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Max Velocity Tactical Training, Brady Texas 2018

Training Team Tactics

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 11:53 AM


Hey Guys, I have not been on here in a long time and had actually forgotten about this forum.....been so busy with work and family.  I thought this might be the place to post this.

If anyone is looking for some excellent training here in Texas, there is a class that is being held in Brady, Texas this coming Feb/Mar.

They are really needing people for the first package so that we can keep the Texas classes going in the future. If you are interested in getting off the square range

and learning SUT (small unit tactics) then this is the place. You'll start at the basics on the square range, from zeroing, to weapons manipulation and stoppage

drills, and on to movement/mobility and on to team tactics.  I was very impressed with the first class last year, and am signed up for the second class this year.

On the second package the only part that doesn't have a prerequisite would be the Force on Force class using UTM rounds, this is to get more people interested

in Max's classes.  If you are into of the run-n-gun type courses, this should be up your alley. I hope we can get some people interested, this will really open your eyes if

all you have ever done is square range shooting.  There is a fitness prerequisite, for safety reasons and concerns, so take that into consideration.

If interested, please check out the links below:

Main website: https://maxvelocitytactical.com/

Texas Class 2018: https://maxvelocityt...com/texas-2018/

Cadre: https://maxvelocityt...com/team-cadre/

TacGun Video: https://maxvelocityt...video-get-some/

Recent Article: https://maxvelocityt...rearms-culture/

If you have any questions let me know, if I can't answer them I'll find out how to somehow!

Thanks for your consideration!


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Posted 27 April 2018 - 03:49 PM

Hey Guys,


just wanted to check back in, I see there was about 240 views to my previous post.  The class I took with Max Velocity Tactical this past Feb/Mar in Brady, Texas was excellent and I highly recommend taking one (or more) if you are interested in learning infantry and small unit tactics.  He has posted the Texas 2019 classes for next year if you find yourself interested. I have finally written an summarized AAR and will post the links below.  After getting back from a 6 day class, work and family life has been crazy busy, so I am pretty late in getting my AAR written.



There are other AAR's for classes at his West Virginia location mixed in, which are also good to read. Mine is listed under: Review: Heat 2, Texas 2018: S.Little



Under: React to Close Contact: Offensive Manuever

Video of one of the React to Contact drills from class.  Hard to tell whats being shot at in the video, but there are stick in Ivan targets and mannequins out there.  Upon initial contact is an aggressive react to contact, then a Rhodesian style cover shoot (three rounds into every available cover) until one mag is used up, then forward bounds (alpha team, bravo team) with everyone engaging targets in their lanes of fire, while communicating and shooting on the move and providing cover shooting for the bounding teams, assaulting through to the limits of advance (LOA).


Hopefully y'all find this of some interest.

Get out there and train, do PT and learn something!

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Posted 31 May 2018 - 06:51 PM

Well I see there have been a lot of views to my previous posts!

Here are some more less formal videos where Max talks about "Why Max Velocity Tactical", "Class Fitness Requirements & Warrior PT",

"Explaining the Move/Fire Technique", and "Explaining the correct tactical training progression". 


As protectors of our family, both men and women, it is our responsibility to train, be fit and always try to better ourselves physically and mentally......






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