Gear Tasting 23: Peltor Eye Pro, HSP INCOG and GORUCK vs. Mystery Ranch - ITS Tactical

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January 28, 2016Gear Tasting

Gear Tasting 23: Peltor Eye Pro, HSP INCOG and GORUCK vs. Mystery Ranch

Gear Tasting 23: Peltor Eye Pro, HSP INCOG and GORUCK vs. Mystery Ranch


In this episode, Bryan shares his insight into Peltor’s new eyewear and experience with Haley Strategic’s INCOG Holster. He also answers some Questions Over Coffee, including the difference between GORUCK and Mystery Ranch packs.

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Peltor Sport Eye Pro –
Sordin Ear Pro –
Haley Strategic INCOG Holster –
G-Code IWB Mag Carrier –
Avoca Coffee –
Frogg Toggs –
Arc’teryx LEAF Mattock Drysock LT –
Mystery Ranch –

In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  • Brushpopper

    How do you like that Avoca coffee?  I prefer something not to bitter, but strong and smooth, which one would you recommend?  I would like to spend my money on local proprietors, like myself, here in Texas, so I definitely want to give them a try!  Keep up the great work on the gear tasting, it has helped me when looking up and ordering gear!

    • Brushpopper It depends how well you do in public around Hipsters LOL! Joking aside, it’s good coffee and I’d definitely recommend it. They’re in Fort Worth and as of now I don’t think they’re set up with online ordering. There are quite a few places around Fort Worth though now that are serving their coffee. Thanks for the kind words on Gear Tasting, glad you’re enjoying it!

    • Brushpopper

      bryanpblack Brushpopper Yeah, I’ve not run into any Hipsters down this way! I guess I’d know them from their waxed mustaches and manicured beard growth and the flannel! Apparently grunge is making a come back??  hahaha  I will give them a try, looks like they’ve gotten set up for on line orders!  To far a drive for me for coffee!  Appreciate it bud!

    • S_O_L

      Brushpopper bryanpblack

      If ya are down closer to Houston check out Independence Coffee Co.  They got online ordering, you can get it in most Rattler’s convenience stores, and it’s on the shelf at most HEB’s.  If ya want a kick in the pants, try their “Jet Fuel”.

      That fueled my entire hunting season.

    • Brushpopper

      S_O_L Brushpopper bryanpblack I’m out in the brush country, to far from Houston as well. I appreciate the info, I will check them out as well.  I have an order in with Avoca for some Mogwi and the Geisha coffee, I’m anxious to try it.  bryanpblack do you run in through your regular “Mr. Coffee” or do you use a press?  I had a nice Bunn coffee maker, but it went out a couple of years ago, so I am down to my old 4 cup Mr Coffee and coffee press a friend gave me years ago.  Anyways looking forward to it!

  • Penguin


    Just curious how do you like that gear rack you’re using (behind you in every video) and who makes it? I’m looking for a more sturdy solution than I currently have with some cheaper thin wire racks.



  • Grover6

    How does the MR pack compare to their current offering the SATL ruck? I have always liked the SATL, but have never seen a review.

    • Grover6 I think the sizing is much larger on the SATL. Additionally the side pockets on the SATL aren’t dedicated water bottle pockets. The waist belt is also much lower profile on the pack in this video and the top lid is attached and non-removable like the SATL. I do like the addition of the center full-length zipper though for accessing the SATL interior and the extra interior pockets. The pack I have just has the main radio pocket inside. Compression straps are also different on the SATL and I prefer the version on the pack I have. Hope that helps!

  • xJMV

    I love 5.11 tact pants, the left cargo pocket is made exactly to hold 2 loaders.

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