Top 10 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

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Top 10 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

By Bryan Black

Garage Door Robber

We feel that this is one of our more applicable and import articles, as everyone out there should know something about garage door security. We’ve touched on this topic briefly in our article on a bypass technique commonly used by criminals, but today we’re going to expand on that to look at garage door security as a whole.

Garage doors are a common weak point when looking at security in a whole-home approach and an easy target for thieves. Garage door are not only a weakness, but provide criminals a shelter once inside. To the casual passerby an open garage with a work truck pulled up to it doesn’t look out of place or scream break-in.

Securing your garage door doesn’t just mean the roll-up door; as you’ll read in the article below, you have to look at every entrance point as a vulnerability. Not that any loss to your family isn’t devastating, but one that occurs through a preventable measure just shouldn’t happen. Here are the 12 most important things you can do to secure your garage.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

Let’s briefly talk about the history of these devices so you can get an idea what we’re talking about later in the article. When the first generation of automatic openers came out they all featured the same code. You can imagine the security risk by having one of these openers. Thieves could just drive a neighborhood pushing their purchased transmitter and if you had the same brand as they did; jackpot!

The second generation of openers increased their security by featuring dip switches that could be set by the owner to a unique combination. While this did increase security, most owners would leave the default setting on and guess what? Jackpot! Another security risk of the second-gen openers is that a code grabber could be utilized to gain access to your system. A code grabber device works by locking onto your signal and memorizing it. Then, all a thief would have to do is re-transmit the code and they were in.

Modern automatic garage door openers now feature rolling-code technology, where your remote will transmit a brand new security code each time you press your remote. There are over 100 billion codes, so the likelihood of a code grabber working are very slim. Be sure that your opener features this rolling-code technology! If you use Lift-Master for instance, look for their Security+ line that features this technology.

Top 10

  1. Don’t leave the garage door remote in your vehicle – If a thief breaks in to your car and steal the remote he has a way into your home.
  2. Invest in a keychain remote opener – Stop using that remote you clip to your visor and get a keychain remote opener that you can leave on your keys.
  3. Secure your garage door emergency release – Follow our article here and learn how easy it is throw some zip-ties on your emergency release and still retain it’s intended function.
  4. Keep it locked – Put a deadbolt on the door between your house and garage; is it really that much of an inconvenience to have to use a key each time you come home?
  5. Make sure the door from your garage into your house is as secure as your front door – Ensure you have a strong, sturdy door made out of solid-core wood or reinforced steel and install an Anti-Kick device like the Door Devil on it!
  6. Don’t leave your garage door open – It amazes me how many people in my neighborhood just leave their garage door open all the time. It’s just inviting someone to pop their heads in and grab something. Listen up America! I don’t care how safe you think your neighborhood is, good neighborhoods are the first place criminals like to drive through to case houses.
  7. Install a wide-angle peephole in the door between your house and your garage – You’ll at least be able to see what’s going on if you hear a strange noise; rather than opening the door to find out.
  8. Frost or cover your garage windows – Don’t do thieves any favors by enabling them to see when your vehicle is gone, a better idea would be to replace the door with one that lacks windows.
  9. Padlock the throw latch on your garage door when you’re out of town – If you don’t have a manual lock on your garage door, you can use a c-clamp tightened down on each side of the door track to effectively “lock” down the door. It’s similar to those small window track locks you can buy for your home interior windows.
  10. Don’t neglect maintenance on the mechanical parts of your roll-up garage door and keep an eye out for corrosion. Don’t forget the door from your garage to your house; check the frame, locks, hinges and any replaceable items.

Red Cell

Essentially the same as war gaming a situation, Red Cell is a term we throw around here when we’re discussing testing security by putting yourself in a criminal’s shoes. How would you break in to your garage? What are the weaknesses of your security system?

Do you have an external keypad? try removing it and taking out the batteries out, can it be manipulated to open your door? How can you be sure if you don’t try it out? This is pretty extreme, so don’t take it out of context, but if you’ve got the cash, desire and time to make the repairs; kick in your own door. Have you ever kicked one in? Do you know how easy it really is? It will definitely make you rethink your security.


Keep drilling these ideas into your head and we can’t say it enough… Test your system for vulnerabilities! Please also take a few minutes and share this with your friends and family! Don’t be the victim of a garage door break-in this holiday season!

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  • harris51

    How about adding alarm system contacts to you garage doors….

    Forces you to consider your garage doors as part of your security perimeter and holds an added level of control over your cars.

    • adding alarm contacts to your Garage door is a novel idea! but the better alternative is too have a device that stops any and all electronic Garage door intrusion without the homeowner giving up the convenience of their garage door opener. I have taken what I have achieved too the Sacramento county Sheriffs department and presented it too there crime prevention specialist. all I am lacking is a provisional Patent, once I have that? the sheriffs department said they will issue a statement” that of this device, they know of no other device in existence to stop cyber hacking”!
      if your a Patent attorney in Sacramento California please contact me.

    • one more thing I would like too add! forget about Genie and chamberlains garage door security efforts! the hacker’s are laughing at them, there is strong and factual evidence all over the internet that the Hacker have hacked all of the Garage door security systems of genie and chamberlain have come up with. go to Google and type in Garage door security hacking and you will see just how serious this matter is! Garage door security hacking should be considered a national security threat.

  • Harris51, I was just going to comment on the same thing. I have just recently extended the perimeter of my house alarm to include my garage door (instead of just a motion detector in the garage), as well as the door on the gun safe that is in my garage (I know, won’t help if they torch it). Both are bypassable if needed.

    Thanks for the writeup, Bryan.

  • Reddog

    I took advantage of the “zip-tie fix” when it first came out, but the XL German Shepherd size pet door on the side of the house makes real garage security iffy for me. It depends on their fear of teeth, or their ability to plan ahead and bring a bone. However, we have doubled the security on the interior door, along with the alarm once we were made aware.

  • jennifer trujillo

    if using the zip tie fix does that mean I cant use my garage dor opener while the ties are on?

    • Jennifer, securing the emergency release handle has nothing to do with the normal operation of the door.

  • Fred Schmid

    Please explain if a thief trying to grab my code as Im disactivating my alarm must be present and activating his code grabber at that very moment or if he can simply leave it on 24 hours a day (within range of course) and grab codes as I happen to be disactivating my alarm
    Fred Schmid
    Victim 10 break ins in just over 1 month just changed my frequency and fear someones been hacking my codes

  • katie

    Is there any way a new home with two garage doors would just be innocent accident be able to have both doors open during day when no one was home. There was nothing stolen from the home. there is a deadbolt and security system going into the house and of course inside.

    • Ed

      Yes. Anything which produces radio frequency could POSSIBLY trigger your door openers. From a lightning strike to a passing police car radio. Unusual but not impossible.

  • jyounkin

    is there any way to add an audible alarm to the motion detection beam already being used by the opener?

  • tracy

    How can i secure my garage since the homelink is programmed in my car and my car sometimes sits outside? Anyone could break into the car and open the garage door. Is there any way to secure it?

  • RK

    I installed key pad locks on the door between the garage and the interior. Most people I know don’t like to install or use locks because they forget their keys and get locked out or are in just too much of a hurry. Keypad locks provide me with a way to leave the door locked at all times and I never have to worry about lockouts. If I’m going in and out I can elect to put the door in an unlocked position, but even if I forget entering the code isn’t a big deal. With the Schlage locks (and I assume others) you can also use their option to link it to an online system where I can control the lock with my phone if needed (let someone in without ever sharing the code or create a temporary code for someone). I can also automate the locking mechanism on a schedule so at certain hours the door will lock automatically if I ever forget to re-engage the lock. A little too much technology to rely on for security so I still check the lock regularly but it adds a little security and a little convenience.

  • Ian

    Are you reallly suggesting somebody kick in their garage door for the sake of research? They could just get an alarm.

  • Jim

    It seems that the best answer to garage door security is to dispense with electronic openers altogether. They’re great convenience items, but many of us grew up without them and somehow survived. I’d have to opt for security over convenience if I had to choose. Use a heavy duty, commercial grade, secure steel door and put the car in the garage at night. The main drawback is a little weather exposure now and then.

  • Sally

    I’m trying to understand how someone could open the garage door by disengaging the manual opener. I don’t have a handle on the inside or the outside of the garage door. could someone still open the garage door? I can’t even open it. When we bought the house there was a key access by the front door but we never found a key for it, we followed the wire to the door opener but still don’t know why someone would put their car in the garage and then go around to the front door to close the door and then go in the house.???strange

  • I can’t agree with this list more! Number ten especially, I work with garage doors and I can’t tell you how many are not taken care of or improperly installed and are little more then an inconvenience for criminals. If you have a problem with the biggest way into your home consult a pro to fix it.

  • SaL

    their has to be some better way to make sure my Garage will be safe when Im in my home at night? Im looking for some way to setup something like with a speaker to make them Run very fast that I would be able to hear from my house! please help me maybe there’s something I could buy at home depot that I could do on my own?

  • Betty

    Buy a baby monitor ! Put one in the garage & one in your bed room or where ever you sleep. I have been doing this for years & it works. you can hear what ever is going on in your garage. Now they have the new ones out that you can see inside. Check at the local walmart or other department stores they may have them & can explain to you how they work. Good luck

  • John

    I drilled a hole in the track of my garage door and put a pad lock on it. Problem solved

    • JDK

      Could not agree with you more John, simple & secure. We have been using that method for over 20 years now. Although tonight I was replacing the battery in the remote & opened the garage door by mistake and one of the rollers was forced out of the rail as it tried to get past the padlock, door didn’t open though.

  • Marry

    Today when I was in my house and had to go to the garage for something, I noticed a strange thing, both the garage doors were open and the parking lights of the car were on. No signs of a stranger though.Any suggestions of how that could happen if there was no person involved.

  • QuiescentMind3

    Has anyone considered adding a maglock to their large garage door? They’re pretty simple to install. Just a little pricey. A quick google search showed about $250-$275 for a 1200lb system. So it would take someone lifting with over 1200lbs of force to get past the magnetic lock, IF it is installed correctly. They generally have 24-48hr battery back ups for when the power goes out. Just program that in to release when the garage door code is entered, could even be coupled in with an alarm.

  • no one special

    Keep in mind, that disabling the disconnect of the garage door opener is illegal. It is illegal to bypass a safety device, and that release is not for a power outage, but for a power outage DURING a fire.  I do this for a living. I know about a dozen ways to breach that overhead door, without much noise, or drawing much attention. Do not consider a garage to be a secure area, and make sure that connecting door is substantial and locked (as I saw in the article above) 
    However, the connecting door, is often bypassed for an interior wall. As long as the customer is not home, all those tools stored in the garage (sledge, shovels, baseball bats, ect, will make short work of the inner wall. 
    Do NOT pad lock the track of the door, or use the side lock while the machine is attached. (one or the other only) the machine can and will fold the top of the door inward, as it tries to raise, it can break the plastic drive gears in the machine. 
    Maglocks (we install these as well) hold in static pull( face to face ) garage doors slide in tracks, and the maglock would have to be mounted in sheer (bypass) they are nowhere near as strong in sheer (that is why you slide heavy magnets apart, when you can not pull them apart) and since garage doors HAVE to HAVE some side to side motion to function correctly, mag parts would hit and throw off the cables from time to time. (this is not a user friendly fix, Though I could reset it in a minute or less) 
    Garage doors are about limiting access, not preventing access. If they want in in a hurry, they will simply back up to the door, reach under with a hook on a rope, tie off to the trailer hitch, and drive off with the bottom of your door. That takes seconds to do.
    best tip I can give you is this: If you find your transmitter missing from your car when leaving a mall or shop, check for your registration, it has your address on it. they have a key to your place, and a map to where you live. call the cops and have them meet you at the house. they will not mind if it is a blank run, they will think you very smart. (I know, I have cops in the family) when home change your codes or call a tech to have them changed for you.

  • no one special

    @jensmott Ma’am, i have been a deer hunter for just about as long as I could walk. I can tell you with certainty, that a deer can jump a 12 foot fence, if it feels the need to do so, A gate will limit People traffic, but will have little effect on deer.

  • lensgrabber

    “Don’t leave your garage door open”  –  This happens all the time in my neighborhood.  My next door neighbor left his truck running in his garage and went back inside to grab something off the counter.  By the time he got back his truck was pulling out of the garage driven by some opportunist.  He managed to get the door open but ended up being dragged down the street some distance.  This was at 6am in a very safe neighborhood.   We think the perp was waiting for another neighbor to leave his house since this was his regular schedule to leave and instead decide to grab the vacant truck instead.  I never would have thought this would have happened next to where I live.  Now both me and my wife are in the locked car BEFORE the garage door is opened.  When coming home, the garage is shut before we get out.  You can never be too safe.   The truck was found weeks later in a different state but the inside trashed with burn marks on the seat.  It was a lot of headache for just a few seconds of vulnerability.

  • Westerly

    I’d just like to say that the plastice tie wrap is not a law breaker.  The handle itself will break the tie wrap with about 20 pounds of pull in an emergency situation.  A criminal cannot get twenty pounds of pull using a coat hanger to try and pull the release from outside the garage.  The entry point would substantially limit the capability to break the tie wrap.

  • Westerly

    Note this:  There has been no evidene of hackers being able to break “rolling code” remote garage door openers.

  • JacquesBellange

    Thanks for this great article

  • leguerrajr

    Showed the article to the wife…firearm purchase…APPROVED!

  • BarryStevenson

    great ideas in this article, just were broken into last night.

    • BarryStevenson Thanks for the kind words, Barry. Sorry to hear about your break-in, did they come in through your garage?

  • Been there been thru it

    Appreciate the info – I had to play super sleuth myself as my home had been repeatedly broken into as it became a sick game almost. The garage door trick – “fishing” for the emergency release cord had been done – broad daylight ! Numerous times as well. Bump keys were utilized on every cylinder lock – every door knob or fence lock I put on my gates – sliding glass door has been breeched as well and no window is safe – best thing I ever did was look for information we all have access to -the internet- free will to do with that info as we choose – and I chose to utilize the same technology and information that was bong used against me to help me take control over the terror some creeps tried to unveil and did to a point until I made it stop. I am qualified to use and bought a hand gun, made safety plans for my kids and I, installed mirrored tint on all my windows (helps with insulation as well) made every access only accessible to me and my kids. Sealed shut the crawls space under the house and any vents. Locking reinforced window locks on sliding door and windows, paddle locked my front door from the inside as well as the garage door entrance from the garage. I installed a bolt lock for the inside of the garage door got rid of my garage door motor that had the old rf remotes with the rolling technology. I also placed a barrier around the motor to prevent access to the motor itself for programming purposes . Lastly and THE BEST ADVICE – internet camera security systems ! Hands down the safest and THE biggest thing that has brought peace of mind if I thought that were possible anymore after being stalked. Every side of ur home and have the cams pointed at each other so no blind spots . They may try and hack your system there’s ways around that too. Bottom line – they breach ur space they’re on cam and the internet.

  • azquestion

    ?how do I active the door stop so my wayne dalton garge door wont open by someone lifting it from the outside of the garage

  • EsmondMensah

    Great ideas,hope is helpful.

  • Tenacious

    One thing that I’m really mindful of is where I put my keys when I’m away from home. You have to be extra creative these days! I’m thinking of investing in an alarm system, but I don’t know which route to go if anyone has any suggestions. I don’t want to spend a lot of money either if possible. I was considering the Tattletale but does anyone know if it’s good or not?

  • Your blog is so informative and all the tip you mentioned about garage door security is very informative. I really appreciate thanks for sharing this blog with us.

  • ErikWestesen

    Obviously you still have to be smart, but it seems like a garage door lock like the Shark Tank company one might be a good option-
    Anyone have any experience with this?

  • no_rip_off_spamming

    ErikWestesen, by the timestamp of your post you were somehow a day or actually 2 before the inital first airing of the Shark Tank episode.   Odd.   As it turns have just watched the first airing of the episode, only several hours ago…..and researching.

    As it turns out I think that the the Shark Tank seems to be a very expensive version of what can be a 40 dollar add-on.

    See LiftMaster Power Door Lock 41A6102 Garage Door Opener   wire it in, triggers with the remote, safety latch not an issue…same as sharktank, but 40 vs 250,  I thnk it will work on non Champerblin also, as it a simple wire to the bell connections

    • Jon

      That lock is only compatible with 2 lift master operators, very few people have this type of operator so it’s not really an option. It actually turns the shaft where the springs a mounted, most operators are trolley type that are connected to the door itself.

    • OKNoll

      @no_rip_off_spamming ErikWestesen is a spammer indeed!

  • lkj12321

    I locked my keys in my car last summer when I was at the lake. My car had my house keys and my garage door opener. I ended up getting them out in about 20 minutes because the locksmith got there quick.

  • TaraTompson

    We put a padlock on the door if were going to be out of town. It just helps us feel more secure. It doesn’t take much effort to put extra locks on either.

    Tara |

  • norasantos101

    Ever since my mom had her garage broken into I have been worried about the safety of my garage. I have never had problems with locking the door from the garage to the house, but if garages are easier to break into I can see why it is a good idea to have the house door be as secure as the front door. My mom’s garage was having mechanical problems when it was broken into, so think it is also a smart idea to make sure your garage is working properly. <a href=’’ ></a&gt;

  • laceyrockwell83

    A few months back own home was broke into. When I arrived home, I saw that my garage door was opened, when I know I didn’t leave it that way. I called the police, and they took care of it. Ever since I have been very worried about my homes safety. I never really thought about how my garage could be safer.
    <a href=’’ ></a&gt;

  • tired of this life

    I need help. I’ve had so many break in’s, the police told me don’t call them anymore, they don’t believe this is happening,said their going to report me to the DA. What ever kind of a criminal you are, you can get away with it in this one cares cause it’s not happening to them. I’ve had all these things done to my garage door. I even reset the code every time I leave my house, they know when I’m gone and their in my house, I had 3 dogs, and a home security system. I don’t know how their getting in and bypassing my system.They have stolen just about everything good that I owned my clothes also, they steal my food,use my house like it’s Walmart, I’m so fed up with all of this but I just can’t afford to move, I actually wanted to put my self up on that one site where people beg for money, I”m so desperate, I can’t live here but have to, they even through my under wear all over my bed one day, they followed me to the store, I took pictures of the truck, police said to bad you didn’t get the license plate, I said isn’t that your job. I’m so desperate, I just want to move my house some where I’ll be left alone, No one should have to live like this, My husband died and that’s when it all started, I know people that are doing this, Police won’t believe me not do they care, A neighbor told them I was crazy, stuff that I reported sounds like I’m crazy but this is all happening in my home. I found a pill in my gallon of milk..,someone stunned gunned my dog. I come home one day my burner was on on my stove, in my one shed I haven’t been in it over a month the back light someone put on. I can’t tell you the last time I was even back there,they went in my attic and took the insulation and threw it all over the place up there, This is all crazy shit that just shouldn’t be happening and I can’t explain any of it. Some one please,,,please help me. What do I do? What? I’m beyond desperate,

    • Al

      tired of this life I believe this is happening to you.  But, if the police won’t help, you need to find someone that will.  I would very respectfully suggest a therapist…. and I know that sounds like I’m calling you crazy. I promise I am not.  But you don’t need money to get out of that neighborhood, you need a new frame of mind,  It sounds like you have gone through some very tough times and you need to help yourself and move forward.

      Good luck.

    • OKNoll

      @Al I disagree with you Al. I think tired of this life of this life is simply the type of person who feels she is entitled to a handout and is looking to manipulte people by making them feel sorry for her. Who in their right mind would think of going to to “put [them]selves up on that one site where people beg for money”??? Its obvious “tired” is referring to one of the crowd funding sites, but little does tired know, most people don’t just hand money to those who beg. That is not what crowd funding is all about. Instead, most people want something in return for their investment and support of one’s “project”. 

      I don’t doubt that it may have happened to her once, twice… maybe a few times over the years. But to suggest it happens as often as she leaves her house? Or often enough where the police not only tell her “do not call us anymore”… But she is told they will report her to the D.A?

      Most thieves aren’t going to break into the same location twice and if they do, they are going in for something specific that they know is there, something that is worth the risk they are taking… And to go back again and again, to do it so often (every time she leaves), the thief is subjecting him/herself to getting caught. In fact, if they are that consistent, it isn’t  But if she knows who these people are, why not point them out? You don’t have to have a license plate to state someone’s name to the police.

      tired of this life, sorry if this sounds too mean.  But whether it is therapy, a change of attitude or a change in expectaions, only you can make those changes. And only you can pull yourself out of this fairly unusual situation you describe. Good luck!

    • Moonpiegirl

      tired of this life
      I believe you!!!! This is happening to me as well…Want to know who is doing it!! Check your neighbors did you get into some type of dispute? I have two people on my street coming into my house and stealing stuff…They want to make you look like you are crazy that is the intent! that is why they are not taking your tv’s and bigger items they have serial number on them and besides how could they make you look crazy if they took those items. If someone hates you enough they will go out of their way to make you look like the one who is crazy! they dont want to go to jail! This is happening more and more! If you look crazy then no one will believe you and help you! come on think people!!!!

    • Seenitmyself

      Just throwing this out there but have you ever thought about the possibility it being poltergeists? You say it started after your husband died, that they get by your dogs, security systems, and play around in the attic? Of course this won’t explain being followed by a truck but lack of sleep worrying can add to paranoia. I can tell you the paranormal is VERY real and we are finding out more about it everyday. Just somethingto think about.

  • Al

    I really appreciate this article.  Makes me feel better about living in a tiny apartment with a bunch of old, useless crap nobody wants, haha.  Seriously.  There’s not even beer in the fridge.  But if you take the fridge, make sure you shake it good once in a while, or it stops working.

  • LaceyRockwell1

    A couple weeks ago, my sister had her home broke into. They weren’t home at the time, so they were all safe, but it really freaked her out. You never think of those sorts of things happening to you, or the people you love. I really like the tips, and I am going to follow up on these. I am going to go look at my garage doors, and see how I could break into them, so I know what I can do to make them more secure.

  • schultzybeckett

    Great  tips  provided  on garage security  here .with the  advancement  of  science and  technology there  are  many great  options  are available for  this. Having  said  that  the  thieves  have  also  come   up  with   the  novel  ways   of sneaking  in.So  the  best  way is to  keep  alert   alongside taking  advantage  of    scientific  techniques
    Schultzy @

  • HollieTruesdale

    This is a great article for any homeowner to read if they have a garage with a door! A lot of people think that because it closes, their items are safe inside. However, a lot of people are neglectful when it comes to making sure their garage doors are really secure, especially when away on vacation. I liked your tip about taking the remote out of your car and putting one on your keychain. I’ve only ever seen the ones that clamp to your visor, so having a garage door opener on your keychain is a great idea!

  • garybirtles14

    I’ve kept a garage door opener in my car for years. It has never occurred to me that someone could easily break into my car and take it. That is a scary though. I need to be more careful about where I keep that thing. <a href=’’ ></a&gt;

  • quintrent13

    Knowing these top ten garage door security tips to prevent break-ins is something that every homeowner should know about. The most important part in my opinion would have to be about the garage door openers. That is why you need to know about these things without a doubt.

  • zzth1

    My parents installed a deadbolt on every single door that leads to the outside. Most of the time, they leave the door that leads to the garage open. It may not be the smartest idea, but they do. They just always make sure the garage door is shut and locked when for when the leave the house. They have never had their garage door act up on them so they have just stuck to closing and locking the garage doors.

  • Thanks for the great advice ! Leaving your home open through the garage can be very risky. It’s often not nearly as secure as you think.

  • correysmith321

    Bryan, the 10 tips that you listed have been great to read from. It sure seems like you know your stuff when it comes to gate automation. I guess now days it has become somewhat of a challenge for me to be up to date with the latest technologies of gate automation .

  • garagedefender

    Zip Ties are really dangerous, no Fire Dept in the country would recommend using one.  See our Zip Tie section on our Garage Defender website. We have a much safer solution. Check us out at

    Alex Wolfram
    Garage Defender, LLC
    Solution to the 6 Second Garage Door Break In

  • RandyBradford

    Bryan, I really enjoyed reading your top 10 tips. Tip number 1 seems like it would be easy to forget. I know someone who had their car broken into a while back and the only thing that was stolen was the garage door opener. It seems like an easy fix to just take it out of your car when you aren’t using it.

  • LaurenAdams

    I really liked your tip to not leave your garage opener remote in your car. It makes sense as that can give the criminal easy access inside your home. However, where exactly would you suggest putting the remote? I can put mine in my purse, but I don’t think my husband’s wallet is big enough to keep a remote hidden.

  • seansimons15

    l like your advise to make sure that the door between your garage and your house is just as secure as your front door. I think that many people think that the garage door itself will keep them secure. It will help, and you give some great tips on preventing people from infiltrating it. However, in the event that someone does get into your garage, you do not want to allow them easy access to your home.

  • garagedoorparts2u of all the free advice and Garage Door Tips we can give this was the best to protect the Garage Door Consumer I have seen a in a long time, its worth republishing for others to see and learn from to protect themselves and their family, 

    i will be posting this on my garage door site and referring to this site for further info, thanks for a well written safety  list .


  • Bob SSP

    Don’t forget one of the easiest ways people defeat your door security and it is a very easy fix.  If you have an external key sw, or pad that uses wires they can easily be pried off and the exposed wires can then be bumped a together to operate the door.  My fix was simple………take the wires from the back of the key switch or pad and stretch them across the wall well away from the hole where they entered cut the wires (one several inches longer than the other.  fasten the other end of the wire tightly to a nail or staple then reconnect the wires making sure there is no slack in wire between key switch and the connection to the wire that is secured to the nail. If done correctly the wires will break at the first attempt to pry the key switch out and the break is far enough away from the hole to reach with a hangar.  This trick has worked for me twice in the past.

  • Bob SSP

    I know how you feel about fortifying the door mine is on a busy alley shared with commercial traffic.  The truth is you can’t make it strong enough to keep everyone out.  An alarm that is reliable and loud (and legal) will make them leave your door alone. Switches and sensors that are properly set will set the alarm off before they do any damage to the door.  I moved in 38 years ago when the area was the highest crime rate district in the city no one ever got into my house or detached garage…Good luck

    • Bob SSP Thanks for all your comments Bob, your perspective is much appreciated.

  • Bob SSP

    good luck Wally  there doesn’t seem to be a  garage door on the market that can take much abuse before they fold in and give way  the track and rollers just can’t support the kind of abuse necessary to stand up to a concentrated attack.  Like I said earlier my neighborhood was bad for break ins and the thing that has kept my cars safe is a good alarm  I also posted how to burglar proof a key switch if you need one to keep one step ahead of the bad guys anyway keep the faith and let me know if I can help

    • Eurcolsecurityservices

      sorry to hear about your situation and I can’t believe somebody hasn’t answered you already… The best thing you can do for is to have somebody who kinda knows a little bit about breaking into homes come to your house and take a look at it I know this sounds crazy but some people who were bad – here are now better people and willing to share what they know just be sure to somebody you know well… And then finally cameras absolutely

  • Bob SSP

    Hey Wally West1 you were looking for a stronger garage door.  Saw Bob Villa install one in an episode concerning hurricane proofing your home.  All steel  lots of reinforcements and very heavy.  Strongest residential door I have seen so far………..

  • lillysedrick

    These are definitely some really good tips. I really think that it is a good idea to not have a garage door opener in your car. It is also a really good to always make sure that the door to your home from your garage is locked. By doing these things you can better help ensure the safety of your home.

  • HaveBeenThere

    Hi – I have comments for TIRED OF THIS LIFE but perhaps more for others.  A couple of years ago I might not have believed this situation except that really strange things started happening in my home after I moved in.  Small things at first, made me think I was going crazy.  I dared not tell anyone.  Then obvious things.  Relief in one way because I realized that I was not going crazy but fear because I knew someone was in my home and had been numerous times.  Then instances where things happened where I knew it could only be one person – a person who I would have never guessed it could be.  However, it all made sense.  This is an ongoing matter with police involvement so i don’t want to say anything more about who I “allege” it is.  The sad thing is though, it took a security camera system in my home to get people to believe that someone had actually been in my home.  Not everyone can afford an expensive camera system and I believe they can be tampered with.  Anyway, I would gratefully ask:  For the people who do not believe others, please hold your comments and be glad this is not happening to you.  It is extremely traumatic.  I have endured it for months now.  For HaveBeenThere, do not be concerned whether others believe you or not.  I made that mistake and was very wrapped up in this and it brought me down even more.  I understand about the police situation.  If you are dealing with local police, you may want to go to the next department (i.e., county or state police.)  If an officer is telling you not to call, you need to go to the department directly and speak to someone in charge.  You then need to keep going up in the “chain of command” until you get some help.  I was given the advise to keep a written log of everything that happened.  One officer (who believed me!!!) said that everything will fall into place.  The log does take some time to write (date and time).  Details are KEY!!!  I would say to put only things in the log that are factual – never guessing on anything.  About keeping the written log around, you would need to keep it in a secure place.  I keep notes and take them to my safe deposit box.  I took everything valuable to a safe deposit box including my passport, birth certificate, etc.  From my personal experience YOU are going to be your best advocate to getting this problem taken care of.  You may need to ask yourself:  Could this be an ex-boyfriend? (From times past? Someone jilted?)  I think you said this started happening after your husband passed away.  You may not want to read this – Was/Is someone spending time in your attic?  Some of the things that you write about – it’s like I am going over the past year+.  I wish you the best.

  • johnmeto

    I am having alarms with me but that didn’t work at the time thieves broke in my garage, I think I can get these other tips for my garage and that will completely secure my garage. Thanks for sharing this information really useful.

  • Marcus Morgan

    I want to make sure that my family is safe when I am out of town. I am glad that I found this article because it has some great ideas of how to make your garage door safe. I am excited to give these a try and test them out to see if they work. I hope I am able to do this by myself.

  • meglund02

    I really like your first tip to not leave the garage door remote in your vehicle. I know that I do this because it makes opening the garage door easy and accessible. I definitely agree, however, that keeping these devices in your car, allows for burglars to be able to break into your home more easily. Thanks for the advice to get a keychain remote opener. I have never heard of these types of openers, but it definitely secures your garage, and I will look into it! Thanks for the tips!

  • JessyShaw

    I never really considered than a burglar could use the garage door opener inside of a vehicle to get into your home. Our garage door has been having a lot of issues lately and I am worried about someone taking advantage of that. I am considering calling in services to fix it and prevent any sort of break in. These tips have been very enlightening, thank you for sharing!

  • jamesrod214

    I like your tip about not leaving the garage remote or gate opener in your vehicle. My friend had an experience where his car was broken into and his garage remote was stolen out of it. So, just in case, I’m going to keep it in a different place! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Rios143

    I’m a new home owner and today was my second time at the house. I went into the garage and found the the door was open! When we got the keys to the house just the day before we were told the opener was lost. Really scared me and I’m not sure what to do. I did put a screwdriver in the side rail of the door to jam it for now. Is there a way to reset this door so it won’t open for the old keychain opener?

    • Rios143 You can disengage the safety release to bypass the garage door opener until you can either get it reprogrammed or replaced. You’ll need to manually keep the door locked though until you can. A competent garage door company should be able to help you with reprogramming if you can’t find instructions online to do so yourself. Hope that helps!

    • Navan

      Rios143 Depending on the model, it might actually be really easy to make the door forget it’s learned openers. For instance on my Genie, if I push the learn button (under the light cover) for 10s it’ll forget all remotes. We actually had a similar situation where the day we bought the home, the remotes were not with the keys. In our case the previous owner promised to get them to us asap. I am however, a not very trusting when buying a new home and would likely have reprogrammed the garage door even if I had all the openers that day along with changing the locks. While the previous owner may not ever had ill-intent, you can’t guarantee none of the retailers or their prospective buyers didn’t copy the key.

    • Goodfor57

      @Navan Rios143 
      Did you know that for every remote you used on your Genie no matter when or where when you reprogram that remote every remote programmed to that Genie is re-useable !!!! because you reactivated it with the new code. Chuck the remote period. Take it from me, been there done that what’s next? I am speaking from experience with criminals for over 3 years. Get key less entry and keep it on your person. Hand your keys to no one. Give your code to no one. You may even want to invest in a new unit all together.

    • Goodfor57

      Are you kidding me???
      Do not use the keypad that is already in the house. The old owners are not to be relied upon for TRUTH! Buy a keyless entry pad or key( do not install on outside of garage either. Keep it on your person at all times not in your car either.  Obtain a new security system for the garage door the entrance door into the house from the garage, and the rest of house everywhere. Do not get a digital computer system make it a hard wired system only. . get new dead bolt smart keys from Kwik Set and bottom locks too that are smart keys do not make duplicate keys use the keys in the package only. If you lose a set buy locks all over again.  You need an alarm on your house because the old owners know all about it and how to get in.  Put a gate on the front door cost btween $150-$400.00 from Lowes or Home depot. watch all workemn who come in your house. Follow them closely. Keep nothing valuable like debit cards , id anything that a criminal would want around.

  • GarageShield

    Rios143 You should also consider a Garage Shield.  In case you’re not aware, it’s pretty simple to break into a garage door.  In fact, the largest entry point on the home also tends to be the most overlooked for it’s lack of security.  A criminal can break into your garage in seconds using a door stop and coat hook.  Check out this video and you’ll see what we mean:  or watch the same video on our website.

    The Garage Shield

  • To be clear, zip ties are ILLEGAL.  It is a violation of Federal Regulations and also violates UL Code 325.   A great option (and it takes the same amount of time to install as a zip tie) is the Garage Shield.    With the average home invasion having in ⅓ of break-ins, with 60% elevating into rape crimes, and the average cost at $2500, isn’t a Garage Shield is a wise investment?

    PS: If you are a garage door company and you leave a pre-existing zip tie installed without removing it, your business is now liable for any deaths resulting from blocking the emergency exit.  Your liability insurance will likely not cover your lawsuit, as you broke the law by not removing the zip tie and you were the last company on record to have serviced the garage door.

    Alex with:

  • ElizaCranston

    Thank you for the ideas for making sure that my garage door is secure! I always keep the remote in my car but I’ll switch to using it on my key chain instead. I’ve also never thought of putting a peep hole in the door between my house and garage, but it sounds like a great feature! Do you know which types of garage doors are best for security?

  • Jazziej514

    Hello, I am in the market for new garage doors and considering aluminum for astectics but concerned about security. Any thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated.

    • BillySpiegler

      Clopay makes a great 2 inch insulated door in many different designs. You will not be disappointed.

    • Goodfor57

      get the doors and install security. Don’t use remote use any type of keyless entry and shut it down when you go to sleep. Don’t give out the code to anyone. make sure you have a good door to your garage with a good lock. Yu may wnat o invest in a gate and a good security system. Do whatever it takes to be secure.

  • LAND70

    In respects
    to #2 from the Top 10 to invest in a keychain remote. While this idea is better than
    having a free-for-all remote sitting in the car, I still believe that a
    keychain can give access to anyone if you lose your keys. Alternatively I’ve been looking for a small keypad
    remote for I can keep in the car similar to the ones you install outside your
    garage. I’ve not been able to find one so I plan to buy a regular size unit to
    leave in the car. Any suggestions?

    • Goodfor57

      don’t put the keyless on a key change get a lance and wear it you know the one that says What Would Jesus Do???  it can say anything you wear it like a necklace ok

  • rosettagarcillano

    These are great ideas! Making sure you have a strong and reliable garage gate is one key to have your garage secured. That no matter how much you shake it or you try open it without a key it woudn’t budge. Here are some other useful tips to avoid burglary:

  • Awesome Post. Keep Continue. You can read more about “Tips for Door Security -Advices” from below blog

  • JayJJameson

    Do firemen and police men have applications to open your garage door?  Some kind of code grabber application?  I live across from a public worker fireman and he is a crud.  I was home one night and the garage door opened all by itself.  We only have one opening button and so we bring it in from the car always and share it.  I called the police and while we were all standing outside looking at the opened garage door, the door magically closed again all by itself.  The police told me my opener was broken. Well, I do not think our device is broken at all.  I think the crud living directly across the street from me just decided to mess around for some fun for himself.  I need to know if this crud has this opening ability from his work.  I was told by some men that the fire departments always want key boxes outside of buildings so if they have to enter for fire or something they can just open doors.  I was also told that they sometimes use applications such as code grabbers.  How could I discover if this fireman who is a crud did this to me to be mean spirited and laugh at me?

    We now have plugged the garage opener on the ceiling into a on/off box.  We have a remote in the house, and when we want it opened we turn on the power to the garage opener.  Then the regular button will work.    We have had no problems with this 2nd step security approach.  We are considering just running an extension cord from the ceiling power source to the electrically outlet by the entry door.  There are extension cords with on/off manual switches…then we could just turn off the electric power to the source box when we wished to have the door secure. This way we would avoid anything to do with remotes. 

    It is a total pain to have to always stop the car, go through the front door, run through the house to turn the electric power on for the garage door.  I’m thinking it is no better than just getting out and using muscles to pull up the door manually.

    • Goodfor57

      Yes they do and you can’t trust some of them either.
      you can only trust 2 living creatures Jehovah God and Christ Jesus and their nyriads of nyriads of Amgels no one else. WE are living in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 “critical times har to deal with will be here” on earth now is where it is right now!

    • Dg255

      @Goodfor57 JayJJameson No we do not have such an item.Sgt D.A. Gowan

  • laurenwoodley02

    I really liked the idea you gave to get a keychain remote opener. Honestly, I didn’t know that these were so reliable and helpful, but I can see how making sure that the garage opener is with you at all times, you won’t have risk of it getting lost or stolen, and you can keep your house more secure. I’ll definitely look into one of these. Thanks! <a href=’′ ></a&gt;

  • evanspetuniaflower

    I never knew that garage doors are “a common weak point”! I am happy to hear that there is an emergency release that you can secure. I also like the tip of having a big peep hole in the door to the garage. I think that I’d like to fix up our garage so that it can be much safer. Thank you so much for these tips!

  • Following these tips can definitely prevent thefts and leave the things and commodities safe. Keep sharing!! |

  • San Antonio homeowner

    They tried something different on my rolling overhead door I did not know could be done.  They attempted to kick the track away from the wall.  By the looks of the scuff marks on the white door, they must sat or squatted in front of the bottom corner of the door and kicked it with the whole bottom of their foot.  The door is installed so the bottom edge butts up against a 1″ higher garage floor, so the bottom edge of the door had a backer, which was just luck, the door could not be kicked far enough to come free.  On many houses the door comes to rest on the garage floor itself and the screws holding the track of the door are small and may only be secured to a 1 x 4.  We are next to a drainage ditch that makes easy access and getaway and the corner was directly below the security light and a shrub which I have since removed.

  • Goodfor57

    @tired of this life and @Have Been There

    You are singing at the choir. Do not give up! There is more than one way to skin a car.
    1. change all the outside door locks specifically the dead bolts use Kwikset Smart Key dead bolt and reg door locks
    do not take key to a locksmith or make duplicate keys if you lose them re-purchase a new lock w/new keys

    2. lock you gagrage by running a tag lock through it so they can’t use the hangar trick to make garage door manual
      and unplug your unit  each night once in for the night. Never use a remote control again. Never give out remote password either. NEVER

    3. GEt a good security system. I like ADT with them for 14 years and they are good have evrything wired do not use computerized anything. The codes are easy to hack
    4. get a gate over your front door. Install your locks your self or get a friend do not let keys out of your have for anyone. Trust no one. This is home safety, make sure all windows are locked and secured.
    5. When travelling keep locks in a clear container inside your carry-on bad never let bag get out of your eeyesight. Or TSA will steal them, happened to me 3 times.
    6. If you are hearing books stacking sound,name being called , music or like boot walking across your attic. This is a remoter tape recorded sound to scare you laugh at it go to sleep once you have done all precautions.

    It is a lot to consider but your life is precious don’t let criminals win or make you feel you are crazy your are not . The wickedness in the land is rampant everyone is suspect even your mother pr father. Trust only Jehovah God and Jesus Christ and heavenly angels no one else. Trust no one who says, I swear to God, or as God is my witness, or I’m a  Christian.  These words should make your mind burn.

    • Goodfor57

      2. should say get a keyless remote and keep it with you at all times. never give out the password to any one. people can be bought for information. Don’t underestimate the opponent, he is a spiritual demon with many people as helpers. The wicked are up all night they get no rest and they are plotting and scheming to rob, steal, and murder.  While good people are asleep. You be awake while up all day. Think they cannot master me! Watch who comes into your home to. This is your haven of rest and peace, Right!

  • garagedoorhq

    Chamberlain MYQ-G0202 Garage WiFi Controller allows you to monitor, close and open your garage door with your smartphone.It also lets you receive alerts every single time there is movement around the house.

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