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Simple Shoulder Workout for Strength and Recovery

By Bryan Black

Here’s a quick video I made going through a simple shoulder routine that I try to do as a cool-down after every taxing shoulder workout; like pull-ups, push-ups and dips. I also go through pyramid workouts in the video and why they’re a great thing to throw into your routines.

Adding in this simple and lightweight routine can not only help you save and strengthen your shoulders, but also help you recover from a shoulder injury!

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  • Thanks for this Bryan, I’ve had bad shoulders (one more so than the other) for a long long time… so I’ll have to give this a whirl and see if it helps!

  • Roan

    Preemptive injury prevention is also a good idea, especially with the shoulders. I’d also recommend throwing in sets of internal and external shoulder rotations, and finish with shoulder dislocates and towel stretches to increase flexibility.

  • Fenix

    Love the poster over your right shoulder.

  • Great vid! I’ve broken, separated and dislocated my shoulders. I’m looking forward to trying these out to get stronger. And let me tell you guys, recovering from a break is easy. But after my separation, the doctors say that I’ll never get 100% of my strength back, plus my shoulder is now visibly lopsided. And it’s laughable how little force it takes now to dislocate my other shoulder. Keep your shoulders strong to prevent crap like this from happening to you.

  • Shane Wooten

    LOVE the video and the poster. Where can i get one of those posters?

  • Jord Hawkins

    Thanks for that Bryan. I’ll definitely be adding that into the rotation.

  • jbayley

    Do you know of a similar workout/warmdown for after an intense strength and plyometric leg workout? I don’t want to lose agility and sometimes experience pain after heavy sets of squats and Romanian deadlifts.


    That is outstanding information going to be starting that tonight, hope it helps an old injury.

  • Jordan

    Great video I love the functional strenght video you guys give Keep it up

  • DustinDarby

    Thanks for the video Bryan. i was recently in a vehicle accident where my van fell off a bridge 15′ down into a thankfully dry creek bed. The seat belt most likely saved me from serious head injury, but it did heavy muscular damage to my shoulder. its been about two months and i have the majority of the mobility back and about 90% of my strength. I’m a fat body so i decided to start a beach body program called body beast. its a lot of heavy lifting and it also incorporates cardio, but i am having minor issues with my shoulder not being able to handle as ugh weight as the uninjured side. these warmups/cooldowns will help immensely! they already incorporate some of the moves but not all. this will help exponentially  . thank you!

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