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September 2, 2015Gear Tasting

Gear Tasting Episode 05: FJ Cruiser Mods, Body Armor and Stand-Up Desks

Gear Tasting Episode 05: FJ Cruiser Mods, Body Armor and Stand-Up Desks


In this episode, Bryan answers some questions over coffee, including a few about his FJ Cruiser. He also walks through details on what to look for when purchasing body armor, what flashlights he uses when camping and which stand-up desks we use at ITS HQ.

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In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  • Those with tight budgets who need a standing desk might look into widely available craft/drawing/drafting tables. Most will elevate high enough to use standing. New, they run from about $120 up, but thrift stores often sell them for under $20. I found mine for $15 at Goodwill.

  • tex_blain

    Thanks for the response on armor, appreciate it! Don’t know how I missed the write ups on here. I definitely agree that you get what you pay for. I was thinking about ceramic first but being that it would only be for shtf situations it was hard to justify the cost. After quite a bit of research ar500dotcom’s plates with the Paxcon (line x) build up coating seems to address the spalling and fragmentation pretty well so I’m probably going to end up with those. Thanks again to you and Gary MF’n hughes!

  • jadedtreebeard

    First, love that shirt.  Four Roses is one of my favorites.

    I didn’t personally use them, but I’ll second the Varidesk.  We had a couple of people at a client site use them, and they loved them.  As I recall, they even seemed to be able to fairly comfortable for someone as tall as me.  What I have done in the past though to be cheap is used a couple of $10 end tables bound together from IKEA, and currently, I’m using a Craftsman work bench.  It’s a little short, so I need to build something to elevate it a bit more, but it does otherwise work well.  I do like InklingBooks idea too.  Those types of tables work well.

    Many thanks for these videos!  They are great to see!


  • Christopher Davidson

    What type of watch are you wearing?

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