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Great Glasses, Subpar Cases

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#1 TacomaFour



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Posted 29 August 2010 - 01:52 PM

I *love* my Revision eyewear. I own multiple pairs of Revision glasses, and I use them from the routine (driving) through days where I'm out in the field.  The one thing that I hate though is the cases you provide for the glasses. I want my glasses to be easily accessible. There are many reasons for having 1 or more carabiners clipped onto some molle webbing on my pack-- one reason is to keep my glasses handy.As you can see from the inserted image, there is no way with your glasses cases to easily bind them to a carabiner. I have a kludged solution using a 1" book ring I "borrowed" from my wife's classroom supplies. With all the time I spend on the road and in the field, I have this recurring dream, strike that-- nightmare that the inexpensive "Revision" handle on the zipper gave way, and my Revision eyewear now has a new owner, much to my chagrin.If you guys could come up with a carabiner-friendly solution that would rock.  Maybe using a slightly larger zipper, like one would find on a pack itself, so that I could use some paracord as the pull with a nice knot that wouldn't give way when dropped on a carabiner.  Then, I could run to catch my flight and throw my pack around without fear for my Revision eyewear! For me, even if the case improvement meant adding a couple bucks to the purchase price, I wouldn't hesitate to spend that because I wouldn't need to perpetually keep my eyes open for a better case from some other web retailer. Bottom line- it would be nice if your case was as strong as your glasses- it would rock if you could bring your case up to par with the contents inside!    /wp-content/forum-image-uploads/jasonweiss/PoorBinding.png 
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Posted 30 August 2010 - 04:50 AM

Thanks for the post. We always appreciate hearing feedback from those who use our eyewear because it helps us in our continuous effort to develop and deliver the best eyewear possible. We'd also like to thank you for great support of our company and product. Your creativity with the book ring is pretty impressive.  From the looks of the picture you posted up, you are talking about the case that holds our Hellfly sunglasses. We will definitely keep your suggestion for improving out cases in mind as we continue the development process. Also, we have a solution that we would like to suggest to you. Be on the lookout for a private message from us. Thanks,Revision

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