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Big News from A-TACS in Our Ustream Interview

By Bryan Black

In case you missed last night’s exclusive Ustream Interview with Steve and Philip of Digital Concealment Systems (A-TACS), I’ve embedded the recorded interview video below and will briefly touch on some awesome news unveiled in the broadcast.

It was great to be able to talk with a company the way we were able to with DCS, and represents a transparency not commonly seen in the tactical industry. We all felt the interview went very well and will continue to bring the community many more great interviews.

Big News

Here’s a few things that Steve and Philip announced last night that they are working on:

  • Currently developing a snow version of A-TACS
  • A green version of A-TACS should be unveiled at the SHOT Show in January, 2011
  • Working with Danner to complement their total concealment with a 1000d all-over camo boot
  • Boot will have a mottled color sole to blend in and a prototype should be out in the next few weeks
  • Steve mentioned that while interviewing snipers, they mentioned boot soles were something easily identified with optics
  • Mottled colored sole was originally tried in a hunting boot, but was not adopted by that community
  • A-TACS apparel will be available to everyone through EOTAC and will be available soon
  • Steve mentioned that the next fabric they’re testing the A-TACS pattern on is Nomex
  • A-TACS concept is creating patterns of organic pixels, and rather than create geographically specific patterns, they’re trying to address environment specifics (ex. arid, temperate)
  • A-TACS had the chance to be pattern in big summer movie (they can’t say which one), but the movie was looking for products to put on actors. They don’t know if they’ll have a bit part in it yet, but they’ll know more soon.


We’d like to say thank you to everyone that tuned in live, your comments were awesome and we can’t wait to continue the live interview series on ITS Tactical.  We appreciate the time that DCS took after-hours to be our first guinea pigs with our interviews, and again it was great to get an insight into their developments.

Let us know what you thought of the interview in the comments, what companies or individuals would you like to see interviewed in the future?

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  • Big summer movie eh? I'm thinking maybe A-TEAM? I suppose I could always pester Steve until he tells me lol.

    I missed the live stream, but watched the saved version last night, lots of cool information revealed! For some reason, we Canadians always seem averse to the idea of camouflaged boots (the CF even nixed CADPAT boots that were developed in favour of the old shiny black staple), but I would be quite tempted to pick up a pair of A-TACS boots if they were available.

    I'm not sure how much you know about them, but Centurio/Fight with Light seem like an interesting prospect for an interview ( or…). They have some cool gadgetry, but part of me can't help but think that it would be… ineffective, and I'd like to know where they're coming from.

  • Eric

    This is awesome, I'd love to pick up a nice vest in A-TACS! Thanks for the updates!

  • J H Booth

    Looks as if A-TACs has a lot of great stuff on the way. I was wondering though why there is such a long lead time between introduction of an item at a trade show, such as SHOT 2010, and the final availability of the product in the retail Market Place?

    In your next interviews, could you ask your guests from the industry what they view are the intrinsic issues with the manufacturing base in the United States that create such a backlog for these products in coming to market. I mean SHOT was almost six months ago, and you can still not purchase an A-TACs uniform from EOTAC. When you contact their retailers, they indicate that they have no idea when these products will be coming to their showrooms. It is sort of like waving Christmas in front of kids, then telling them to wait until the 4th of July, only then there is still no present.

    I am sure A-TACs or EOTAC is not solely to blame, but there must be sectors within the manufacturing business (legal, marketing, licensing, logistic, transportation, assembly, etc…) that they deal with that need process improvement to more efficiently bring these items to the consumer. I would, for my own education, like to know where and what your guests think these inefficiencies are, and if they have any thoughts on improving the process of bringing a products to market more expeditiously.

  • All excellent questions J. I'd suspect some of it is just trying to get something out for the world to see at the biggest trade show in the industry too. Product development is no easy thing, as we've seen first hand with just the small time things we've made.

    Especially when you have someone like me that's called “picky” be some companies LOL, and that's just putting it nicely. I'm super anal when it comes to things being perfect before releasing to the public.

    We can definitely field those questions future guests we interview. In the meantime, Steve mentioned in the interview that he'd be happy to answer anyone's questions. Shoot him an email, and I'll be you get a response 🙂

    Thanks for the comment,


    Thank you for your excellent and well thought reply. As someone who has been accused of being “anal” I can concur with your desire to strive for perfection. But you as a business person must come up against many obstacles that are needlessly put in your path. By this, I mean government regulations, litigation issues, and lack of capital. What about the decline of manufacturing as a whole industry in the USA? I imagine, even with high unemployment, that is hard to find educated employees with your sense of dedication and perfection. ( I work for the government and you would not believe the bottom of the barrel that we scrape to find employees). This being a political season, I was hoping to find out what business people like you and others think needs to be done to change the whole manufacturing climate in the USA.

  • J, as a business owner both with ITS and my Web design business, my involvement with manufacturing as a whole is through sub-contractors. I don't necessarily have ties with the manufacturing climate directly, but I do see a trickle down effect with higher prices and more businesses we deal with tapped on resources (less people doing more work). Shoot me an email and I'd be glad to discuss it with you in more detail.

    Thanks for the comment,

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