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Beyond the Packing List – Gear Tasting Radio 16

By The ITS Crew

Whether it’s a firearms training class, adventure race or other gear-related activity, chances are there will be a packing list. While your packing list might be all inclusive, this week on Gear Tasting Radio, we discuss going beyond the list with a core group of items we’ll have on us no matter what.

In addition to some must-bring items, Bryan, Jordan and Rob discuss some of the methodology they apply to both events and packing lists.

Episode 16 – Beyond the Packing List

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In each episode of Gear Tasting Radio, we offer an in-depth look into the usage and philosophy behind the equipment in our lives.

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  • WolfMaster _5000

    Hey Bryan,
    Getting caught up on the podcasts. I was listening to the headlamp you use and had an alternate suggestion for you. The Nitecore HC50. Probably a little heavier but I find it to work great as a headlamp and replacement to my primary handheld. I am trying to standardize on the 18650 batteries which both of my lights use. Instead of constantly buying 123a batteries, I’ve been trying to go to reliable rechargables (which RC123A aren’t). Of course for you it may be better to stay with the 123A’s since many of the firearm accessories use them.

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