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Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Gear Tasting Radio 84

Protect your data and devices by doing a cybersecurity checkup. This week on Gear Tasting Radio, we discuss some steps you can take to ensure your digital safety. While October is Homeland Security’s designated month for Cybersecurity Awareness, we also highlight that you should always be practicing good security habits year round.

In addition to some of the checkup items you can perform, we cover software and other gear that can help you keep your info close to the vest.


How to Tie the Girth Hitch


OSS Tradecraft Toolset

Overland Communications: Internet Connectivity in Non-Permissive Environments

In our previous piece on Overland Communications, we touched on the many options available for contacting your off-road group or other members of civilized society. In this piece, I want to talk about how to maintain a reasonable level of Internet connectivity while you’re out in the middle of nowhere. There’s a good chance you own or have used some of the things we’re going to discuss today, but this will definitely be an introduction to some gear that has taken many many hours of research and testing. My typical format is also pretty unbiased, but this time I want to share with you my stories of pain and suffering that lead me to this point.

ITS Gizmo Lite Bag


Bogota® Pi Entry Toolset

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K-9 First Aid Kit




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ITS Gizmo Lite Bag
Bogota® Pi Entry Toolset
K-9 First Aid Kit
ITS Inspirational Prints

Simple Style: Help Support ITS with Our New Logo T-Shirts

The daily content we provide at ITS has and always will be free, but it’s with support like yours that we’re able to keep the gears turning. As a way to show your support, we’re proud to introduce our new ITS Logo T-Shirts, featuring the classic circular ITS Logo on the left front chest. Additionally this week, we’ve restocked the very popular OSS Tradecraft Toolset. Read on below for more information!

Combining Packs and Chest Rigs - Questions Over Coffee 14

Bryan tackles how to manage all the straps that come from packs, chest rigs and even armor this week on Questions Over Coffee.

In addition, he also provides some insight into the best implements for writing on maps.


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