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A Realist’s Perspective on Prepping – Gear Tasting Radio 18

By The ITS Crew

Whether it’s a nuclear winter or zombie apocalypse, Hollywood has many people believing they should be stockpiling things into a bomb shelter. This week on Gear Tasting Radio, Bryan and Rob discuss taking a realist’s perspective on long term prepping.

In addition to some of the gear they consider, the guys also discussed why your mindset and skills may be the most valuable tools you have when disaster strikes.

Episode 18 – A Realist’s Perspective on Prepping

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  • Brian

    I agree, guys. Mindset then skills then gear. I’ll admit I’ve been working on paring down my gear as I’ve adopted more of a minimalist orientation to life, and I’ve found some solace in having to deal with less stuff.

    Have you guys considered forming recurring training courses outside of muster, i.e. the ITS wilderness survival course, ITS E&E, ITS CQB, etc?

  • BestUserNameEver

    All good points but I’d like to add some things that I feel rarely get talked about. [Apologies for the length here.]

    Mindset and skills are great especially if they’re augmented by gear. That said, can you actually do what you need to do? Are you missing basic, ground level skills and capabilities and not even realizing it?

    I’m not trying to trash anyone here but, as an example, there are way, way, way too many preparedness minded individuals that are fat as f***. They say things like “Well, I have this in my car as a GHB”. OK great, how far can you carry that gear and how far do you have to go? “Well, my house is like 25 miles from my work”. OK, well can you walk 25 miles? How long does that take? Can you do it while carrying 30lbs of gear? In short: does your personal fitness level even come close to allowing you to do what you’re planning to do?

    That’s just kind of the example that’s my pet peeve. What I’m saying here is that people miss the most basic stuff. They’ve got the food and the gear and they take some course but they rarely work on being able to physically do the things they worry about in a SHTF situation. Or, in other situations they don’t consider basic things like checking the air in their tires on a regular basis or having a kit in their car for basic road-side repairs. What’s the point in some monster truck SHTF vehicle that gets a flat that you can’t fix?

    Worse than that, IMHO, are the folks who think they’re good to go and they have gear and they’ve got some skills but they’re lacking critical skills that they don’t even realize they’re missing. Got a great bug out set up? Awesome. A great location or locations to get to? Fantastic. Vehicle to get you there? Great. You’ve seriously considered the routes, scouted them and gotten a vehicle that can handle the road(s) or go around realistic obstacles. Damn, way ahead of the curve. Any idea how the engine in that vehicle you have works? Nope, none. Can’t even change their own oil. OK, well any idea what to do if it doesn’t start? Again, nope, zero idea how that vehicle actually functions.

    I’m not saying you have to have intimate repair knowledge of every piece of gear you have or a massive supply of spare parts but people don’t even think about this kind of thing and they have absolutely no idea how most of the stuff they own actually works which means that if it goes down they have zero chance of getting it back up and running unless they happen across someone with that knowledge.

    Basics, basics, basics before you start thinking about the other stuff. Otherwise if what you’re worried about does happen you’re gonna be the corpse other people scav stuff off of.

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