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Tactical Medical Solutions Voluntary Tourniquet Exchange

By The ITS Crew

A few hours ago we received an email from Tactical Medical Solutions stating that they were issuing a voluntary exchange on their SOFTT-W Tourniquets manufactured between 5 August 2010 and 27 October 2010.

After talking with their customer service department, it seems that during a specific military unit’s testing, individuals were able to cause a failure in the nylon webbing material while pushing them beyond 150% of the force required to control hemorrhage.

While the SOFTT-W was designed to perform under extreme conditions, they’re also manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485 and tested within the durability specifications set forth by the Defense Medical Material Procurement Office (DMMPO).

As a true testament to Tactical Medical Solutions, they’ve decided to offer the voluntary exchange program to replace any SOFTT-Ws made within the aforementioned date range. They want their customers to feel safe using the SOFTT-W under any conditions, no matter how extreme.

As many of you might know, we sell the SOFTT-W here on ITS Tactical in our store. We already have an RMA in the works to get our existing stock replaced and they won’t be available in our store until we do. We’ve never heard any reports of issues with the nylon integrity of the SOFTT-W until now; even through our own torture testing we weren’t able to cause them to fail. That was a large reason why we started carrying them and why we will continue to carry them. The SOFTT-W is the best tourniquet on the market today.

We recommend that if you’ve purchased a SOFTT-W from us within the date range above, you contact Tactical Medical Solutions to obtain an RMA. Please call (864) 224-0081 from 10AM to 5PM Mon-Fri (Eastern Time). Also, feel free to contact us as well if you need help with anything at all.

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