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Watch Out Says That Bird! Honey Badger Morale Patch In Stock!

By The ITS Crew

Hopefully you’re familiar with the internet phenomenon that is the Honey Badger and why we’d choose to commemorate its awesomeness with a new morale patch.

Not only has the video below garnered millions of YouTube views and laughs, but has also highlighted one of the toughest animals on the planet!

These new 100% embroidered patches measure roughly 3″ wide x 4″ tall and feature a velcro backing to stick them wherever you’d like! The velcro can also be removed with a seam ripper if you’d like to sew them on. Get yours here!

Warning: The following video is not safe for work and has some language you wouldn’t want your kids to hear either…

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  • Kevin Zuniga

    By far and wide the greatest thing you’ve done with your lives.

  • I love that guys! Awesome job! Honey badger don’t care!

  • NotYours

    Great patch! This is going to go over well here in Afghan. Why? Cause no one gives a sh…

  • Michael Honeycutt

    I dig it! My first major operation in the Army. I know a lot of old aviators (some Nightstalker types) that would have loved to have this back in 1980

    A new organization, the Joint Test Directorate, was established to assist and support the Office of Secretary of Defense Directorate (OSD) joint planning staff. Under the program name Honey Badger, the JTD conducted a series of large-scale joint-force exercises and projects to develop and validate a variety of capabilities that would be available to OSD when mission requirements were identified. JTD trained a large and diverse force of United States Army and United States Air Force special operations, Ranger, and aviation units, but the critical factor remained extracting the rescue force and freed hostages from Tehran. The Credible Sport project, a joint undertaking of the USAF, U.S. Navy, and Lockheed-Georgia, was created within Honey Badger to develop a reliable extraction capability. Credible Sport was tasked to create a large “Super STOL” fixed-wing aircraft to extract the rescue team and hostages and overcome the “weak link” in the previous plan, the heavy lift helicopter.[2]

  • Kevin

    Got my patches yesterday…they look great!
    Listened to the full youtube video…cracked me up!
    If you guys keep this up (hint..), I’m going to have to build a wall board to mount the patches on.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Wilson

    Kicking myself for not buying one of these earlier. Now they are out of stock :(. Please let me know when you have more I will order a few.

  • Adam Wegner

    Stanley the Honey Badger from Action Figure Therapy would be proud to know that someone filmed him hunting. These patches are freaking awesome. If only these had been around when I was in, I would have rocked this bad boy with pride!

    Sgt. Wegner
    USMC/ OIF Vet

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