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A TourniQuick® Pouch Testimonial from Real-World Usage

By The ITS Crew

When we undertake product development here at ITS, we always set out to create something that adds purpose to the world. That may seem like a canned statement, but using our TourniQuick® pouch as an example, seconds do really count during a traumatic incident that requires a tourniquet. It was a prime category for a product that can literally save a life, by reducing the time it takes to apply a CoTCCC approved tourniquet. Pouch designs for tourniquets have come and gone, but unlike others, the TourniQuick® was built for deployment.

We never expect to find end users of our product that would take the time to email in to tell their story of how our products worked, let alone describing how they saved a life, but such an occurrence just happened. Today we want to share a story of how one of our Law Enforcement customers, who individually purchased a TourniQuick® Pouch, used it on duty to save a life.

This past week, Officer Sean C. shared the following testimonial with us:

“I ordered 2 TourniQuick® Pouches. They arrived quickly and I positioned them on my vest where I could quickly access them with either arm. I opted to place a C-A-T TQ in one and a SOFTT-W in the other. I followed the included instructions for both types and as a result, felt much more comfortable with their ease of use and minimal footprint. Since I prepped one of each TQ, I opted to leave the red pull tab indicator on the SOFTT-W for quick identification under stress.

This past weekend I was able to put the T0urniQuick® to the test on a victim. A peer applied a CAT TQ on a robbery victim that suffered a GSW(Gun Shot Wound) to the lower leg. The application was correct but the bleed did not stop completely. I was able to quickly identify the SOFTT-W TourniQuick® Pouch with the red pull tab and pulled the tab away from my vest. The tourniquet fell perfectly so that I was able to quickly manipulate the metal latch. As a result, the second tourniquet was applied in next to no time. I previously carried the SOFTT-W with the rubber bands around it in a cargo pocket. Under that stress, I don’t see the application going near as smooth as it did.

Practicing deployment of the tourniquet using the TourniQuick® impressed me, but using it in a real-world situation sold me on Imminent Threat Solutions. I’ll be a life long customer and hope to never have to use a TourniQuick® again, but I know that if I do, the time saved may be the difference between life and death.” – Sean C.

We’d like to thank Sean for sharing his story with us and for his service to his community as a Law Enforcement Officer. Many of the items we carry in the ITS Store aren’t a matter of life and death, but we take pride that our medical products enable first responders, whether they be civilians or professionals, to save lives.

Do you have a story about your ITS Gear in use? We’d love to hear it and welcome you to submit it to [email protected]

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