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Tested at Altitude: LOWA Renegade LL Mid Hiking Boots

By Bryan Black

Lowa Renegade

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  • Dan Bond

    Well, I’m sold. Price? Any ITS supporters carry these boots on their sites? What spray did you use when you bought the boots? Great review, Bryan! Thanks!

  • Excellent! I’m glad my recommendation was able to pay off.

    I’m surprised to see that separation at the toe. I haven’t experienced that on any of my pairs. I’ve only used the Gore-Tex models, but I don’t think that the outers are any different.

    (And thanks for pronouncing Vibram correctly!)

  • Mike

    Great review on the Lowa’s. If you put some Shoe Goo on the mono-wrap on the toe area that should seal it up.

  • zmtthw

    Thanks for the review Bra, you know I been standing by for this one haha. Placed my order in to pick them up while on travel.


  • Paolo Scuri

    I’ve heard that Lowa feel like slippers, is that true?
    What about size? Is it true to measure or not?
    Thank for the review Bryan!

  • zmtthw

    I recently tried on a pair at REI and I would say they are pretty true to size. I wear 9.5 in salomon products and when I tried on the 9.5 of the Lowa’s, it was the same feel. I will say though that I was wearing thin socks, so there might be a more ‘snug’ feel if you wear something thicker. But I’m sure Bryan can give you a more accurate statement on this due to him logging serious time in the boot.


  • Madnet

    good review. I’ve been wearing the Asolo Fugitive for several years now and have had great luck regarding wear and performance. How would you rate the Lowa to the Asolo’s?

  • Cole McClary

    What is the name of that truck lock box? Mind emailing me the brand?


  • Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to let everyone know I just picked up a pair of these since my old hiking boots (http://www.rei.com/product/780681/salomon-quest-4d-gtx-hiking-boots-mens) were in need of replacing. I picked them up on a Wednesday, wore them to work Thursday, and then wore them on a Fri/Sat/Sun (4.4mi/12.9mi/8.7mi) hiking trip. These are hands down the most comfortable boots I have every worn for any camping/hiking/mountaineering activity. I picked up this version at R.E.I. (http://www.rei.com/product/789686/lowa-renegade-ii-gtx-mid-hiking-boots-mens) and they held up great both in the cold, and when wet during the trip. Thanks for the awesome review Bryan, as well as the other video you posted on the way to tie these boots the ‘mountaineering way”, they were both much appreciated.

  • The Canadian guy

    I have a couple of questions about these boots:

    1. How quickly do they dry? I’m looking for all of the features of a good hiking boot, but I’d also like to be able to run through a swamp or a creek in warm weather, have water pour in over the top, and have my boots dry out relatively quickly (changing to dry socks of course). I’m thinking of staying away from gore-tex, because they tend to hold plenty of water in. Do the uppers on these tend to soak and hold water, or do they dry quickly?

    2. How flexible are they around the ankle? After they broke in, were they flexible enough to move around, or did they have that locked-in ski-boot kind of feel? I’d like a bit of flex so as not to blow out a knee.

    • The Canadian guy  They don’t dry very quickly, considering they’re leather lined, but I have put waterproofing spray on them and its seemed to help when they did get wet. It resists it a bit, but won’t help if you’re in standing water. With the wetness I have experienced in them, I can usually walk them dry in an hour or two, depending on how soaked they are. It helps wearing wool socks as well and changing them out if they’re wet.

      They’re very flexible around the ankle as they break in, not like a ski-boot at all.
      Hope that helps!

  • Dtt255

    Got a question. I think I heard, in the video, that you wore those during your Goruck?  That is what I am looking for. A pair of very comfortable boots, that will drain well and dry fast.

    I am looking at the Renegade II LL version. I believe it is the same version you show in the video. 
    Thanks for the help.

    • Dtt255 I wore these during the GORUCK Ascent climbing mountains, not for the GORUCK Challenge. For that I wore Salomon’s. The LL version of the Lowa Renegades stands for leather lined and they don’t dry out quickly if fully submerged. They’ll do great with a pair of wool socks at wicking sweat and keeping your feet from stinking, but look to the Gore-tex version of the Lowa Renegades if you need something for wet weather. Also, stick with a good pair of shoes for the GORUCK Challenge. Hope that helps!

    • Dtt255

      bryanpblack Dtt255 It does help. I appreciate the advice.  I am really needing a pair of shoes/boots with ankle support. So I am looking at the Lowa. Lightweight, drain (doesn’t have to be well, just consistently). One thing though is comfort…need that for sure. 
      I have a pair of Danner Acadia’s which I Love beyond belief, but they are 4 lbs….so they are really heavy…very heavy 🙂

    • Dtt255 You’re welcome. I don’t have any experience with inov-8’s, but Salomon does make mids with ankle support.

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