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November 17, 2016Gear Tasting

Keychain Management and Snacks for Adventure – Gear Tasting 65

Keychain Management and Snacks for Adventure – Gear Tasting 65

On this episode, Bryan discusses several key management systems he’s tried over the years and what solution worked best for him. He also highlights some great new snacks included in our box from The Feed!

In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  • jadedtreebeard

    Good episode.  I started out with KeySmart back in the original Kickstarter.  v2 was a lot better, but I found I ultimately ended up switching to Key-bar.  It’s a little bulkier, but like you, I had issues with having to re-tighten the screws constantly.  Plus, the way some of my keys stuck out, and what the Key-bar I bought came bundled with, it just works better.  The other thing, haven’t had to dremel any of my keys to get them to fit with the Key-bar.
    Funny how keys, which don’t seem like a big deal, really can be.. I love how much quieter and more organized it’s become.

    • jadedtreebeard Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. The new KeySmart has a smaller bar so no key drilling is necessary to enlarge the opening. I’ve definitely been there and had to do that for a few different iterations of the management systems I’ve been through.
      Key-Bar is definitely a great concept and incredibly popular with the tactical crowd, I’d just love to see it reduced in size a bit to cut down on some of the bulk. I’ve also wanted to try Keyport, but after configuring everything online, the cost of entry has just been too high for me to pull the trigger on one.
      I agree about keys not seeming like a big deal, but once you start down the path to Key Nirvana, there’s no going back to a standard key ring again LOL!

    • jadedtreebeard

      bryanpblack jadedtreebeard Yeah, there were definitely a few things that concerned me about the Keyport.  Love the idea behind it, but haven’t convinced myself to give it a go.  Even seeing that you can apparently cover the key with tape, still not there yet.

      Key Nirvana..  A truly lofty goal, but I see progress being made for sure! 🙂

  • JollyRogers

    Hey Bryan,

    Have you checked out Keyport?
    I haven’t used it but have been keeping an eye on it, it seems to really have the potential to combine a lot of tools (usb, bottle opener, etc) into a small package.

    • JollyRogers I have, but each time I go to configure one I hit a stopping block at either the overall price, or the fact I have to take a photo of my keys and upload it to their secure server. Maybe one day I’ll pull the trigger on one.

    • JollyRogers

      bryanpblack I’m with you on the price based on the options I last selected.  As far as the security side of things go, it seems you can cover your key’s cuts before sending the pictures in.  I’ve never pulled the trigger as I still need the buttons on my Jeeps key for lock/unlock/remote start, and because it’s a fob and key are one unit there’s really no way to elegantly integrate it into the keyport.

    • JollyRogers I never got as far as finding out that you could cover the key cuts, that’s reassuring. I’m in the same boat as wanting to keep my remote key, having the Keyport wouldn’t be much better than having a KeySmart with the actual keys, because I’d still have my fob key hanging off it. It would increase the footprint of the remaining keys considerably at that point.

  • sacag

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