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Big News from A-TACS in Our Ustream Interview

By Bryan Black

In case you missed last night’s exclusive Ustream Interview with Steve and Philip of Digital Concealment Systems (A-TACS), I’ve embedded the recorded interview video below and will briefly touch on some awesome news unveiled in the broadcast.

It was great to be able to talk with a company the way we were able to with DCS, and represents a transparency not commonly seen in the tactical industry. We all felt the interview went very well and will continue to bring the community many more great interviews.

Big News

Here’s a few things that Steve and Philip announced last night that they are working on:

  • Currently developing a snow version of A-TACS
  • A green version of A-TACS should be unveiled at the SHOT Show in January, 2011
  • Working with Danner to complement their total concealment with a 1000d all-over camo boot
  • Boot will have a mottled color sole to blend in and a prototype should be out in the next few weeks
  • Steve mentioned that while interviewing snipers, they mentioned boot soles were something easily identified with optics
  • Mottled colored sole was originally tried in a hunting boot, but was not adopted by that community
  • A-TACS apparel will be available to everyone through EOTAC and will be available soon
  • Steve mentioned that the next fabric they’re testing the A-TACS pattern on is Nomex
  • A-TACS concept is creating patterns of organic pixels, and rather than create geographically specific patterns, they’re trying to address environment specifics (ex. arid, temperate)
  • A-TACS had the chance to be pattern in big summer movie (they can’t say which one), but the movie was looking for products to put on actors. They don’t know if they’ll have a bit part in it yet, but they’ll know more soon.


We’d like to say thank you to everyone that tuned in live, your comments were awesome and we can’t wait to continue the live interview series on ITS Tactical.  We appreciate the time that DCS took after-hours to be our first guinea pigs with our interviews, and again it was great to get an insight into their developments.

Let us know what you thought of the interview in the comments, what companies or individuals would you like to see interviewed in the future?

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