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Today we WERE going to publicly release our newest Swag Bomb, which features the brand new ITS One Ugly MF Morale Patch. We say “were” because after our ITS Member Pre-Release yesterday, we regret to inform you that they’re completely sold out.


How to Tie the Girth Hitch


OSS Tradecraft Toolset

How to Tie the Double Fisherman’s Knot for a DIY Knot Board Display

The Double Fisherman’s Knot works very well with small or slippery lines, like the monofilament line used by fishing enthusiasts. Today we’ll examine tying the knot with two different lines and explain how it can be used to start a Prusik Loop.

In addition to the tying method, we offer a look at how this knot will fit into our continuing DIY Knot Board Display.

ITS Gizmo Lite Bag


Bogota® Pi Entry Toolset

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K-9 First Aid Kit




ITS Inspirational Prints


ITS Gizmo Lite Bag
Bogota® Pi Entry Toolset
K-9 First Aid Kit
ITS Inspirational Prints

Cybersecurity Checklist to Keep Your Devices Secure

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and it’s a great time of year to take an overall look at your digital security. Recently there’s been a lot of information coming forward about massive cybersecurity hacks and information loss by some pretty large companies. With each of these attacks, the chances of your information being compromised grow. Today we’ll be focusing on checking up on three areas of your digital life that can help keep your data secure and out of the wrong hands.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Gear Tasting Radio 84

Protect your data and devices by doing a cybersecurity checkup. This week on Gear Tasting Radio, we discuss some steps you can take to ensure your digital safety. While October is Homeland Security’s designated month for Cybersecurity Awareness, we also highlight that you should always be practicing good security habits year round.

In addition to some of the checkup items you can perform, we cover software and other gear that can help you keep your info close to the vest.


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