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Unique Places to Stash Your Firearms Hidden in Plain Sight

By The ITS Crew

More often than not, the best place to secure your firearms is inside a bolted down gun safe. However, some people may not be able to install a gun safe, or be away from one while traveling. In these cases, it may be better to hide a firearm in plain sight and today we’re featuring a few unique places where you can hide yours.

While some of these may seem obvious, many are places thieves may not even think to look in. All security is just buying time and in some cases, a good hiding spot may beat out a visible safe, just recognize the implications of these methods if there’s kids around. You’ll want to reconsider many of them if so.

  • Hidden inside an empty cereal box in the pantry. Just hope that your thieves aren’t particularly hungry!
  • Hanging upside down from a hook under the bathroom cabinet or over the door in a non-walk in closet. Most closets are shallow and while a burglar might go through your clothes and items on the shelving, they probably won’t look straight up.
  • Behind a blanket or rug on the wall, hung like a decorative tapestry.
  • Under a false bottom in a bedside drawer.
  • Inside fake electrical outlets.
  • In a vehicle, you can split the upholstery seam on the rear of the passenger’s seat toward the driver and insert a small holster and appropriate handgun. Sew in some hook and loop to the seams to reseal it.
  • If your main entry door is steel, or solid core wood without glass openings, you can keep a hook backed holster attached to the inside of the door, just above the doorknob, canted about 45 degrees. When opening the door, the person on the other side will never know your hand is just inches from a weapon. Should you invite them in, simply close your screen or storm door and leave the main door open, putting the gun back against a wall.
No one looks through dirty clothes,
  • For your desk, consider keeping an older scanner without the internals. This allows you to lift up the top and remove a handgun.
  • Many couches have a large amount of empty space underneath them. With a Dremel Tool and hacksaw, you can create an area to store several rifles or other firearms.
  • Consider using a Wall Clock Safe that opens up to store a small to medium handgun in. This is also great because the clock actually works!


  • Inside a hideaway picture frame or other great hidden concealment furniture from a company like Tactical Walls.
  • A good method in general when you’re away from your home is to take whatever you want to hide, stash it in a garbage bag and put it amongst dirty clothes. No one looks through dirty clothes, unless they’re a perv, but then they’re not usually looking to rob you in that case.
  • An extra large pizza box between the trashcan and your kitchen cabinets could conceal something as large as a folding stock shotgun, while looking like it’s just sitting there waiting for trash day.
  • In the closet on a cheap, easily broken plastic hanger, you can run the hanger through the trigger guard (without a round in the chamber) and cover everything with a button up shirt.
  • Hidden under your towels in the master bath.
  • Inside a jacket pocket in the closet.
  • Under the skirt of the spare toilet paper holder in master bath or other, non-guest bathroom.
  • Consider concealing a firearm in the space you store extra grocery bags in the kitchen.
  • Between the window curtains and the wall above the windows. Can’t be seen from the outside or the inside.
  • Hanging a soft gun case from the hook inside a closet and concealing it with a bathrobe.
  • A firearm can be kept inside a re-sealable bag under frozen items in a freezer. If needed, you can still shoot through the bag itself.


  • For those requiring a lock, consider a small pistol safe with button controlled access codes.
  • You can conceal a pistol in an old shoebox under the bed at night.
  • If it’s large enough, many trophies are hollow underneath and can conceal a small firearm.
  • A typical nightstand or dresser has room between the drawers and the outer paneling. This opening is the thickness of the frame of the cabinet. By removing the bottom drawer, drilling a hole in front of the rear frame and inserting a wooden peg, a gun can run along the side of the cabinet. Place the peg on an angle so that when the barrel is fully seated, it creates a slight interference with the bottom of the opening. The drawer can then be pulled out or the whole nightstand could be dumped forward and the gun stays tightly in place.
  • Behind a vent or cold air return.
  • When traveling, consider a dancers bag used for shoes. One side pocket can be exclusively reserved for a firearm.
  • For vehicles, a small CD wallet can conceal a small pistol and a spare magazine.
  • A hollowed out electrical fuse box makes a great hiding spot in a home.
  • For those needing more hidden space, consider a hollowed out water heater. Placing the door of the heater on the back side helps it stay concealed.
  • In a closet, a handgun will conceal nicely in an old boot down with a bunch of other shoes on the floor.
  • Micro pistols fit nicely inside decorative beer steins.
  • Consider burying a container outside the house, in case you arrive unarmed and need to defend it.
  • Those homeowners handy with tiling might consider creating a false tile with a hidden compartment in the wall.
  • If all else fails and you need to hide a serious amount of weaponry, pull the carpet back, grab a hammer and chisel and get to work!

What are your favorite places to conceal your firearms? Let us know in the comments below!

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