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January 7, 2016Gear Tasting

Gear Tasting 20: Packing for the Mammoth Sniper Challenge

Gear Tasting 20: Packing for the Mammoth Sniper Challenge


In this episode, Bryan shares the loadout he’ll be taking to the Mammoth Sniper Challenge in Kentucky. All the gear weighs in at around 55lbs and he’ll be going old school with the ALICE Pack.


Sordin Ear Pro –
Arc’teryx LEAF –
Lowa Renegade II Boots –
SureFire Sonic Defenders –
ITS + Emerson A-100 –
Rifles Only Range Cards –
Rite in the Rain Pencil –
Storacell Battery Holders –
Kestrel Elite Weather Meter –
Life-Link Triple Direct Hiking Poles –
Thermarest Ridge Rest –
ITS Engraved Swedish Fireknife –
Snow Peak Spork –
SOG Power Lock –
Princeton Tec Remix Pro MPLS –
ITS Boo Boo Kit –
ITS EDC Trauma Kit –
Mini Survival Kit –
Terra Nova Tarp Shelter –
Short Action Precision Rear Bag –
Sea to Summit Dry Bags –
Source Hydration Bladder –
Patagonia Down Jacket –
Outdoor Research –
Exofficio Give-N-Go Boxer –
Jetboil –
Nemo Pillow –
ITS DIY Tyvek Stuff Sack –
McNett Towel –
Mountain Hardwear Phantom 32 –
Nemo Obi 2P Tent –
ITS Outdoor Meal Shootout Article –
Paleo Meals to Go –
The Feed –

In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  • JoeFreedom

    Nice list but some redundant items you are just adding weight with.

    • CassiusClay

      Two is one; one is none.

  • firerescue183

    Awesome load out as always.  I hope you have a blast on the sniper challenge (no pun intended.)  One item of kit that I very highly recommend are Salewa boots!  I am really picky when it comes to footwear as I am sure many people are.  As soon as I placed my foot into the boot, it was the most comfortable boot that I have ever tried.  They guarantee NO blisters, and the come in gore-tex.  I know you won’t be getting any for this trip specifically, but I hope that you can get some eventually as I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

  • Hope you are shooting 175 Grain since targets are out to 1100 yards. Strange they don’t allow you to utilize a sling when clearing your course of fire. For $500 entry fee, you should get a shirt. Good luck, look forward to follow ups on this event.  $

  • Why why why would you punish yourself with that ALICE pack. We’ve all seen your collection of packs, surely you have one that would do a better job than that relic. Do you self a favor and use one that transfers load properly, to your hips, and not just your shoulders. I know I know “it’s always been fine for me” is the typical excuse, but there’s a reason so many military guy’s backs are ruined now and that pack is a big reason for it.

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