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another reason to carry a light

edc flashlight torch light foursevens

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#1 Corbs


    Salty Dog

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Posted 25 April 2015 - 05:34 PM

We all know it's useful for looking under your seat at the cinema, for checking under a bonnet/hood, and seeing your way in the dark. But here are some more reasons why you need to carry a flashlight. And why that AAA twisty light won't suffice.

I carry everyday a FourSevens Quark Tactical. Same spot, clipped unobtrusively to my left front pocket. In the UK, anything carried for defensive purposes is illegal. So when I'm walking home at night, that's what's in my palm.

There are a couple of reasons why this is my light.
1. High mode. First time every time. If your light clicks through modes by pressing the activation switch, it's junk for tactical purposes. Sorry. Don't believe me? Flash it to signal someone, or blind them. If anything other than maximum output comes out, it's no good. In high stress situations, we fumble. And if that means the second time you hit the switch the light is in low mode, or some strange disco mode, it's no good.

2. Tail switch. Instinctive. Cigar hold, hammer hold, whatever. Point and shoot, it just works. And it's fast and idiot proof, and that's important.

3. Pocket clip. Same place. Every pair of jeans/chinos/combats/suit/uniform, it's in the same spot. So when I need it, it's there. Also means I can clip the light to my shirt for hands free use if needed.

4. Low mode. Not a necessity, but nice to have. I carry one light, and don't want to blast 800 lumens to look for someone's keys under the table in a nice restaurant. More importantly, lower modes are accessed by untwisting the head. So on purpose, in short. Low mode is also useful for conserving battery, for example in powercuts, medical emergencies.

5. Compact. Small enough to always be carried, big enough to be easily used with gloves.

Points one and two are so important. Consistency in use. The main reason I carry a very bright light is because you can't see what's behind it. If 870 lumens are traveling fast towards your night adjusted eyes, you won't know of there's a man, an entire police department or a Glock 17 the other side of that white light. So generally, you do as you're told.

A bright light is also an awesome signalling device. Flashing a light will get that ambulance that's crawling down the street checking house numbers to you pronto. Damn handy. Works in many situations, if not as cool as an IR strobe or purple smoke.

To the point. I was walking home, with two others after a great supper. Two side streets came off the street I walked along, one on either side. I went to cross the road I was on when a car, no lights, no indicators pulled out of the right street turning left onto the road I was crossing. I was already six feet into the road, and the girls I was with were crossing too. The driver was looking to his right as he turned left, and was ten feet from me. He didn't stop, slow or even look in the direction he was driving. I aimed the light at the driver, lit up his face as it snapped round to see the searing light he was aiming straight for. He slammed on the brakes, gave the girls and I a second or two to step back. He then revved past and swore something at me. I'm confident if I hadn't had a bright light in my hand, that car would have hit me and likely the two girls I was walking with. I'd also put money on him not stopping.

Carry a decent light, and user interface is usually more important than lumens.

Sorry if this is poorly formatted, typed on a tablet.
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Posted 27 April 2015 - 07:03 AM

My daughters carry my Surefire E2D's the majority of time out.  They can have those without violating any rules of age or location and they are pretty instinctive to use defensively (plus they've been taught). I haven't flown in a while, but an associate of mine used to carry his on the plane since TSA didn't have any rules against flashlights. That may have changed now, I'm sure someone else can speak with authority on TSA restrictions.  They are very good items to have in Non Permissive Environments.

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Posted 27 April 2015 - 12:05 PM

I definitely carry a light every day as well in my case it's always in my left cargo pocket just aft of the spare magazine (which is usually in there even on the rare occasions I am not carrying the pistol).  The light I carry is an Xtreme Beam They arent bad at all.  Another thing to look at in a light is somethign with an LED bulb rather then Incandescent.  With something you will be banging around in your pocket day in and day out the durability and extra run time on an LED is well worth it.


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