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ITS Tactical Readers Get 30% off Revision Eyewear through Monday

By The ITS Crew

Revision Eyewear has created a special discount code just for ITS Tactical Readers to use between today and Monday!

Simply use the discount code ITSSPEC to save 30% off MSRP for up to five items!

While you’re over at Revision, be sure to check out the details on their re-engineered Sawfly’s!   Available starting December 1st, the new Sawfly features comms compatible arms, new retention system, extended lenses, comfort nosepiece and redesigned frame!

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  • Daniel Garcia

    Dude! I wish you posted this yesterday.
    I just bought some MIL SPEC MONKEY gear including their pin-up calendar. Could use the glasses more.

  • Jwhite

    I recently purchased some wiley X’ (SG1VCut) and they fog up so bad I had to call their customer service, and that was frankly a waste of time. I ordered a nose piece, but i dont think thats going to help with anything. Kinda bummed out because I was in a hurry to buy them for a shoot I was going to. I’ve been using similar ‘eyes’ at the rane (rentals) but those are all scratched up. Happy to a regular visitor around here. I needed something like this. Thanks for working out a deal for us! 🙂 Take care.

  • Andrew

    Man, every time I go to their website, I’m so happy that the CF gets Revision Eyewear issued to us.

  • john galt

    solid, needed some new eyewear really badly. I was going to by the sawflys anyways. Couldn’t have worked out any better.

  • Robert

    Too bad the new design isn’t available for purchase before the coupon expires. I’d pick up a pair of them and the wolfspider.

  • Zach Bickers

    Any suggestions on shooting glasses that slip over prescription glasses?

    I’m running right at $500 a pair of glasses, with only $100 to $150 of that being frames, astigmatism is a bitch.

    I’d really love some shooting glasses that fit over my existing, very necessary glasses.

    I’d love two pairs, one tinted for bright days, one clear for over caste/night. I’m not looking for throw away glasses here.

    Any suggestions?

  • Steve

    I tried the discount code at with the glasses company and it is no longer valid? SH

  • Justin W

    AWESOME! Got mine week or so ago. I Love them! I went with the SawFly. I love them. Much more confortable than my WileyX’s. GOOD LOOKING OUT ITS!

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