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ITS 1st Anniversary Party Details

By Bryan Black

We’ve finalized the details for the 1st Anniversary ITS Tactical Party and we’ll be bumping our original date to July 17th, to give everyone more time to plan.

What we’ve planned is a tailgate at the July 17th home game for the Fort Worth Cats Baseball Team. We’re planning on cooking out in the stadium parking lot starting at 1300, then moving inside for the 17:05 game where we have reserved box tickets.

After the game we’ll be in close proximity to Downtown Fort Worth if anyone wants to stick around and continue the festivities.

Food (and cake) will be provided and we’ll be grilling some burgers and dogs pre-game. A reserved box ticket (behind home plate) will also be provided for free to the first 20-25 people. We’re going to need a count soon, so throw up a comment if you’ll be coming out. The seats will all be together, and there’s space to get more if we need them.

If anyone would be willing to volunteer to bring anything, post it up in the comments. We should be bringing two folding tables, two EZ-up canopies, a grill and food. We’ll bring out some lockpicking stuff, rope for knot tying and some other things to keep us busy before the game. We’re also going to try and get an ITS Banner made so there will be no mistaking where our tailgating is located at when you show up.

Of course we’ll be having some beers too, so bring a cooler and some great conversation! Hope to see you there!
(and yes, you’ll get to see those awesome candles in person too!)

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  • bern

    sounds awesome!! wish i could go 🙁

  • Graham Monteith

    Man I wish I live near Texas. I live in Greenville, SC. But if it wasn’t for the distance I would be there. Hope the weather stays sunny and clear for you guys! Have fun.

    • Appreciate the kind words Graham, hope so too 🙂

  • Sierra1

    That sounds like a GREAT time, Bryan. I think you need to to a traveling tailgate party. Maybe do one at a ballpark in each state.

    Yeah….that sounds reasonable! Lol..

    Have fun, guys and Happy 1st to ITS!!


    • LOL! Yes, very reasonable… We’ll be sure to get a bearded lady and a few elephants to make it a true traveling circus!

      Thanks for the wishes!

  • Mark

    How about posting a vid of the party highlights?

  • Melissa (oddharmonic)

    RSVPing regrets, I’ll be out of town that weekend.

    Let me know (via e-mail) if you want help with the banner — I have a couple of contacts in print/sign shops through my volunteer work and if you’d like a throw-size quilt for a giveaway two months is more than enough time for me to make one with the ITS logo.

    • Might just inquire about your contacts, thanks for the offer!

  • Raymond

    Sounds like a plan. Count me in.

  • If it’s ok to be under 21 count me in.

    • Sure thing Juan, but we’re not buying you beer! LOL


    I should be able to make it.

  • Wish I could make it 🙂 Hope you have the best blog birthday ever.

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