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Shooting Accurately Under Stress

By The ITS Crew

While shooting accurately under stress is not a new concept, it’s one that’s very important to consider working into your training.

There’s never a time in a real world situation where using a firearm is stress-free, no matter if you’re Law Enforcement, Military or just a concealed-carry citizen forced to act.

In every stressful situation, shot placement is key. On top  dealing with mental and physical fatigue, you have to put down the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining your situational awareness, scanning for that next possible threat.

What sparked this post was an excellent video posted on the CrossFit workout of the day for 07/16/09, called “Helen Get Your Gun.” <– Watch this video!

If you’re familiar with the CrossFit workout Helen, then you’ll see that they substituted the regular pull-ups in the workout for push-press due to most ranges not having a pull-up bar.

Something we really love about this workout is that it’s easily  reproducible  at any range.

All it requires is in addition to the regular equipment you take to the range is a Kettlebell (or dumbell), Olympic Weight Lifting Bar and the amount of weight you’ll be using on the bar.

While “Helen Get Your Gun” is “bringing the gym to the range,” an alternative is “bringing the range to the gym,” as shown below in Military Athlete’s video which  combines a high intensity workout with simunition shooting.

What different things have you been doing to introduce stress into your shooting?

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  • Dutchy

    We did the following once:

    We start out combat ready with the exception of our weapon.

    Than start out with 20-30 push ups, do a 100m full sprint. Than through a door into the closed short distance range.

    Thing was as soon as you stepped through the door one of our instructors pops up in front of your face in a protection suit and starts punching you.
    As we were all seperated this came as quite a shock when you think all you have to do is some push ups and a sprint.
    Anyway, after you’ve disposed of your atacker with hand to hand combat, run on to the table.

    Pick up your weapon and load it with the magazine they laid next to it and do a short cqb training exercise moving from cover to cover.
    Extra training was they loaded up your mag with a few empty shells as to train your weapon jam skills.

    • Sounds like an excellent drill! I especially like the instructor popping up and the empty shells!! Magpul Dummy Rounds are also a great way to simulate malfunction drills by having a buddy load your magazines. ~ Bryan

  • jacko

    Add this to your training above……………….emerse yourself in cold water for 30 secs, then 400m sprint before shooting. Shocks the system big time.

  • BearW

    Runs across the helipad and do some shooting. Burpee’s with your gear on at the 100m mound then shoot, sprint to the 75, more burpees… shoot…burpees are full ROM, and ALWAYS with your gear on, you’re never* shoot without it, so why train without it-then go shoot with it on?

    just my thoughts

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