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Join ITS This Memorial Day and Help Carry the Load

By The ITS Crew

Carry the Load 2014

ITS has assembled a Carry the Load team for the fourth year in a row and we need your support! We’d love to have you walking with our team on Sunday May 24th in Dallas, but even if you’re not local, you can still help us spread the word.

Carry the Load is a 20 hour, 15 minute event that has participants walking or running as long or as little as they can in the 20-hour period. Like the service members they honor, participants carry more than they have to, longer than they think they can. Carry The Load extends remembrance of our fallen from America’s Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Rescue Personnel. The purpose is to not only remember but honor and celebrate our nation’s heroes.

While you can donate to our team here directly, we’d also like you on our ITS Tactical Joint Task Force Team if you’re local to the Dallas/Fort Worth area (or even if you want to make the drive.) The event is free and everyone is invited, regardless of fitness level or ability. It’s also not required that you have a weighted ruck or backpack, yet everyone is encouraged to carry something physical to make the emotional connection.

Carry The Load Morale Patch

Join the ITS Team

Head over to the ITS Tactical Join Task Force Team page and join up!

  • Sunday, May 24th – Monday, 25th
  • Reverchon Park, Dallas

Opening ceremonies for Carry The Load begin at 3:30 pm on Sunday, May 24th and the walk begins at 4 pm. The walk will conclude at 12:15 pm on Monday, May 25th and is followed by closing ceremonies at 12:30 pm.

We’ll also be handing out the ITS Carry The Load patches shown above to all those that can make it out to the event, so be sure to meet up with our ITS Team! Details of where our team will meet up will be sent to you prior to the event by our team captain, Tommy Whitmore, so keep an eye out for correspondence from him later this week if you’re registered.

Get Prepared

We hope to see you there and your support is very much appreciated! Here are some articles to help get you prepped for the event:

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  • Josh Towles

    You can’t BBQ, party, have the day off and remember those that have fallen?

  • Sean Kocourek

    You can (and I do), but I think they were more talking about people who do the party/bbq thing without thinking about what the day is about.

  • Josh Towles

    Yeah but you can’t expect everyone to think about what the day means.

  • Frances Arias


  • Jerry Merseal

    If your not thinking of what the day means then why would someone celebrate it? That’s like saying “I know it’s Christmas but I’m going to dress up and go trick or treating”!

  • Jerry Merseal

    My flag will fly as it always is and if I was there I would gladly walk side by side with you all!

  • Jp Roth

    Already doing a ruck with some people in my city. Visiting memorials along the way.

  • Heath Sprinks


  • Todd Tardugno

    Thank you for posting this. Too many Americans-especially this new “over entitled breed” see it as a vacation or excuse to get stupid— not knowing exactly what the MEMORIAL part is all about. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Sean Yunt

    I’m taking boy scouts to our local national cemetery to place flags on graves..

  • Sean Yunt

    …and after that I will grill and drink beer. Enjoying the hard won freedom seems appropriate – no?

  • Raz Shafer

    I’m looking forward to it!

  • Tom Beauchamp

    Tom Watson Alex Guerrero Konner Baker you could do this maybe? #idkanythingabouttexas #geographyproblems

  • Konner Baker

    Maybe, it’s in Dallas

  • Tom Beauchamp

    yeah idk where that is

  • Konner Baker


  • Alex Guerrero

    4 hours north of him, 3 hours east of me 😛

  • Tom Beauchamp

    Dangggg.. nvm

  • Good luck guys! Doing it here in Sahuarita ( on Memorial Day as well.

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