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February 9, 2016Hitches

Knot of the Week Video: Create an Improvised Seat with the Scaffold Hitch

Knot of the Week Video: Create an Improvised Seat with the Scaffold Hitch


In this week’s Knot of the Week, I’ll show you how to tie the Scaffold Hitch and create your own improvised seat. Whether you need a quick seat to paint from or trim trees, a properly tied Scaffold Hitch just might fit the bill. Just use caution with any knots you’re using to suspend yourself from and ensure their safety beforehand.

The Scaffold Hitch combines an interesting twist on a hitch, as well as utilizing the Bowline to secure the suspension line and a Double Fisherman’s Knot as a Backup Knot. Just supply your own sturdy board and quality rope to create this improvised seat. You’ll see this tied on a smaller scale in the video below with Paracord, but don’t use Paracord to suspend yourself with.

Scaffold Hitch » Hitches

(Strength: 3/Security: 3/Stability: 3/Difficulty: 4) See below for what these ratings mean.



Each knot will be assigned a rating from 1-5 (1 representing the lowest score) based on the following four properties:

Strength – All knots will weaken the strength of  a rope, however, there are knots that are stronger than others. The scale here will reflect how strong the rope remains with the specified knot.

Security – The security scale refers to how well the knot will stay tied, and resist coming loose under a normal load.

Stability – Stability refers to how easily the knot will come untied under an abnormal load (i.e. the knot being pulled in a direction it was not intended to) A lower score here represents instability.

Difficulty – The lower the number, the easier a knot is to tie.


  • MelissaBelissa

    Great video! I appreciate the knot of the week. But, Brian, the knot is pronounced bolin, rhymes with violin, the line that ties the front of a boat to a dock is pronounced bowline. At least that’s how they did it back when I was a puddle pirate. Not so sure about squids though. U0001f603

  • Would you make a section dedicated to storage solutions? Like the storage behind you in this video.

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