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RSKTKR Cold Qual Diagnostic Shooting Tool

By The ITS Crew

During the last class that ITS Tactical hosted, most of us had the opportunity to run this Cold Qual with Doc prior to performing any drills. Due to inclement weather, a few students were unable to start with the Cold Qual and Doc sent it over to share with all our readers.

This is what RSKTKR Consulting uses as a diagnostic tool. It’s based on two of the most important techniques you will ever use with a firearm, drawing and firing for speed, and performing an Emergency Reload.

RSKTKR has developed not only a PDF printout of the target and appropriate distances to use it at (depending on the size you print it out at), but they’ve also put together a PDF to keep a record of your Cold Quals (see the downloads at the end of the article).


You’ll need a Pact timer (Doc likes the CED brand but we’ve also had good luck with the PocketPro II), the printable target and 12 rounds of ammo. You should do this “Cold,” in other words, no warm-ups or firearms manipulations before hand. No gaming it, if you screw up you screw up.

The qual is completed in two stages, do both twice and you will fire a total of 12 rounds.

Stage One – 2.5 each time = 5 seconds

From Concealed or Duty carry, in an “Interview”or  relaxed stance, draw and fire two rounds. Repeat.

Stage Two – 6.0 each time = 12 seconds

Set yourself up for an Emergency reload with one  round in the chamber & one in the Magazine. Draw and fire two  rounds, perform an emergency reload with a full magazine and fire two more. Repeat.

Scoring –  Total time 17 seconds or less is good. Misses add 5 seconds.

All hits inside the Thoracic Triangle count, but are for your personal scoring  only. Realize that shots inside the triangle are much more likely to  cause a positive “Stop”to the threat. All hits disrupt the OODA loop of your opponent, therefore all hits count.


Keep a record of this (you can use the Personal Cold Qual Form below) every time you go to the range, before anything else, as this is how it will go down on the street. Keep an eye on your GPA so to speak.  There’s no beginner, expert, or other levels etc., this is for benchmarking only, you will have good days and bad days. Be consistent and practice and you will see your average drop.

Again, do not shoot this 10X in a row, this is not a drill, this is a benchmark test and should only be done “Cold”.  Don’t forget your “Rituals”, “Threat scan 360” and communicate.  After shooting  this course of fire follow up with dedicated drills to improve  your over-all skill-sets.



There are other timers available out there, especially some free and paid ones for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Look for an article coming soon on the benefits and detriments of these.

What drills do all of you use to warm up? Is this Cold Qual something you’ll try incorporating?

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  • TFA303

    Very practical. Thanks for posting this.


    “inclement weather” lol the last time I was in a rain storm that was that bad it had a name assigned to it by the hurricane center.

  • Tony

    This is an interesting benchmark and I am looking forward to an opportunity to try it out myself. However, the wording could use a little work… Or, possibly, my reading comprehension. Which ever the case, I am confused. Are the times mentioned par times or goals or what? “Hits inside the triangle count but all hits count” is not very clear either. (If the idea was to say that all hits anywhere on target are good, I have to disagree with that – there are many after action reports of situations where an opponent has simply ignored a bullet wound. Okay, obviously, in a real situation hitting any part of the opponent is preferable to the alternative – but I personally really strive for good hits all the time, especially in training. I fail a lot, but hey… :p )

    • First of all this is a benchmark that will not come even 1/10th of being close to the real thing. Take it for what it is.
      Good hits, bad hits, who cares? The best would be of course to hit within the Thoracic triangle, second best will be to hit inside the target, third…. well you won’t have to worry about that more than once.
      Are you a cop who routinely comes in contact with PCP driven lunatics? If so you better practice more.
      Are you a soldier who routinely comes in contact with fanatical religious extremists? If so you better practice more.
      I personally am more likely to run into the 14-20 year old dope smokers at the corner store, that can’t tie their shoes. Does that mean get lax and don’t worry about it? No.
      I train for all fights, but I also realize statistically what I am most likely to see. I don’t kick doors down for a living anymore, I live in a decent neighborhood, with a Cop next door.
      If you mileage varies then you should be better.
      If you’re a CAG guy whose Unit does not exist except on papers signed by the POTUS then print this on a 4X6 Index card and shoot it from 200 yards.
      Listen, seriously this is what it has been described as, a diagnostic tool and a simple benchmark. It is not a full Pistol Qualification Course designed to see if you have every skill you need, it’s just to see if you can accomplish two things with no warm-up.
      Shoot it a few times and see if you get better or worse with your training regimen, that’s it. I shoot this to tell me whether I suck or not on that day, that’s it. If I suck, I practice more, if I don’t suck I continue with that I’m doing.
      My personal benchmarks are less than the times listed, if I shoot slower than the times listed I thrash myself.
      End of story.

  • George

    Sounds like a great drill, I cant wait to try it.

  • William Hutt

    I will add this to my traing. thank you

  • b.

    Props for bringing up the OODA loop.

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