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Book Review: How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL by Chris Sajnog

By Bryan Black


I’ve known Chris Sajnog, a frequent contributor on ITS and good friend, for quite awhile. He’s recently released a new book, How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL (Combat Marksmanship Fundamentals), that I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention. Not as a simple promotion, but as a true resource for those wanting to further their understanding of the fundamentals of shooting.

The fundamentals, as you’ll hopefully agree, are something that can never be perfected and must be worked on constantly. It’s these fundamentals that all need to come together to place that perfect shot under stress, or be so ingrained that you’ll have confidence in your abilities during the middle of the night when the alarm sounds.

To take a great quote from the book, it’s about “performing the common, uncommonly well.

How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL

SEAL-Shooting-Cover-MainChris comes from a background of being a Navy SEAL Senior Sniper Instructor who’s devoted a large portion of his life doing exactly what he writes about, working and working on shooting fundamentals. He’s someone I respect and admire in the industry, who’s taught me a lot about shooting. Both through his articles, conversations and now through his book. You’ll be hard pressed to find true masters of shooting refer to themselves as experts, as even they won’t be satisfied with “good enough.” Chris himself says “you’ll never reach perfection… so keep training!

This is what How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL is all about, driving home the fundamentals in a way that sticks through changing your habits for the better. Looking at both pistol and carbine, Chris hits on shooting platforms, grip, sight refinement, sight picture, breathing, trigger control, follow-through. While many of these are clearly visible as the fundamentals, Chris also walks through what to do after you’ve had the fundamentals drilled in and how to maximize your range time with a ton of great drills and time management techniques.

I highly recommend How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL and that you also take the principles Chris discusses to heart, at the end of the day we each have it in ourselves to be great shooters, all that’s missing is putting in the time to ensure your success!

You can pick up How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL from Amazon in Paperback or on Kindle.

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  • Great reviews on Amazon and paperback is sold out! Congrats Chris, cant wait to check it out.

    • CENTCOM_Survivor Thanks brother. I’m honored by all the positive comments from new shooters, women to other Navy SEALS. Paperback is back in stock and I have a few here for anyone who wants a signed copy.

    • JesseGunderson

      Chris Sajnog CENTCOM_Survivor I’d love to pickup a signed copy? How can I go about this? Also thanks for putting out a quality read.

    • JesseGunderson You can buy them from our website:

    • Txtroop37

      Chris I am sure you hear it plenty but thank youyou, from me and my family, for your dedicated service. Secondly, I am overjoyed to be getting your book for Christmas! I didn’t see your post about autographed copies until now though…is it possible to mail it to you? I’m a LEO here in Texas and am extremely grateful for allowing us to have this fine tool. Thank you sir!

    • Txtroop37 Thank you! I’d be happy to sign the book if you’d like to mail it. The address is:
      Center Mass Group
      9921 Carmel Mountain Road, #556
      San Diego, CA 92129


    • Txtroop37

      Honored sir thank you! I will send it after Christmas sometime with a return shipping label and all. If you’re ever in Texas let me know I’ll buy you a drink hah. Thank you again and God bless!

  • smurf hunter

    $33 for an e-book is a bit spendy, so I’m going to ensure I thouroughly enjoy the free sample first.

    • smurf hunter I agree it would be high, but keep in mind you’re also getting access to videos. Hope you liked the sample and Amazon lowered the price to $27. – chris

  • Allwet

    This book will not make you a better shooter. Chris lays
    that out from the get go. I decided to to go into this on full
    “dumb”-start at the beginning , digest each tidbit and instruction
    before moving along, ie;NOT jump ahead to the kung fu back flipping double tap
    section and how to build the slickest bang stick part. Well , that part never
    comes anyway….what you get is just straight up good basic foundation changing
    instruction that will have your ‘oh shit : epiphany light’ flashing every few
    pages. Well damn it , once I kicked out the cognitive dissonance , unlearned
    all the shit I never should’ve learned before, and told the bullet fairy to
    move it on over…well, it made me make myself a better shooter. Now its up to
    me and my muscle memory to take it the rest of the way. Bottom line , a damn
    good bit of instruction-or more accurately for me, restruction, for the money. A
    case of good beer won’t ever save your life , but this book , if YOU pay
    attention, just might.
    Have a good one-
    Now , if only it applied to typing………

    • AllwetThanks DJ! I’m glad to see when people “get it”. Glad the book has helped. Hooyah! Chris

    • Allwet

      Chris SajnogAllwetDamn Right -HOOYAH! Well done.

  • Geoffrion911

    As a former SWAT officer, designated marksman/counter sniper, I am always looking for ways to improve my shooting . Chris’ book is an outstanding commentary on what it takes to do that. His focus on fundamentals, with clear explanation of the reasons for a described technique is what many “experts” seem to skip. Most of what I have read is not new to me, however, it does reinforce some of what I have been taught and even a few things I thought I came up with. I have used some of what Chris is saying when I have instructed in the past, but now I will probably just pass out hos book! Thank you for your service Chris and for your continued efforts for excellence. Respectfully, Scott Geoffrion

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