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Sticking out like sore thumbs

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 10:28 AM

great reply by "sgcaper"

I'm big on comfort and function and yet I really don't find myself all that restricted in normal clothes. Having worn BDUs and carried TA-50 while in the service I can tell you that nontactical clothing and packs (stuff from department stores vs outdoor and sports stores) can still hold its own in the field.

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hombre gris


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 02:27 PM

I think we tend to focus on the "tactical" look because of our own mindset. My friends and I play a game when we are out where we try to identify who we think is carrying a weapon. Only one of them is into the "tactical" stuff like I am. So far there has only been on time where someone that was wearing 5.11 type pants was pointed out and that was because he was printing beneath his shirt. More often than not my friends choose people wearing the baggy low hanging jeans and athletic type pants so popular with the youth now days.

I also tend to look for a weapon in the area just behind the hip - as that is where I carry. As I've been reading more about AIWB carry I've started to focus my attention there.

What I find more interesting it that, at least here in West Texas, LEOs in plain clothes almost NEVER carry concealed. O_O

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 07:11 AM

yea op, you right. dont forget about the TapOut, MMA and bodybuilding shirts also to spot out an easy roidjunkie

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 01:33 PM

Heys guys and ladies, some very good Points on both ends of the topic!

Id like to chime in. But before i do, here is my background: Before i was a LEO, i was military, before i was military, i was a salesperson at a local hiking outfitter and a hiker. I was there five years and consider it one of the best jobs ive ever had as an avid outdoor enthusiast. i even worked at a bicycle shop briefly to fill in the hours.

Anyway, i agree with blending in with the background totally. But, since i began hiking, i cant ditch those hiking/travel pants everyone calls "tacticool" pants. I was wearing those 5.11 style pants before 5.11 was around. They were called ROYAL ROBBINS pants and i loved them. Those rear slash pockets with that goofy loop on the 5.11 pants many of us wear, were on EVERY hiker/travel pant on the market a decade ago before 5.11 was ever around.

Also, i wore cargo pants before as a kid. With that said, cargo pockets did originate from military style pants, not just because people were wanting to look tactical but many wanted to have a bunch of useful pockets. Cargo pants will always be around and not just military guys will wear them. I have seen IT guys and geeks wear them.

Over the years, styles change in the outdoor industry and those rear slash pockets are not as abundant. I had never put anything in the back pocket except a map and compass while hiking. Otherwise, it was a temporary pocket. The pockets were marketed as that "You could sit down with your back pockets full, and not have to sit on your crap." i still think the slash pockets are better than the basic butt pockets that most pants have anyway but thats my opinion.

I bet in a few years as the tactical companies will begin to switch their styles away from rear slash pockets and so many cargo pockets. 5.11 has already began changing up their styles, but i bet those slash pockets will always be around, though not as abundant.

Funny thing, many of those outdoor industry manufacturers have crossover military lines but only after years of demand during years of military conflict. It was only natuaral for the outdoor industry to cater to military and LEO. Eventually, we will no longer have a major conflict like OIF and soon OEF. the demand for crossover military clothing will slow down and so, the styles will change. the tactical lines will dwindle and the over population of tacticool gear will dwindle.

Again, I do agree to blend in the background. Also, ive never really cared what others think of how i dress. Its really not a big deal stateside. When traveling Overseas, i'd wear whatever i can that doesnt say" arrogant American." But here in the US, I blend in as the avid hiker with a tough of style... wearing my 5.11 khaki pants and adding a verious blend of arcteryx, marmot, royal robbins, patagonia, salomon trail runners, lowa boots, carhart, nike, levi, ralph lauren, and others...

Well, i think i have added more than my two cents but i think it is important to let everyone know where those 5.11 pants came from.

Thanks all and be safe!

"To each his own"

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