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Remembering Navy SEAL Marc Lee and our Contribution to America’s Mighty Warriors

By Bryan Black

Each year since I started ITS Tactical I’ve written an article on August 2nd to honor the memory of Marc Lee, whom I had the honor of serving with in the Navy while I was at BUD/s.

This year we were able to pull the collective efforts of our community here at ITS Tactical to do something for America’s Mighty Warriors when the opportunity presented itself. Shortly after Bin Laden’s demise we released the 5.1.11 Prevail Patch with proceeds benefiting Debbie Lee’s charity and supporting Marc’s teammates responsible for the justice served.

Debbie is not only Marc’s mother, a Gold Star Mom and tireless supporter of our Military, but travels constantly spreading the message of honor, courage and something greater than ourselves. Marc gave up his tomorrows so that we can have our todays and that’s something I’ll never forget. That’s why I’m proud to announce the donation that all of you that purchased a patch have been able to contribute to!

Contribution to America’s Mighty Warriors

After calculating all the 5.1.11 Prevail Patch sales we’ve had at ITS Tactical, we were able to raise $3,088.50 that we’re sending off today so that Debbie can continue her mission to help our military and the families of those that have fallen.

Debbie Lee’s Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity, America’s Mighty Warriors, was started with Debbie’s inspiration through Marc’s last letter home, the Glory Letter. In it, Marc challenged the world to commit random acts of kindness and hoped for a brighter future for this country.

5.1.11 Prevail Morale PatchDebbie has undertaken that goal with a passion for giving back to those in our military who desperately need it.

Even if you weren’t able to purchase a patch, or had your reasons not to, please help us spread the word about America’s Mighty Warriors and thank you for all your help in contributing to such a worthy organization!

Please always keep Marc and others who have given their lives selflessly for our country in your thoughts.

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  • Bill

    Hope you don’t mind, I passed this along to I was an AO2 as well and had joined to be a SEAL, I found out I was a little too injury prone… Never even made it to BUD/s, I get the pleasure of saying that I got injured while training for training lol.

  • The only easy day was yesterday!!!!!

  • Jake McCluskey

    He showed what it ment to be a true hero. I am proud that I served this country and I respect, honor and pray for all of those before me and all of the heros that came after me.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  • Irishmanlost

    RIP, He was killed on my 10th birthday… talk about being born under an unlucky star.

  • Matt

    That’s awesome that you were able to raise that much for a good cause.
    Glade I helped to donate some and got a cool patch. Good luck on the goruck.

  • You guys continue to do great work!

    • Thanks brother, just trying to give back where we can! Stay safe!

  • Gene Hinders

    Just posted a comment about meeting Marc’s mother, Debbie, on the forum…wonderful lady….wish I could have met Marc….great American!

    • I’ve spoken with Debbie a few times on the phone and she definitely is a wonderful lady. Dedicated to helping those in need, I hope to meet her one day too!

  • Just wanted to let you know how moved I am for the support. I was so excited when I found out how much was raised. Fundraising is not one of my strengths but is much needed. I was blessed to be the Mother of an amazing warrior who willingly gave his life so other’s could live. You can learn more about Marc orread his last letter home at…Again thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Our troops, Our heroes,
    Debbie Lee

    • Debbie, thank you so much for the comment. Marc truly was a warrior and I feel fortunate to have had the honor to serve with him. I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say that we’re glad we could contribute to such a worthy cause! Keep fighting the good fight!

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