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14 Years Ago: Never Forget the Attacks of September 11th

By The ITS Crew

9/11 Memorial Graphic

Fourteen years ago, the United States experienced one of the worst domestic attacks in its history. Nearly everyone old enough to remember can tell you exactly what they were doing when they learned about the events unfolding in New York, Washington, D.C. and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

In the months that followed, an overwhelming sense of national unity could be felt no matter where you went. American Flags flew proudly, flag stickers were affixed to car windows and good old fashioned American spirit seemed to exude from every person you spoke with.


Bringing back that national unity and remembrance is what today, fourteen years later, is still about. We remember the 2,977 people that lost their lives on September 11th, 2001 and in the years following from complications incurred as a result of the attacks. We remember the 343 New York Firefighters and 60 New York Police Officers that were amongst those lost, as well as all the brave rescue workers in the days following that responded to help pick up the pieces.

Remember today and never forget.

9/11 Memorial PVC Morale Patch


In honor of those who perished as a result of the attacks on September 11th, 2001, we’ve created the 9/11 Memorial PVC Morale Patch as a badge of remembrance. This patch measures 2″ tall by 1 5/8″ wide and features a hook velcro backing.

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  • JimHumbert
  • bullitt4686

    “https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/adlaisteve178965.html?src=t_patriotism” — https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/a/adlai_stevenson.html

  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    Never heard about the Shanksville field in the local headlines (WKAQ-TV) that day.
    Years later, on a documentary like that:
    -Both transoceanic flights about to collide with each other being in the same altitude and parallel headings. One just lowered 500 feet less.
    -Both flights about to merge in a collision point on the radars. One got ordered to land in the nearest airstrip available, thus saving those fragile lives.
    -A Korean Air flight in Alaska was critically low on fuel, and the nearest strip they found wasn’t this long for a 747. In those remaining minutes, they found one large enough but damn too narrow. They landed on it instead.

  • Dena Mason

    Even though I wasn’t right there, and I didn’t know anyone personally who has died, I will never forget. It wasn’t just random people under atack. It was my country. The same country my dad served in the army and your grandad served in the Navy for. This effects us everyday. When we fly or take loved ones to the airport, we can no longer say goodbye at the gates. That day took something from this country that we will never get back. Our freedom is being stripped away, daily. The people who lost their lives or lost loved ones or survived being there, will never be forgotten by true americans who understand, all to well, how it affected us all.

  • John Orcutt

    I think it’s worth asking the question whether ‘National Unity’ is always this… Laudable, enviable state, if the Nation then makes bad decisions together, while in this galvanized, polarized state. The defining character of our national identity, compared with European and Asian cultures, is the place of honor we hold for questioning what we’re told to do, what we’re asked to believe, what we’re asked to tolerate. National Unity, for the purposes of remembrance and respect for the fallen, is a fine thing. But in the wake of 9/11, we also had National Unity in a polarizing political context. “With us or against us”, was a term very high ranking offices actually used, not just in reference to the American people but in reference to allies. It became nigh impossible, either politically or just practically, to stand in the way of the narrative and the motives of those who are usually standing by to abuse and pervert a thing like national unity. And they are always waiting for their opportunity. Government will always attract a singular-minded, well-meaning despotic personality. In the wake of these tragedies the most important thing we can remember is that when the national fear has subsided, we have to reclaim the courage to ask questions, to disagree – or we risk losing all that so many have fought and died for.

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