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The Universal Camouflage Conundrum

By The ITS Crew

092109_swatch_UCP_Delta_800.JPGOur friends at Custom Gear Report have a great post today summing up the blogosphere news on the new Army pattern UCP Delta.

UCP Delta is the current Universal Camouflage Pattern (ACU) enhanced with a new color, “coyote brown,” blended into it.

The internet’s been a buzz since yesterday when the world got it’s first glimpse of the pattern, and heard about an Army test pitting “Delta” against Crye Multicam.

We’re with CGR on staying out of the news rat race on this subject, but wanted to pass on some links where you can read all about it.

We’ll be happy when this is all over with and the Army finally realizes UCP needs to go away (including “Delta”).

Update: Army Times is now reporting that they had to use the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) to obtain results from a 2007 two-year test by PEO Soldier that basically states that UCP is 16%-36% worse than Multicam, Desert Digital, Desert Brush and a Syrian Pattern! (We did say we were staying out of it right?)

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  • Matt

    It amazes me the absolute bureaucracy that is involved in choosing a pattern for the services. Why not give the guys that do the work the choice of uniform that they do the work in!

    • Honestly Matt, who knows how that one would go either LOL! You’d have all those people sitting at a desk voicing their opinion on camo, when they’re not even in the field using it. Not that there isn’t anything admirable about every job in the service, but just saying it could turn in to just as much of a cluster.

      Thanks for the comment,

  • Spencer

    The current pattern is not ACU, it’s UCP. ACU is the style of uniform, UCP is the digital pattern.

    • Spencer,

      The (ACU) in parentheses was used for clarity, as not everyone knows that UCP is what is used in the ACU.

      Thanks for the comment,

    • The Delta version of the ACU Universal Camouflage was explored and it was never adopted. You can still purchase the Delta version of the 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon ACU Universal Camouflage at Magna Fabrics, a company that purchased some of the trials. The current ACU universal camouflage patterns along with the USMC Marines Marpat pattern in both woodland green and desert tan are also available for purchase.

  • fastmover

    Until all the armys of the world agree to fight on AstroTurf; we will need more than one pattern of camo.

    • Agree Completely.

      Thanks for the comment,

  • VooDoo3

    I agree with fastmover. While Multicam and Mirage are good “universal” patterns as they are called; there is no true universal pattern. I can see big Army pushing for UCP D because they will be able to use all of that god aweful UCP gear that is issued. Then, of course, the Air Force will jump on board because that is what we do. Yes, I’m Air Force, so I can say that!

    • VooDoo3,

      As much as I hate to admit it, I can see them going with Delta too. Once the press gets a hold of how much it’s costing the military to change camo patterns there will be pressure to keep costs down leading them back to Delta.

      Thanks for the comment,

  • I notice they didn’t compare to the 3 color desert, which I personally found worked very well in Arabia, nor did they compare other patterns, such as ASAT, which is phenomenal in most arid environments and still works well in the woods.

  • Ryan

    I’m an infantry squad leader, and I’ve made it a particular philosophical point of mine to never, ever buy a piece of UCP gear. I’ve managed two deployments so far with my OD Green but I think my days of being the Uniform Renegade are over (damn old pigheaded BDE CSMs). We all know the Army is going to go UCP-D over MultiCam just to save their godawful pattern. Hopefully the Uniform Police use their heads and let us kit out in coyote tan, realizing there is no UCP-D gear for sale and if we cover our torsos in UCP…that just kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

    Someday someone will realize what a horrendous mistake this UCP/ACU adventure was. Foliage will still be green, dirt will still be brown, and we can wear what makes sense again. Not to mention the ACU is a sloppy excuse for a soldier’s uniform. You can say what you will about Iraq’s devastation of our tactical edge and the frequent deployments, etc. The downward slope of discipline in the Army today amongst the junior enlisted began the day boots no longer needed to be shined or BDUs starched and pressed.

    If you made it to the end of my rant, you’re in a unique fraternity with my peers who hear it about six times daily.

    • Jack

      Ryan is exactly right. I’m a mustang myself and have fought for any gear that my units have had to purchase be in either solid Coyote or solid Foliage. But as Ryan says, it gets harder each year to find it.

      Hey Gates – listen to Ryan. Just buy the F-n Kit in whatever new pattern you need, and leave the freaking uniform changes alone for awhile.

      By the way – one $3 box of “Rit Dye” ™ in a tub of water fixes your “dosen’t look right in this environment” problem. It’s the difference of being in the Field Army, and being in the Operations Army. Freakin’ Scientists…

  • Ryan: See, we’re on exactly the same page. I’ve got 24 years Army, USAF, Active and Guard, and I noticed that same decline. Email me and we can share rants.

  • Red

    I agree, that they will go with UCP-Delata no matter what, cause of the money. Though, if money is the big issue,maybe someone should point out to them that they are willing to spend an obscene amount of money on developing new Class A’s for no other reson than to just change, but are ot willing to spend it where it counts, on the battlefield.

  • What boggled me was besides the ACUs, creating whole new rucks, ponchos, liners and even MECHANIC COVERALLS, that have been OD for 75 years, in homophlage.

    I call it that because it’s become more like a fashion show than camouflage–everything has to match.

    I think any leadership that obsessed with matching colors need to admit the military isn’t for them, that they secretly crave an intimate relationship with Christian Dior, and move over to fashion design.

  • abushnell

    The first time I saw this UCP-Delta pattern….i said “Um…NO!” I just looks like dirty ACUs. And if they’re just gonna use the same gear we got now, what’s the point. You’re still gonna be able to spot it out. Multi-cam would be the way to go, cuz it works. BUT…that just makes too much sense. The guys who decide what we wear are just gonna go with the UCP-D, just for the fact that it will be cheaper. I guess money is more important for us soldiers.

  • AT

    I am in the delayed entry program, will be shipping out soon. I pray to God that they do not go for ACU-D. I believe the MRAT is the way to go. If not then Multicam.

    • DaveW

      Yeah, because we need the opinion of a fucking PRE-BOOTER!!! STFU.

  • Nick

    Ok im a teengaer but my dads in the army i think that they should go to marpat because the marine core offered it allready and it should be like back in the day when they used the bdu and dcu so i think its the best path and we dont haft to spend that much money so it all works out

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  • Jackson Smith

    I live on post at FT Campbell, i thought the ACUs coudnt get any worse… then this came along, lets go back to woodland o OD Geens

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