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December 10, 2019Security

The Dangers of Dirty WiFi

The Dangers of Dirty WiFi

WiFi seems to available almost anywhere these days, but connecting to unknown sources is a privacy nightmare. When you’re connecting to WiFi, it’s hard to tell whether the network is legitimate, or something set up by a third party to look legitimate. The name of a network is easy to spoof and once your device is connected, web and email traffic will be visible. Even worse, accepting things like terms and conditions in order to connect could place a fake certificate on your device, allowing someone to view encrypted traffic.

It’s important to be aware of these kind of attacks, especially if it’s a network you’ve already connected to. Many devices will automatically join networks they’ve connected to before. So it’s simple for someone to copy the name of a public network (like a coffee shop) and trick your device into connecting with it as a remembered connection.

To avoid this, don’t allow your devices to remember past public WiFi networks and avoid using WiFi in public at all. Consider using your mobile phone as a hotspot, or if all else fails, just pick up a good book. Uploading that selfie isn’t worth connecting to dirty Wifi.


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