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Black Powder Red Earth Returns

By Bryan Black

Black Powder Red Earth Returns

After a two-year hiatus from the conclusion of the first Black Powder \\ Red Earth story arc, the Cold Harbor team is back! What ended in a 4-hour Special Operations Contractor led capture-kill raid on an Iranian HVT (high value target) responsible for a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) program, has picked up into an exciting start for Series 2 of BPRE.

I thoroughly enjoyed series 1, or the first story arc, which covered volumes 1-4. BPRE is one of the most authentic story lines you’ll find in a graphic novel and many of the real-world “prognostications” the writing has alluded to have come to pass. I feel that comes from the authenticity of the backstory, which is lost in many comics and graphic novels today. I read comics fairly often and while tales of unbelievable feats are common place, it’s refreshing to read a graphic novel like BPRE that took the time to get it right without violating OPSEC.

Black Powder Red Earth Retuns

I’m about midway through volume 5 and I can tell you it does not disappoint. I’ve always needed a good story and awesome artwork to hold my attention with comic books and graphic novels. With a dark and gritty hard-crime feel that keeps the reader wanting more, Black Powder \\ Red Earth is a win in both columns.

This second series contains volumes 5-8. Available now are volume 5 and volume 6, as recapped below.

BPRE Volume 5

Black Powder Red Earth Returns

6 months later…Cold Harbor Special Operations Contractors run a kill-capture program targeting jihadists from the Islamic State and paramilitary officers from the Syrian Republican Guard inside the new Kurdish nation-state. With clients ranging from competing interests within the Kurdish government to Saudi Intelligence and the US Department of Defense, each operation serves multiple masters with their own mission statement and agenda to be carried out.

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BPRE Volume 6

Black Powder Red Earth Returns

Cold Harbor PMC and Kurdish Special Operations continue to map and dismember Hezbollah and Islamic State infrastructure within the post Syrian Kurdistan border. Episode 2 of BPRE Arc 2, volume 6 pulls the curtain back behind the internal workings of PMCs and building informant networks to find, fix and finish high value targets in non-permissive environments.

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