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Improve your Helmet’s Utility with the War Bungee from War Sport Industries

By Bryan Black

War Sport Industries War Bungee

While ballistic helmets are certainly necessary in some situations, more-so for Law Enforcement and the Military, the FAST Base Jump Helmet from Ops-Core has recently become my go-to brain bucket.

It affords me the protection I need when things get retarded, including myself. To complement the versatility of the FAST Base Jump Helmet, which is already full of features, War Sport Industries has come up with an interesting way of utilizing shock cord to create a retention system they’ve dubbed the War Bungee.

The primary feature of the War Bungee is to provide the end-user with a method for retaining NVG counter weights, IR devices, lights, communication cables and even indigenous foliage. I’ve also found a few other items that the War Bungee is great for securing, as shown below in this video.

I really feel like the War Bungee adds utility to an otherwise unusable space on the top of a helmet. Previously you were limited to either using tape or hook and loop to secure items. While the War Bungee is limited to helmets with holes in the top, which excludes any ballistically rated helmets, it’s definitely a unique approach to helmet retention.

War Sport Industries War Bungee

War Sport Industries War Bungee

You can find instructions on how War Sport recommends routing the War Bungee here, but as mentioned in the video, I was able to figure it out without using instructions. The most important part in the installation is ensuring that the shock cord does not route over the Occ-Dial components, which control the fit of the helmet.

War Sport Industries War Bungee

War Sport Industries War Bungee

The War Bungee is US made and comes with shock cord, webbing loops (which are stitched with Kevlar thread), ITW Cordloc and ITW Web Dominator. They’re available in Coyote, OD & MultiCam and can be purchased direct from War Sport here.

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  • NinjaMedic

    Who made the ID Patch, LBT?

  • Alexander

    So, I gotta ask, why not the Ops Core Ballistic FAST helmet? I understand the vast majority of us don’t ‘need’ ballistic head protection, but it couldn’t hurt even as insurance during shooting and moving classes and such right? Second, what exactly is the difference between the Base Jump helmet and the twice as expensive Carbon helmet from Ops Core?

    Also, thank you for the article, keep it all up Bryan.

    • Alexander,

      The initial cost of the ballistic is high if you dont need in on a regular basis. For soldiers or SWAT officers who wear their helmets on a regular basis its a better investment than for the casual shooter. I agree with your assessment on the “it couldn’t hurt” basis but due to price its just not always doable.

      The carbon is made from carbon fiber from what I understand which lowers the weight but shoots up the cost more than a Pvt. on a belt fed high. The base jump is just plastic and offers enough protection for most active sports like climbing, skydiving, or skateboarding. So for less weight you get the carbon which offers more protection then the base jump but not quite ballistic.

      Thats my understanding and I hope that helps though I could be completly wrong. 🙂

  • Mike

    It looks like there is a set of hearing protection, or even coms, attached to the helmet in some of the pics. What is that?

    • Joe

      They look like MSA Sordins.

  • CP

    Nice piece; really digging your helmet set up. Mines not as high speed but it does the trick. I did the same thing, with a piece of left over shock cord I already had, on my kit; It works.

  • Bryan!
    I want to get a custom call sign for my Ops-Core helmet similar to yours. I’m beggin’ you, where did you get it made? My google searches have not helped a bit!

  • mattH89

    @Dennis Stevenson LBTinc will do them.

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