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August 11, 2016Gear Tasting

Gear Tasting 51: Precision Rifle Build Stock and Choosing a Zero for Your AR

Gear Tasting 51: Precision Rifle Build Stock and Choosing a Zero for Your AR


Today on Gear Tasting, Bryan showcases the Grayboe stock he just received for his Precision Rifle build. He also answers a more lengthy Question Over Coffee on the differences in zeros for the AR platform.

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Grayboe Stocks –!stocks/cjg9
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In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  • WitchDoc

    36Y zero, confirm at 300, good to go.  I completely agree with fundamentals at closer distances.  Absolutely.  Some of the SWAT guys I work with zero at 10-15Y with the mindset that they aren’t operating at further than that, but what it?  What if you did have to take a longer shot for whatever reason.  I’ll stick to my 36/300 for that reason.  Put a little IPSC/IDPA target with the holds on your stock if you cannot remember.  K.I.S.S.

  • KenJones1

    Bo, you need to check your 100y trajectory.  It doesn’t make a lick of sense.  At typical sight-to-bore measurements and with typical .556 ammo at ~3200 fps, your bullet will still be rising out to a little over 100 yards.  Both 25 and 50 yards should be lower than the 100 yards.

    Yes, I went and checked with a calculator. So, unless I’m just really screwed up on ballistics…

    I like zeroing at 50 yards.  Closer and you’re never lower than about 1 5/8″, but your 3 MOA dot covers the theoretical perfect bullet strike all the way out to 260 yards or so.  No need for any hold over out to that distance.  Further than that and you need magnification because let’s face it unless we’re in country and don’t care who we’re shooting at you definitely need to identify you’re target.

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