Wrench and Ferro Rod

on the bag itself is a TAD Gear Tritium Vial with a button compass under the cap, a 416 Stainless carabiner rated to 120kg, a DVM "Fortune and Glory" rocker, a TAD gear Ranger Eye, and a True Solutions /k/ Patch.

I'll update with a better picture when I can.
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#54 SwatDawg335


    Salty Dog

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Posted 12 April 2013 - 11:16 PM

Posted Image

Here's the current setup for my EDC bag. Like everyone else, items come and go depending on the season and/or daily activity. Other than a few exceptions everything shown here is a daily standard with this bag. When I'm in street clothes the gun (S&W M&P .40 Compact), badge, and flashlight (Sunwayman V11r) are part of the EDC I carry on my person. I happen to be working tonight, so they came along in the bag instead.

Forgive the grainy photo. Camera on the smart phone isn't all that smart, I guess.


Posted Image

1. Maxpedition Sitka S-Type Sling Bag http://www.maxpediti...NGER-2p1566.htm

2. LE Gear:
Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Compact (holstered in the hydration bladder pocket for concealment)
10 Round magazine loaded into firearm
15 Round magazines (x2) with grip extensions (holstered in the hydration bladder pocket for concealment)
Dept. issued badge

3. Sunwayman V11r Flashlight http://www.sunwayman.../201203/87.html

4. Medical Gear:
ITS Tallboy ETA http://www.itstactic...-tallboy-black/ containing:
Blowout Kit- inspired by ITS ETA. Vacuum packed, containing:
QuikClot combat gauze
Israeli Bandage
Nasopharyngeal Airway w/ adj flange
Sam Chest Seal
Sam Casualty Care Card
Nitrile Gloves
Trauma Shears- http://www.itstactic...medical-shears/
ETA Pouch is Attached with Molle Stix http://www.itstactic...olle-stix-pair/
SOF Tactical Tourniquet http://www.itstactic...iquet-–-wide/
Attached with Blue Force Gear Tourniquet Now! Strap http://www.blueforce...quet-now-strap/

5. Booboo kit containing: Misc bandages, q-tips, triple antibiotic, alcohol wipes, medication, gloves, medical tape, etc.

6. Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer http://www.maxpediti...izer-7p1559.htm containing:
Leatherman Bit Kit http://www.leatherma...product/Bit_Kit
Leatherman MUT Accessory Wrench http://www.leatherma...rench_Accessory
Leatherman Bit Extender http://www.leatherma...Driver_Extender
Micro Widgy Pry Bar http://www.countycom.../barfamily.html
Folding Razor Saw http://www.serepick....-saw---900.html
Maratac AAA Led flashlight (listed as #15 in the picture) http://www.countycomm.com/aaa.html
Bogota Titan's (listed as #9 in picture) http://www.serepick....toolset--2.html
Corsair 16 GB USB drives (listed by #7 in picture) http://www.newegg.co...VirtualParent=1
And some additional items such as writing tools, graph paper, etc.

7. Maratac TacFolio Organizer containing Tech items: http://www.countycomm.com/tacfo.html
Google Nexus 7 Tablet with protective case
SD Card holder with Misc micro usb cards and adapters
USB Cables and outlet charger, cheap earbuds, business cards, writing tools, etc.

8. Hazard 4 Mil-Pod sunglasses case http://www.amazon.co...k/dp/B003YD06TA containing:
Oakley Standard Issue Tightrope Sunglasses https://www.oakleysi...265&pid=1&sid=9
Microfiber cleaning towel.

9. Entry Tools including:
Mica Shims (x2) http://www.lockpicks...SUPER-MICA.html
Southord Lock Pick Set http://www.southord....es-MPXS-14.html
Bogota Titan's (stored in Max. Pouch) http://www.serepick....toolset--2.html

10. Power:
Cell Phone batteries (x3)
Plastic case containing Energizer Lithium AA (x2) AAA (x1) and Streamlight CR123 (x1)
Microfiber towel (mosted used to keep batteries from shifting and making noise.

11. Gorilla Tape wrapped around the back cover of a Maxpedition notebook (with ruler edge for measurements).

12. Misc Tools:
Fingernail clipper
Tweezers http://www.countycomm.com/tweezer.html
Key chain flashlight (one in every pouch on the bag) http://www.countycomm.com/orngled.html
CRKT Eat'N Tool http://www.crkt.com/...biner-Clam-Only
Streamlight Stylus Reach http://www.streamlig...uct.aspx?pid=53
Bic lighter

13. Maxpedition Write in the Rain notebook with writing tools.

14. Leatherman MUT multitool http://www.leatherman.com/product/MUT

15. Misc Items:
Trident Minty Sweet Twist Gum- Fantastic!
Blistex Lip Ointment
Gorilla Glue single use vial (kept in plastic tube listed below)
Plastic tube containing Q-Tips and Floss Picks (seen behind #16 in the photo)

16. Undisclosed sum of cash.

Not numbered:
Multi bit mini driver (next to Maxped pouch) http://www.countycom...tibitlarge.html
Black Beanie (behind Haz4 Mil-Pod) http://www.countycom...riorbeanie.html
Black Covert Mechanix Gloves (buried under a bunch of stuff) http://www.mechanix....nt-covert-glove

Other items not seen:

Dual port USB car charger
Mini Germ Grenade bottle of hand sanitizer
Vacuum packed pouch of mixed nuts (small, snack size amount of food varies and is rotated out weekly)
20 foot hank of 550 cord in quick deploy roll
Ear Pro- Surefire Sonic Defenders
Sunwayman battery adapter ring for converting flashlight from CR123 to AA

I think that about covers it.

*EDIT* Forgot one item:

Concealed behind the ETA Pouch is a 5.11 Tactical Side Kick Boot Knife http://www.511tactic...Boot-Knife.html
It's mounted on the PALS webbing and can be drawn with the right hand when the bag is slung forward.
Posted Image

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#55 pmariolo



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Posted 21 April 2013 - 07:00 PM

Posted Image

Here is my EDC bag and set up:

1. Triple Aught Design Litespeed w/ HDPE and Aluminum internal frame (ITS, TAD, HSP patches)
2. Haley Strategic stainless steel canteen
3. ITS Tactical Tallboy trauma pouch with trauma kit
4. Oakley Eydpatch 2 sunglasses w/ polarized lenses
5. 50 feet of Foliage colored paracord from TAD
6. Usually a few white chocolate cliff bars
7. Black Diamond Storm headlamp (100 lumens and waterproof)
8. Mechanix original black gloves
9. OD Green Shemagh
10. DPX H.E.S.T. fixed blade knife kydex sheath (1095)
11. Leatherman MUT EOD with the glock punch
12. Benchmade safety hook
13. TAD battery holder with 6 AAA
14. Surefire EarPros
15. Medical sheers
16. Exotac nanoStryker firestarter
17. Bic lighter
18. Matches and tender in waterproof case
19. Cutco folder (S30V)
20. Sharpie and stainless steel Sharpie pen
21. Suunto compass Pro
22. Coast light (208 lumens waterproof)
23. Coast light pen (40 lumens)
24. Iphone headphones
25. Iphone and Nexus chargers/usb cables
26. Google Nexus 7 16GB w/ leather case
27. Sony microvault 16gb flash drive
28. Seagate 640gb external HDD w/ USB 3.0
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#56 Troy_Cunningham



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Posted 21 April 2013 - 09:53 PM

Posted Image

My EDC bag and Its contents.

- Triple Aught Design Litespeed
- TAD OP1 with multiple items including a Leatherman Skeletool, fire starting material, glass breaker.
- Condor first aid pouch
- RedLedge waterproof jacket
- OtterBox waterproof case
- Ducks Back waterproof cover for backpack
- Leatherman MUT EOD w/ nylon sheath and bit kit
- Ontario safety hook
- Coast flashlight - 208 lumens
- Quick Clot trauma pack w/ ITS Tactical Turniquet and sheers
- Burton Gloves
- Carhartt Beanie
- Haley Strategic Canteen
- Gerber LMF 2 knife w/ CT Kydex sheath
- Ipod Touch
- Glock 30 SF .45 w/ two mags, TLR-1s and CT Kydex holster
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#57 875fps



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Posted 22 April 2013 - 05:49 PM

I work as a systems administrator during the day but there's no telling what I'm going to get into after-hours. From Geocaching, to clearning out storage lock boxes, to traveling (via car) out of state (my daughter is on a dance team so we're always going to some convention or competition), to just overall urban exploration this bag goes everywhere with me. If it's not on my person it's locked safely in the trunk of my car. It's not perfect and the items in it are a work-in-progress but so far I have needed and used almost every item in it. This isn't a bug-out bag or a get-home bag, this is simply an EDC bag full of stuff I use on a daily basis.

Posted Image

My Bag
Drago Gear Tracker (Green): http://www.dragogear...r-backpack.html

Front Pocket
The front pocket holds the items I need to get to quickly.

* Apple MacBook Pro charger
* Nebo Redline 250 lumens flashlight: http://www.nebotools...ails.php?id=164
-- I really like this light. The base is magnetic so you can stick it almost anywhere and the light has a zoom feature that lets you really flood a room if you want to.
* Headphones
* Hand Sanitizer
* Pens / Pencils
* Altoids tin
* CRKT N.E.C.K. knife: http://www.crkt.com/...-Drab-Cord-Wrap
* 33-round Glock 19 magazine

I was given the N.E.C.K. knife and it's in my bag just so I can test and play with it. So far I really like it. I wouldn't chose it over an ESEE Candiru or an Izula but it's certainly not a bad knife for light use.

Middle Pocket
As of right now, I only have two items in the middle pocket.
* Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer (OD Green): http://www.maxpediti...nizer-p1559.htm
* Apple iPad 4: http://www.apple.com/ipad/overview/

Back, Main Pocket
The back pocket is where I store most of my organizers, my gloves, and my laptop.
* Shemagh
-- Since this bag isn't specifically built for a laptop, I have the shemagh in the bottom to act as padding for the laptop.
* 13" Apple MacBook Pro: http://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/
* Computer supplies organizer
* First Aid Kit
* USB keys organizer
* Carhartt beanie
* Mechanix gloves (Woodland camo): http://www.mechanix....land-camo-glove
* Bandanas

Bladder Pocket
Along with most backpacks, this one has a pocket for a bladder. I use this pocket to hold stuff I rarely use but really have no other place to put.
* Random ethernet and Cisco cables

Bottom Row
The bottom row of items in the main picture are what I carry on me.
* Galco Triton holster: http://www.usgalco.c...775&CatalogID=7
* Glock 19
* Keys with a knock-off version of the Munroe Mega Dangler
* Olight i3S and a Leatherman Squirt PS4 on a Pickpocket dangler
-- http://www.olightwor...aspx?ProId=1806
-- http://www.leatherma...duct/Squirt_PS4
-- http://www.kickstart...p-bottle-opener
* Victorinox Super Tinker: http://www.swissarmy...er-Tinker/53341
* Zero Tolerance 0350: http://zt.kaiusaltd....es/knife/zt0350
* Zebra F-701: http://www.zebrapen....ducts/pen/f-701
* Maxpedition Micro Wallet (Tan): http://www.maxpediti...ALLET-11p86.htm
-- This wallet is alright. It serves its purpose but I need to find something a little more classy. Potentially something made of leather.
* Apple iPhone 4
* VersaCarry (size medium): http://www.versacarry.com/
-- There are pros and cons to this holster. First, it was given to me so don't bash me for buying it. The _only_ time I use this is when I carry my Glock with my light attached. I use it when I know I'm going out at night or going someplace dark like the movies. Since only one side of the trigger guard is protected I _never_ carry in condition 0 with this holster.
* Surefire X300 Ultra: http://www.surefire....eaponlight.html
* Skinth OG: http://skinthsolutio...skinth-og-plus/

Both the knock-off Mega Dangler and the Pickpocket have places for a 1/4" hex driver built in. The bit extendeder from Leatherman is nice because it's scored and can easily be used with your bare hands but these come in very handy if I need that extra bit of torque and I don't have my big Leatherman handy.

Posted Image

Computer Supplies Organizer
This is my electronics pouch.
* Random cables
* Clear 4G Internet router: http://www.clear.com
-- This is what I use in the car to get my laptop, iPad, and my kids iPods and DS's online
* Alfa wireless adapter (AWUS036H): http://www.amazon.co...k/dp/B002WCEWU8
-- This used to be the cat's pajamas in USB wireless adapters. I've been out of the game for a while so I'm sure something else has taken its place. I used to use this along with a 5dB magnetic antenna I would stick on the top of my car and just drive around looking for wireless signals. Did/Does anyone ever use WiGLE.net? Now I use it because at some of my work's buildings the wifi signal is weak and this can easily pick it up.

Posted Image

First Aid Kit
Small and simple FAK. This will cover scrapes and bruises and headaches and that's about it. There's a lot that could be added to this like a TQ but this will work for basic needs.

Posted Image

USB Organizer
I have USB keys for work-related purposes and for troubleshooting that one relative's computer during that seasonal get-together.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer
* Velcro straps
* Lockpick set
* CountyComm Pocket Widgy Pry Bar: http://www.countycomm.com/widgy.html
* Small flashlight
* Leatherman Bit Driver Extender: http://www.leatherma...Driver_Extender
* Mini Altoids tin full of 1/4" and micro 4mm bits
* Big Sharpie
* Lighter
* Fingernal clippers
* Extra batteries for all of my various flashlights
* Small multitool
* Package of bandaids
* Business cards (for leaving a trace when I need to)
* Empty small ziplock bag
* A ziptie, safety pin, a couple of paperclips, and a carabiner are also clipped onto the pouch

Posted Image

Altoids Tin
I have this because everyone else has one. I have never used it. I designed it for a truely work-related purpose ... for those times when I want more sugar or creamer in my coffee or extra flavoring in my water. Actually, I have taken a few ibuprofens out so I guess it hasn't been a complete waste of space. I also have a few toothpics, Q-Tips, a straight pin, and a few other items in it.

My Altoids tin definitely needs to be revisited.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Skinth OG
This is a pretty nifty sheath. This is the OG model designed by Eric over at skinthsolutions.com. He has a pretty big following on Facebook and a few other forums. It seems that people take great pride in what all they can stuff in the various "skinths" Eric makes.

In mine I have:
* Leatherman Blast: http://www.leatherma...m/product/Blast
-- I removed the bulit-in Phillips driver and replaced it with the removal bit holder from a Wave
* Leatherman Bit Kit: http://www.leatherma...product/Bit_Kit
* Leatherman Bit Driver Extender: http://www.leatherma...Driver_Extender
* Another small flashlight I had lying around

Posted Image

Maxpedition Micro Wallet
I took a picture of my wallet to show where I'm currently keeping my Serepick Bogota Titan Entry Toolset. They won't be staying here, I just put them here the other day to see how well they fit. I can't even tell they're there. I broke the key to my front door and I have, on a few occasions, been given a ride home and needed in the house. Unfortunately, I didn't have these then. :( Most of the time I'm in my car with the garage opener and a key to the deadbolt on the garage door.
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Posted 22 April 2013 - 07:21 PM

Wow, that Skinth is pretty damn cool. Never heard of those before. Probably going to have to get one of those for my MUT.


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 07:45 PM

SwatDawg335, I don't know if I'm allowed to link to other forums but if you Google "Skinth Loadout Gallery" you'll find some gorgeous pictures of those things.

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Posted 25 April 2013 - 07:30 PM

Just recently started putting together/carrying an EDC bag. Love all of the tips and ideas posted on here! Here's my work in progress:

EDC bag: ITS Discreet Messenger w/ITS Holster Insert

Plastic water bottle

Pocket o goodies:
Manly keychain (shotgun shell, flame and stars and stripes keys!)
Keychain flashlight
USB flash drives (squares and Master Chief)
Ear plugs
Small, cheap Eddie Bauer multi tool w/led light
Safety Pins
Eyeglass repair kit
iphone5 cable and wallcharger
Field Notes (Oklahoma edition, BOOMER!)
Oklahoma Fire Fighters challenge coin (received when I completed my advanced fire fighter training)
Pocket knife, Swiss Army knife
Pen, Sharpie
Various sized zipties

Med Pocket:
Pack w/pain relievers, band aids, tums, small gauze pads, med tape, alcohol pads, neosporin, hand san, nitirilite gloves
Tramuma Pack w/quick clot
Trauma Sheers
4x4 pads
Rolls of Coban

Not pictured pocket contents: pocket knife, chap stick, usb drive, iphone5, field notes, pen, timex ironman, survival straps paracord bracelet, Springfiled XDm .40, Theis Holster IWB, fire dept. pager.

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