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ITS Tactical Challenge Coins are Here!!

By The ITS Crew

We’re extremely proud to offer our first ITS Challenge Coin! This double-sided 2″ diameter solid-brass challenge coin is matte-nickel plated for a silver finish that will allow you to carry tactical awesomeness on you at all times!

The front side features a 3d raised ITS skull in the middle of our shield logo, surrounded on a black band by the words ITS Tactical and Imminent Threat Solutions in our logo fonts.

On the back you’ll find our popular ITS Uncle Sam in bright and bold red, white & blue. The same black band as the coin front features our Website, two stars and the word which we feel best sums up our purpose, to help you PREVAIL!

Check it out in our store for more photos and details. Thank you to everyone for making this possible with your support!

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  • jelly

    How limited are these? I want to order right now but I’d prefer waiting until the new t-shirts arrive so I can order everything in one go – intl. shipping sucks.

    Basically do you think they’ll last until the t-shirts arrive and/or will there be more?

    • Jelly,

      These are fairly limited depending on how demand goes. We don’t have an unlimited number, that’s for sure. You’re still looking at about a month for shirts. We’ve just made some changes to International shipping and added a Small Flat Rate Box price that should save you a considerable amount. The USPS International real-time calculation system we use is severely flawed.

      Thanks for your support!

  • Coin looks great!

  • Justin

    Huzzah..Challenge coin and ITS sticker on the way. ITS should look in to an ITS under armor loose gear shirt. I know they aren’t kosher for down range..but…I still love them.

    • I actually really like those shirts too Justin. I have a Mike McGreevy Memorial Scholarship UA Shirt that I love. We’ll definitely take your suggestion into consideration.


  • Bryan great looking coin, very sick!!

    • Thanks brother! One would look great in your cruiser LOL!

  • Daniel Garcia

    Now these are out standing! Please don’t make them to limited… I could see buy two to imbed in pistol or knife grips, trying to bowl one out in shape so it can double as the holder for the spindle of a Bow Drill for fire making (placing the mod coin on your knife handle to always have a spindle holder). Just have a blast and looking good doing it.

    • Thanks for the feedback Daniel! Interesting ideas you have there, never thought to use a challenge coin as a spindle but there’s always a first for everything 🙂

  • randypb

    These look awesome! Classy design. Really like the raised skull on the front – nice touch.


    • Thanks for the feedback and support Randy!

  • Just ordered mine!

  • Nice. Really dig the logo one. Clean and mean 🙂

  • rkuntz

    I’ve never purchased a challenge coin before — have been given three, and always subscribed to the view they couldn’t be bought but had to be given.

    I’ll be making an exception for this one, because it is just so darn nifty.

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