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Do You Want to Be Challenged? Win a Free GORUCK Challenge at ITS Tactical!

By Bryan Black

Both Mike and I have completed a GORUCK Challenge and I feel that I speak for both of us, when I say it was a fantastic experience that we’d recommend to anyone willing to challenge themselves.

Personally I feel like the GORUCK Challenge is truly an adventure that will introduce you to yourself. By that, I mean that if you’ve never been through a true challenge that tested you both mentally and physically, how can you truly know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses? My answer to that, short of enlisting in the Military and volunteering for Special Forces or Special Operations, is to give GORUCK a shot.

I feel the experience you’ll gain through GORUCK is fundamentally better than any Mud Run type race around and GORUCK is certainly well beyond that level to begin with. I’d invite you to read through the  after action report from my GORUCK Challenge, as well as Mike’s write-up that finally convinced me to try it out. They offer two entirely different perspectives to GORUCK, mine from a Military background and Mike’s from a civilian background.

Today is about giving you a chance to participate in a GORUCK Challenge for free! We’ve teamed up with GORUCK to offer you a spot and all that we want you to do is leave a comment with at least 50 words, describing why you’d like to attend a Challenge. We’ll select what we feel is the most compelling comment and the winner will get to choose the destination where they’d like to attend a GORUCK Challenge for free!

While I urge you to read through the AAR’s above, the Challenge is  about fire in the gut, mental toughness and  functional strength! This is for everyone regardless of age or gender, I just want to make that clear.

All entries must be received by Sunday, October 7th at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. We’ll choose the best entry soon after and post up with the winner! A huge thanks to GORUCK for their help in making this contest happen and for their continued support!

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