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GORUCK Scavenger Hunt: Bare Bones Intel from Class 001

By Mike Petrucci

On New Years Eve, I completed the first ever GORUCK Scavenger  in Washington DC.  Due to OPSEC, you won’t find a lengthy after action report but I can provide just the most bare bones intel from this classified event.

The first rule of Scavenger: “No talking about Scavenger.”

The only way to find out what you are missing is to do a  Scavenger  for yourself. Since this is a GORUCK Tough Alumni event only, so you’ll have to complete a  GORUCK Challenge  first. Trust me, it’s worth the price of admission.


ClassifiedArea of Operations

GORUCK DC Scavenger Patches image courtesy GORUCK

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  • Mike,

    Thanks for posting this ******* *** ****** on ITS. I’ve been ********** ***** ***** went in ********** ** ***** wish *** **** ***** piglet ***** ** ********* *** * ************ patch looks awesome.

    I can’t **** ** ** ********* OMG ******** **** *** ******** your GORUCK pack ***** *** ******** cuts easily ****** *** ********* *** ******** damage 🙁

    Cheers =)

  • Majik hat

    Totally awesome. I registered for the June DC Challenge. See you there maybe!

  • ThomasTodd

    I just really started digging in to ITS Tactical and man I have been missing out. I plan on participating in the GORUCK Challenge in Charlotte NC in 2014. I love this site and the forums.

    • ThomasTodd Awesome! Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your Challenge!

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