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Are You Having a Tactical Father’s Day?

By The ITS Crew

Hopefully all you Dad’s out there are getting some much deserved rest this Father’s Day.

What we’d like to know here at ITS is if you gave or received any Tacti-cool Father’s Day gifts?

While the holiday is more about thanking Dad for keeping your ass out of trouble all these years, gifts definitely make it easier for Dad to deal with your screwed up life!

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  • Shaken

    I bought my Dad an Eagle M4 LE chest harness for an upcoming tactical rifle course!

  • Brock

    Not really tactical at all but I got some new running shoes.

  • Graham Monteith

    I bought my dad a claymore trailer hitch cover 🙂 It will go great with his gadsden bumper sticker and his “how’s your hopey changey thing working out?” bumper sticker.

  • I bought my Dad the Side and Bottom rail kit and foregrip for his Cx4 9mm. This carbine is great for him because it’s simple, accurate, and is rounded and pudgy like little kids toys. His right hand was mangled about 15 years ago so the only manipulation he can pull off with it is pinching his thumb, which is fine, against the index stub. He also has to be careful, which he isn’t, not to smack his pinky stub (held on by two screws, should’ve just removed it), or he goes fetal with pain. He is a vet, and disabled, just not the one because of the other.

    Having a foregrip really aids in firing and controlling the weapon. He is able to hook his wrist around it and pull it to the rear but the problem comes with reloads or any other manipulation. It all has to be done with his firing hand. I was looking at the MagPul AFG to see if he could hook his thumb through that hole, but the Cx4 doesn’t provide enough rail space.

    Anything out there you guys can think of that would work better. I google-fu’d all day yesterday looking for something better.

  • rockik

    I got a really cool bugout gear backpack and ammo from my girls, what more could a dad want?

  • Jeff Watterson

    My awesome wife (and 4yr old and 1yr old daughters) bought me an Uplula handgun mag loader! That is way tacti-cool!! You gotta love a women who buys you gun stuff!

  • Cory

    I got my Dad the MTM shooting range box. Definitely a good fit. Not the most tactical gift but he is already wondering how he managed without it and I love mine.

  • Will Comptis

    Got my old man a kick ass folding knife with self assist.

  • Sundevil98

    YES!!! Got 1,000 ft. of black 550 paracord, 1,000 ft. of blue 550, and 300 ft. of OD Green 550, plus a Kelty 3100 backpack to use as a day hiker or BOB! The only thing that would have been better would have been fire power. 🙂

  • Reddog245

    I installed a new horn set in my wife’s Hyundai Touring. Kind of Anti-Tactical in a way, as it lets the suburbans with the AC and the beats going know we are there. Plus, it makes her happy because she feels safer, and it makes me happy because our car no longer sounds like a punk-ass bitch. Bottom line: Happy wife, loud noises, and turning wrenches in the driveway on a Sunday afternoon. The American dream, baby!

    • dieselhead

      you wouldn’t happen to have instructions on how to replace the touring’s horn would you? I can’t stand how wimpy mine sounds!

  • Well being in Afghan its hard to do Tactical.. I ordered Dad a 1904 Jack Daniels Gold Series limited edition bottle of Jack. He should get it soon.

  • Genzeka

    From your lips to God’s ears. They ask me what I want. I tell them tactical gear. I get a DVD.

  • Ratfink

    My wife and kids bought me a Larue front grip for my rifle and 500rds of 223 im happy as all get out

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