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Motivation Comes from Within; There’s no Supplement, Secret or Substitute

By Bryan Black


A few weeks ago, I started writing my thoughts on motivation and how I perceive it. I feel that too often people think that motivation is some kind of by-product, or that others who have overcome challenges have something they don’t have. This simply isn’t true. Motivation comes from within and all it takes is unlocking your potential.

Motivation comes from within; there’s no supplement, secret or substitute for the power of the mind to control the body. The only thing holding you back from being the person you want to be, is yourself.

No matter your goals, your challenges or the adversity you’ll face, the first step always begins with thought; don’t let self-doubt or fear cloud your mind.

Unlock the internal fire that’s buried inside and don’t let anything stand in your way. Get up, get out and get after it.

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  • Well said!

  • randypb

    I’ve known you for a long time and I know from your actions that you live what you’ve written here. I agree with CENTCOM, well said Bryan!

  • randypb

    PS: I’m proud of what you all have accomplished!

  • Excellent Post!! I really look forward to emails I get from here. Very informative. Keep up the outstanding work!!

  • Poster

    This should be available in poster form in the ITS shop; I’d buy one.

  • WillP

    “I must be willing to [sacrifice] what I am in order to become what I will be.” – A. Einstein ( and probably a few others with some variations)

    Coupled with:

    “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful.” – Eric Thomas (aka The HipHop Preacher

    These two concepts are pretty powerful.

  • BW

    Ditto on all of the comments about making this a poster in the ITS shop.  I want one.

  • Tragicview

    Can always count on you Bryan; good stuff.  I keep on my desk the following quotes from George Allen, former coach of the Washington Redskins:

    “A workout is 25% perspiration and 75% dedication, one part physical exertion and three parts self discipline.  A workout is a personal triumph over laziness and procrastination.  The mark of an organized, goal-oriented person who has taken charge of his or her own destiny.

    A workout makes you better today than you were yesterday.  It strengthens the body, relaxes the mind, and toughens the spirit.  Workout regularly, your problems diminish and your confidence grows.

    A workout is a wise use of time and an investment in excellence.  It is a way of preparing for life’s challenges and proving to yourself that you have what it takes to do what is necessary.

    A workout is a form of rebirth.  When you finish a good workout you don’t simply feel better, you feel better about yourself.”

    And yeah, I want a poster too!



  • guest

    in for a poster.

  • This is great, especially for those of us who feel like we are forever beating our heads against the wall trying to make something happen.  It’s too easy to give up, but pride won’t let us, and that’s a good thing.  I try to think of all the things I’d have missed out on if I just never tried anything new, or gave up easily.   I want to frame that photo and put it somewhere it will be seen by every pre-teen and teenage guy out there, so they’ve got a head start in hearing why it’s so important to just forge on forward, no matter how much it may hurt, or seem fruitless.

  • gw812

    I need this posted in my classroom. Bryan, if I can get it printed would you grant me permission to reproduce it as it is above? In fact, would you be willing to send me a high-res image of it to do it right?

    • gw812 Thanks for your interest, we’re actually working on this 🙂

    • gw812

      Excellent. I’m in for one too.

    • dwdillard

      +1 poster for my classroom!

  • Taylor TX

    Love it, just became my new desktop background. +1 on a poster idea, just more stuff in the ITS store I need to buy ha

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