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Do Ballistics Matter When It Comes to Treating Trauma? - Gear Tasting Radio 88

We discuss how firearms ballistics affect trauma treatment this week on Gear Tasting Radio, breaking down a recent 60 Minutes segment. We also explore different things you should keep available to be prepared for treating all aspects of trauma, not just gunshots.

Finally, we highlight what we thought was the most important message of the 60 Minutes segment, sharing knowledge to help save lives in the future.


How to Tie the Girth Hitch


MAS Pullover Hoodie

Lt. Commander Dan Crenshaw's Powerful Veteran's Day Message

If you pay attention to the news, you’ll have most likely seen the story about a recent joke made on Saturday Night Live about former Navy SEAL and Congressman-Elect, Dan Crenshaw. The joke was made by SNL’s Pete Davidson and drew a large amount of backlash from Veteran’s organizations across the country, despite Crenshaw shaking it off. 

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ITS Gizmo Lite Bag
Bogota® Pi Entry Toolset
K-9 First Aid Kit
ITS Inspirational Prints

Meet Your New Favorite Shirt: The ITS MAS T-Shirt is Here

With the success of our MAS Hoodies, we couldn’t resist making a matching MAS T-Shirt! Inspired by Naval Special Warfare’s Maritime Assault Suit sepia colorway, these 50/50 Poly/Cotton t-shirts are guaranteed to be a comfortable part of your Everyday Carry. Read on below for more details on these awesome shirts!

Survival Kits and Fire Starting Essentials - Questions Over Coffee 16

Bucking the tradition of long-form answers this week on Questions Over Coffee, Bryan tackles three questions “rapid fire” style. The first deals with a little bit of the scenery that crops up in our videos, particularly an object that viewers have had trouble identifying.

After that, Bryan moves into answering a couple survival/firestarting questions, including basic survival gear to keep in a kit bag and the fire starters he’d have on him during a camping trip.


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