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March - April "What's in Your Bag" Contest - Win an ITS Tactical Gift Certificate!

contest bag EDC carry preparedness

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#61 Alexcheckers



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Posted 27 April 2013 - 12:12 AM

Bag: LAPG Bail Out Bag

Main Compartment:
Yukon 2x24 NVM
Monocular (4x)
Gerber eFECT Weapons tool
OTIS Multi Caliber Cleaning kit
Defender Gear Folding Knife
MTech Dagger
Bench Made Seatbelt Cutter
Disposable Lighter
Flint Fire Starter
Master Lock and 5 ft Steel locking wire
Skill Craft Pen (Black)
Sharpie (Black)
Streamlight TLR-2 weapons Light
Surefire Z2-S Combat Light
Combat Arms Earplugs
Box of 9mm +P+ JHP
Glock 19
(2) Loaded Glock 19 Magazines

Combat Gauze
(2) CAT Tourniquet
(3) Latex gloves
Medical Tape
Compressed Gauze
Quick Clot Combat Gauze
Nasopharyngeal Airway tube
Emergency Blanket

External Compartments:
IR Fire Fly
Stream Light Pen Light
Space Pen
Archangel Tactical Pen
LaRue Tactical Armadillo Bottle Opener
Fury OC Spray
(3) 123 Batteries
Superior Sportsman Smoke Signal (White)
1 GB USB Drive
Sharpening Stone
(2) EZ Cuff Restraints
Electrical Tape
Aviator Neoprene Gloves
IR Chemlight
550 Cord (50 ft)
Hand Sanitizer
(2) Condoms
Water Purification Tablets
1000 ML Water Bottle
Gator Neck
1500 Calories of MRE Rations
UV-5R Radio
Leatherman Super 300 EOD tool

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#62 Jeff More

Jeff More


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Posted 29 April 2013 - 08:57 PM

Posted Image

Sorry. such a noob. trying to figure out how to put a full size photo up.

-Triple Aught Design winter weight softshell. A Praetorian hoodie gets added to this depending on wx. The TAD softshell gets traded out for a Nau softshell blazer if I'm traveling somewhere and the dress code gets bumped up for some reason.
-F-Stop Gear Loka camera pack.
-hydration bladder
-superfluous carabiner with hand sanitizer and lip balm
-water bottle
-map and compss
-baggie of first aid and survival stuff - Halo chest seal, emergency blanket, big trash bags, gauzes, etc.
-some snacks--the Lance Armstrong Honey Stingers are on sale :)
-a spare pair of socks with my camera stuffed inside (and a freezer bag to waterproof it)
-Altoids survival kit - matches, firestarter, iodine tablets, safety pins, tinder, needles, lots of bandages, antibiotic ointment, etc.
-clear goggles with earplugs and light gloves stuffed inside
-a USB portable battery charger with a few USB cables inside
-cookset/kitchen/bathroom stuff sack - Titanium mug, Fancyfeast stove, windscreen, toofbrush, baby wipes, toofpaste, dental floss, deodorant, bunch of freezer bags
-UV water purifier
-tablet or e-reader
-a pile of rigging/rescue and utility stuff - 2 prusik cords, 30 feet webbing, 3 locking biners, zip ties, paracord
-ball cap with all my pocket contents stuffed inside (I use my hat as a valet at camp/home/hotel). Contents get moved between body and pack as comfort/conditions dictate:
-cell phone
-Israeli bandage
-Quikclot combat gauze (EDC trauma kit on the way to streamline this a little)
-local map and compass
-notepad, 2x Fisher space pens, in case I go to space
-keys with roll of duct tape

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#63 mikejulietpapa


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 05:35 PM

Thanks everyone for sharing your gear!

We're going to take a look at all of the submissions and choose two winners. It may take a couple days but stay tuned to the site for an announcement.

And if you missed out, feel free to post what you carry but know it just won't count towards the contest.

Update: Check out the main site for the winners announcement.
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#64 nroeber78


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 01:39 PM

unfortunately, i'm a little late to game here but nonetheless here is my stuff!

My pack:
- 5.11 Covert 18 ... I was carrying a nice ruck the ATS RAIDII back and forth with patches and pouches but was looking for
something to keep my work laptop from getting dinged up along with something wasnt so "tactical" looking. So far I am VERY
happy with this purchase and have 0 complaints. I'm thinking about a couple of slight mods to "personalize" Would like to put
a hook n loop field on the top pocket for a patch and maybe my nametape (still milling this over in my head) and I want to
replace all the zipper pulls with a diamond knot and shrink tubing

All of these items are carried in the 5.11 Med pouch in the front pocket of my pack. I hope to get some quick stix here in the future to make it "quick release"
- ITS Tac EDC Trauma Kit
- BooBoo Kit
- critter spray (skeeters here in San Antonio are the size of blackhawks!)
- Hand sanitizer (dont laugh my wife picked it up for me Bath n Body works... :/ )

Carried in the "concealed compartment"
- Gerber LMF2
- M&P 9mm carried in a modified MaxPed holster
- 2 spare mags carried in a maxPed double mag pouch

Topside organizer pocket
- Battle Systems Vinyl Tape (this stuff is just plain badass - if you dont have some go buy some now!)
- Gerber Multi-tool
- CRKT Eat'n Tool
- Lighter
- USB Key
- All 3 sizes of Sharpie (my wife says I have problem with Sharpies ... I buy them ALL the time and have them EVERYwhere)
- Benchmade Seatbelt Cutter (this this is just a useful cuttin tool to have around - have one in both cars as well)
- Little generic blue lantern light
- Surefire 6Px
- Little Kershaw folder ... pick this thing up for 9bucks at Cabela's and its turned into one of my favorite sharps! Great little blade!
- Headlamp that attaches to my baseball cap
- Headphone Keeper


- Work laptop a ginormous HP
- USB Drive
- Verizon 4G Aircard
- Chargers
- Work cell phone (blackberry z10)

Misc Items stashed here n there
- Various lengths of 550 cord
- Cord for new bracelet i'm working on (I dont EDC this its just in my bag for now)
- Koozie
- Small LED light

Posted Image

What is typically on me. I wont say these are all always on me I tend to go with what I'm doing... If i'm out n about grocery shopping or whatever its just my snubby and a few other things. If we are going to some "event" everything is on me. I want to pick up another ITS EDC Trauma Kit to also add to my "on me kit" right now on the weekends I take it out of my bag and stash it back for work

- D3 Devil Dog Designs "Last ditch" necker still looking for a quick release method on this... I had these plastic clip things at one
point but they broke.
- Luminox with a Martac band from County Comm
- Quick release paracord bracelet made by me
- S&W Model 36 J Frame .38 that will either ride in my boot with a Galco holster or ride at my appendix in the galco holster shown
- Stripper clip of spare rounds
- Wallet (Original S.O.E) Love this thing because it has no velcro! I can buy gun crap in the middle of the night without my wife
saying... what are you getting now?!?!
- Oakley's
- Benchmade folder
- Sig P220 in an Alamo Tactical "Crockett" I have a DOS from Bravo Concealment on order
- My GORuck Cap
- My Beemer key
- My "tool" ring ...
- I have a P38 can opener
- Peanut Lighter
- Phillips/Standard screwdriver set from County Comm
- Leatherman Micro
- Rite n Rain Pen

Posted Image

Whew! I think that's everything....
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#65 Lao


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Posted 30 May 2013 - 01:48 PM

You guys are killing me.... there are at least 5 bags I want to copy... but I might as well carry a full size backpack :)
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#66 Rob Henderson

Rob Henderson

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 09:18 PM

I've recently got some new shorts and pants from Duluth and I've started carrying a bit more and trying to stay consistent each day.

Posted Image

  • iPhone 5 - Magpul Field Case
  • ITS EDC Kit
  • Memorial Bracelet
  • Magnum USA Promotional Knife
  • Gatorz Wraptor
  • Field Notes
  • Space Pen
  • Bellroy Wallet
  • G-Shock GD350-8
  • Glock 19

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#67 Davis


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Posted 01 June 2013 - 09:24 PM

Where did you manage to find the Magpul for the iPhone 5 in stock?


Put good in, get good out. 

#68 Rob Henderson

Rob Henderson

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 09:30 PM

Where did you manage to find the Magpul for the iPhone 5 in stock?

We have a Cheaper than Dirt retail store here in Fort Worth and last month, they had just received a shipment and I jumped on it. I really wanted Black or FDE but all they had was Foliage. I actually really like it.
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