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Suicide King Morale Patch and Blauer Tactical Systems Mental Edge CDs Released Today

By The ITS Crew

New Products Launching

We’re kicking off the weekend early by adding a couple of awesome products to the ITS Shop. The ITS Suicide King Morale Patch and Blauer Tactical Systems Mental Edge Audio CD Package are new to the store and ready to ship today!

ITS Suicide King Morale Patch

ITS Suicide King Morale Patch

While deciding on what we’d do for our annual Shot Show Poker Chip in 2014, we decided to go with something that hadn’t been done yet, a Casino Plaque. In the gambling world, plaques are rectangular shaped and used for high stakes tables and denominations. For these, Matt came up with fantastic variations of ITS playing cards and we went with the Suicide King design for the plaques. Each deck of cards has one Suicide King, or the King of Hearts, which appears to have a sword through his head.

We had an overwhelming response to the Casino Plaques and wanted to create a detailed PVC patch to go along with the plaques. We’re excited to offer this here for everyone in a quality made PVC patch that measures 3.5” tall x 2.5” wide. Each patch features raised elements and hook velcro on the back to stick them wherever you’d like.

For a limited time, each ITS Suicide King Morale Patch purchased will include one of the ITS Casino Plaques that we passed out during the 2014 SHOT Show. Suffice to say that if you’re reading this description, you’ll receive one of the Casino Plaques. They are limited, but this description will get updated when we’re nearing the last of our stock.

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Blauer Tactical Systems Mental Edge Audio CD Package

Blauer Tactical Mental Edge

After I attended a joint course in late 2013 with Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts and Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems, I dove into Tony’s philosophy behind his SPEAR™ System and the mental side of what made this system so effective.

In speaking with Tony and learning more on the mindset side of the training, I discovered the Blauer Tactical Systems Mental Edge Audio CDs that are an amazing example of many of the topics we cover on ITS in terms of fear management, situational awareness, deescalation and trusting your intuition. Developing the mindset for survival is an often neglected side of training and these audio CDs are a must listen.

Not only do they have information on the aforementioned concepts, but even have drills that can be practiced.

Bryan Black, Editor-in-Chief

This 4-Disc Mental Edge Audio CD Package Includes:

Cerebral Self-Defense: The Mental Edge (2 Audio CDs) – Fear Management, Awareness Tips, Mindset, Verbal Deescalation, Personal Fear Management, Developing Your Intuition, Drills and More

Meta-Cognition – Decreasing Reaction Time, Mental Blue Prints, Increasing Perception Speed and More

Performance Enhancement Psychology – Psychology of Fear, How to Maximize Every Challenge and the Revolutionary Cycle of Behavior Model

Click here to get your Blauer Tactical Systems Mental Edge Audio CD Package Today!

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  • panch0villa

    This patch is a beautiful add to my collection.  Keep up the great work.

  • panch0villa

    @therealdeal comin on strong with the hatred?  Ah well some people just live to bitch.

    • panch0villa Some people just don’t know how to do anything creative on their own so they try to tear down everyone else. Quite pathetic, actually. Thanks for your continued support brother!

    • panch0villa

      bryanpblack panch0villa  Always.  Not sure if my reply got on here so if this is a dup chalk it up to operator error.  Thanks for creating this  community and information source.

    • panch0villa I’m honored you feel that way and that’s what makes it all worth it. Thanks again!

  • templar 6

    Very cool patch! I have that set of CDs, highly recommend. I have trained with Tony several times and he amazing!

  • MatthewBenedict

    I just found this match and love it but it does not appear to be available. Will it be restocked or was it only a limited run?

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