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ArchOil Additive

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Posted 01 October 2017 - 10:01 PM

Ok, Not really a subject you'd expect to see here, but I think vehicle maintenance is just as important as any other driving subject when it comes to being prepared.


I own a 92 F250 7.3 IDI diesel.  This additive is especially helpful for diesels (especially for powerstrokes), but also useful for gasoline engines.  If you've ever owned an old diesel like mine, you know they're dependable, but slow and sluggish.  They'll always get ya there, just never fast.   For a variety of reasons, but one being simple age and possible neglect of the fuel system.  I've tried additives for various vehicles over the years, but nothing fantastic or worth the money.  Most of it I chalked up to worth a shot, but not worth shit.


Enter ArchOil.    I have zero affiliation with this company.  Just passing along what I believe to be an excellent product.  Had a chance to get a free sample from powerstrokehelp.com (still available I believe).  Figured it was worth a shot.



Ok. Got my sample of ArchOil fuel treatment. Meant to treat 16 gallons I think. My tank is 19. Close enough for a test says I. 

I put the bottle in when I filled up on my way to work.  My route takes me 158 miles, with a mountain pass that averages 6 to 8% grade over 34 miles.  It's about 75 miles between where I fill up and this pass.  By the time I got to the pass, I could feel a difference. Smoother. Quieter. And much to my great surprise, I cruised over the pass at 70 with no extra effort or drop in gears. Normally, by the time I get to the top, I've dropped a gear to maintain 55.  

When I got to work, I let it idle for a bit and listened. No more noise from the engine from what I believe was a stuck injector. It's "fixed."  I'll still replace them, but wow. What a difference. 

And fuel economy may have gone up too. Would make sense with a bad injector. But I haven't really done the math. But normally the drive to work takes a solid 1/4 tank. This week, just over an 1/8.  But with how slow I have to fuel up (with old filler design and just being old vents, it can take 30 mins for 19 gallons), it's never anywhere near the same amount of fuel at each fill up as the fill tube can hold around 1.5 gallons. So, too soon to tell. 

All that being said, I'm sold. Enough to immediately order the fuel system cleaner, more fuel treatment, and the oil additive. This is the first additive that I've ever used that I could definitively say helped. Total cost for new products was $130.  That does two tank fills of system cleaner, then 640 gallons of fuel treatment (yes, 640), and two oil changes worth of oil additive. Basically, it adds about $10 to each oil change,  about $2 to each fuel up, and about $30 for the initial system cleaning. Instructions say to use system cleaner every 5000 miles, unless you use the treatment at each fill up, then you wouldn't need the cleaner after the first one. 

In short, get it.  Those of you who have a Powerstroke, go to powerstroke.com and see what that dude has to say about a lot of things that can grenade your engine, the simple things you can do to prevent it, and of course his take on ArchOil.  
P.S. They also make gun oil and grease.  I have not tested that, and probably won't.  If someone else has, or will, post up!

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