Hook and Loop Society

Hook and Loop Society

The Hook & Loop Society is an online community dedicated to the quality and design of morale patches. While originating in April of 2013, we’re proud to announce its current adaptation today and give you a preview of what we have in store!

Before we get too far into explaining the group, we’ve created an announcement video that should help further explain our motivation behind the Hook and Loop Society.

We’ve developed the Hook and Loop Society as a sub-community on Reddit. For those unfamiliar, Reddit is known as the “front page of the Internet,” where users submit new and interesting content. A feature on Reddit is the ability to form sub-communities known as a Subreddits, which are focused on specific topics. In this case, the Hook and Loop Society Subreddit is the destination for our community.

Rather than host the Hook and Loop Society here on ITS, Facebook, or even on a Forum, we chose a private Subreddit to keep the focus of the group on content and prevent your feed from getting cluttered or becoming a massive advertisement. It’s about sharing news, our collections and having meaningful discussion about the quality and design of morale patches.

So how do you join? First off, it’s a completely free community, there’s just two simple steps outlined below:

Sign Up

Step 1: Sign up for a Reddit account
Click here if you’re looking for a quick “Reddit 101” or list of FAQs.

Step 2Fill out this form to request access to the Hook and Loop Society
If you’d like a sneak peek of what the group looks like, here’s a recent screen grab.

That’s it! We’ll look over your request and add you to the group as soon as we can. Unfortunately there’s no way to let you know we’ve given you access, you’ll just have to look for the notification on your Reddit account that you’ve been added to the group. Here’s the link to the Hook & Loop Society Subreddit, but until you have access, you’ll be met with a locked door.

Thanks for being part of something new and different, we look forward to interacting with you in the group!